Details for Notice of Public Hearing


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEDFORD COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Notice is hereby given that the Bedford County Board of Supervisors will conduct public hearings on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7:00 pm regarding the following applications: Text Amendment Application #TA20-0002 is a request, initiated by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors, to amend the off-street parking construction standards for a "Conference Center" use in Section 30-91-6 of the Zoning Ordinance. The proposal is to amend subsection ("c") to Section 30-91-6 to permit off-street parking for a "Conference Center" use in the AP (Agricultural Rural Preserve district), AR (Agricultural Residential district), and AV (Agricultural Village Center district) zoning districts to be gravel or remain in a grassy condition. Rezoning Application #RZ050002 is a request by Russell H. Orrison, Perkins & Orrison Inc., on behalf of Constantine Rosko, to remove Tax Map Number 114-A-82 from all of the proffers that were accepted in association with the Bellevue Terrace Rezoning approved on February 14, 2005 and offer a new proffer that would only apply to Tax Map Number 114-A-82 ("9) Any development of Tax Map Number 114-A-82 shall be in compliance with the regulations of the AV district, except that development shall be limited to the residential uses only as permitted therein. Tax Map Number 114-A-82 shall not be subject to any other proffer associated with rezoning application #RZ050002"). The applicant is proposing that the following proffers be removed from Tax Map Number 114-A-82: 1) The property will be developed in substantial conformance with the submitted rezoning plan, revision dated 11-15-04, as prepared by Perkins & Orrison, Inc. ; 2) Uses for the proposed lots shall be limited to single family residential dwellings and residential accessory uses/structures; 3)No home shall be permitted to be constructed on any lot that contains less than 3,000 square feet of finished living space for a two story house, or 2,500 feet for a one story house; 4) Architectural standards for all homes and accessory structures are to be primarily brick or stone, with Hardi Plank or similar cement fiber siding product covering less than half of the building exterior. Architectural grade shingles or better roof material must be used. There shall be no exposed concrete CMU foundations. Homes shall be of a generally traditional appearance, in keeping with other finer homes in the area; 5) Along the Bellevue Road lots, the developer agrees to dedicate public right-of-way extending 25' from the centerline; 6) The project will be developed in two phases: the first being the 12 lots along Bellevue Road, and the second being lots accessed off of Route 221 (not including the Trivium house); 7) A right turn lane and taper will be constructed on Route 221 at the proposed entrance; and 8) Along the southern and eastern boundaries of the rezoned lots, a 50-foot buffer will remain undisturbed. If disturbance is required, then a double row of evergreen trees, 12' on center, 6' tall at planting, shall be installed along or near the property line for the entire length of the disturbed area. The subject parcel and all of the lots subject to the proffers associated with rezoning application #RZ050002 are located in the Agricultural Village Center (AV) zoning district. The subject parcel is located on Forest Road (Route 221) with the adjoining property addressed as 10235 Forest Road. Tax Map Numbers: 114-A-82, 114-11-1, 114-11-2, 114-11-3, 114-11-4, 114-11-5, 114-11-6, 114-11-7, 114-11-8, 114-11-9, 114-11-10, 114-11-11 and 114-11-12. Special Use Permit Application #SU20-0006 is a request by Runk and Pratt for the construction of a 3-story 82,000 square foot assisted living facility ("Life Care Facility" use) with associated parking on 3.8 acres of a 6.91 acre parcel of property. The property is located along the north side of Forest Road (Route 221), approximately 500 feet west of 14340 Forest Road, Forest, VA. The Board of Supervisors public hearings will be held in the Bedford County Administration Building Boardroom, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA. Copies of the applications are available for public inspection at the Department of Community Development located in the Bedford County Administration Building, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA., telephone 540-586-7616. Persons affected may appear and will be provided opportunity to present their views.