Details for Estate of Susan Jayne Arthur, Deceased


VIRGINIA: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE CITY OF LYNCHBURG Re: Estate of Susan Jayne Arthur, Deceased CL21-1020 Show Cause Order It appearing that a report of the accounts of Davies Law Offices, a professional corporation, executor of the estate of Susan Jayne Arthur, and of the debts and demands against her estate has been filed in the Lynchburg City Circuit Court Clerk's Office, and that six months have elapsed since the qualification, on motion of the personal representative, it is ORDERED that the creditors of, and all others interested in, the estate do show cause, if any they can, on the 30th day of November, 2021, at 1:15 p.m., before the Judge of this Court, against the payment and delivery of the estate of Susan Jayne Arthur, deceased, to the legatees without requiring refunding bonds. It is further ORDERED that a copy of this order be published once a week for two successive weeks in The News & Advance, a newspaper published in the City of Lynchburg, Virginia. ENTER: 11-16-2021 Frank Patrick Yeatts Judge I ask for this: Jake H. Snow DAVIES & DAVIES VSB No. 95002 4935 Boonsboro Road, Suite A Lynchburg, VA 24503 (434) 528-5500 (434) 847-7822 (t)