Details for Notice of Meeting Agenda


AGENDA NELSON COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 THE REGULAR MEETING CONVENES AT 2:00 P.M. IN THE GENERAL DISTRICT COURTROOM AT THE COURTHOUSE IN LOVINGSTON I. CALL TO ORDER A. Moment of Silence B. Pledge of Allegiance II. PUBLIC COMMENTS III. CONSENT AGENDA A. Resolution R2021-46 Minutes for Approval IV. PRESENTATIONS A. VACo Achievement Award Blue Ridge Tunnel Project (J. Bennett) B. VDOT Report C. 2022 Reassessment Status Report (G. Eanes) D. TJPDC Legislative Update (D. Blount) E. TJPDC Regional Housing Plan (C. Jacobs) F. Local Redistricting Plan Proposal V. NEW & UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Consideration of Right of Way Conveyance 12 Ridges Reserve LLC B. Authorization for Public Hearing Changes to Transient Occupancy Tax Code (R2021-47) C. TJPDC Regional Transit Vision Plan D. Nelson County TAP Resolutions of Support (R2021-48 and R2021-49) E. Motorola Radio Proposal VI. REPORTS, APPOINTMENTS, DIRECTIVES AND CORRESPONDENCE VII. OTHER BUSINESS (AS PRESENTED) VIII. ADJOURN AND CONTINUE EVENING SESSION AT 7 PM EVENING SESSION 7:00 P.M NELSON COUNTY COURTHOUSE I. CALL TO ORDER II. PUBLIC COMMENTS III. PUBLIC HEARINGS A. Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget Amendment Consideration of a proposed Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget amendment that exceeds one percent (1%) of the total expenditures shown in the currently adopted budget. B. Ordinance Approving the Formation of a Joint Entity to be Known as the Blue Ridge Cigarette Tax Board (O2021-07) Consideration of an ordinance approving the formation of the Blue Ridge Cigarette Tax Board and bestowing on such entity all powers necessary and proper for the performance of its duties as provided by law. IV. OTHER BUSINESS (AS PRESENTED) V. ADJOURNMENT