Details for Notice of Public Hearing


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEDFORD COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Notice is hereby given that the Bedford County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on Monday, October 25, 2021, at 7:00 pm for the following applications: Rezoning Application RZ21-0005 is a request by Thomas Builders of Virginia to rezone the Tax Map #116-A-17P from PCD (Planned Commercial Development district) to R-4 (High Density Multifamily Residential district) for the purpose of establishing a "Dwelling, Multi-family" use (384 units in 11 buildings) and Tax Map #116-A-17L from PCD to C-2 (General Commercial district) for any permittable use in the C-2 district. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan future land use map shows both parcels located in "Mixed Use" designation. The intent of the planned commercial development (PCD) district is to promote the efficient use of commercial land by allowing a wide range of land uses of various densities and flexible application of development controls. The goals may be accomplished while also protecting surrounding property, the natural features, and scenic beauty of the land. The planned commercial development district is provided in recognition that many commercial, office and residential establishments seek to develop within unified areas, usually under single ownership or control. Because these concentrations of retail, service, and office establishments are generally stable and offer unified internal arrangement and development, potentially detrimental design effects can be recognized and addressed during the review of the development. For these reasons, the provisions for the PCD allow greater development latitude. Districts should be proposed and planned for areas that provide for adequate development and expansion space, controlled access points, landscaped parking areas, and public utilities. Development of the PCD will take place in general accordance with an approved master plan, which may allow for clustering of uses and densities in various areas of the site. Planned commercial development districts should be a visual asset to the community. Buildings within the district are to be architecturally similar in style and the relationship among individual establishments should be harmonious. The site should be well landscaped and parking and loading areas are to be screened. The purpose of the R-4, High Density Multi-Family Residential district is to provide areas in the county within the urban service area where existing high density residential development (typically twelve to eighteen units per acre) has been established and land areas which generally appear to be appropriate for such development. R-4 areas should serve as a buffer between less intensive and more intensive districts. R-4 areas are designated based on direct access to major streets, and where sewer, water, and schools, and other public services have suitable capacity to accommodate development at the stated density. An additional consideration is that the parcel sizes allow for well planned residential development. A variety of housing densities and styles is encouraged in order to permit a diversity and flexibility in design and layout. The purpose of the C-2 district is to provide locations for a variety of commercial and service related activities within the urban service area serving a community of several neighborhoods or large areas of the county. This district is intended for general application throughout the county. General commercial districts are most appropriately found along major arterial thoroughfares which serve large segments of the county's population. The C-2 district permits a wide variety of retail and service related uses. Site development regulations are designed to ensure compatibility with adjoining land uses. The properties are located directed across Forest Road (Route 221) from Forest Middle School (100 Ashwood Drive). Tax Map #116-A-17P is owned by Westyn Village LLC, zoned PCD with CO (Corridor Overlay district), and 24.29 acres in size. Tax Map #116-A-17L is owned by LTB Holding Company LLC, zoned PCD with CO, and 1.2 acres in size. Voluntary proffers have been offered by the applicant. Text Amendment Application #TA21-0004 is a request, initiated by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors, to amend select provisions of the Bedford County Zoning Ordinance to add non-transient accommodations (stays longer than a month) to "Hotel/Motel/Motor Lodge" use. The select provisions include: 1) Amending definition of "Hotel/Motel/Motor Lodge" in Section 30-28 Definitions to provide for non-transient accommodations; 2) Amend "Hotel/Motel/Motor Lodge" use as a use by right (R) to a use by right with more stringent standards as specified in article IV (R*) in the AV (Agricultural Village Center district), PRD (Planned Residential Development district), C-2 (General Commercial district), PCD (Planned Commercial Development district), I-1 (Low Intensity Industrial district), I-2 (Higher Intensity Industrial district), and PID (Planned Industrial Development district) in Section 30-79-2 Permitted Use Table; and 3) Add Section 30-85-29 to the Zoning Ordinance to provide general standards for "Hotel/Motel/Motor Lodge" use. The Board of Supervisors public hearing will be held in the Bedford County Administration Building, 122 E. Main Street, Bedford, VA. Copies of the application are available for public inspection at the Department of Community Development located in the Bedford County Administration Building, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA., telephone 540-586-7616. Persons affected may appear and will be provided the opportunity to present their views.