Details for Order of Publication


ORDER OF PUBLICATION Case No. J-39846, J-39847 Commonwealth of Virginia VA. CODE ยง 8.01-316 Lynchburg Juvenile and Domestic Relations Circuit Court Commonwealth of Virginia, in re Ariyah Tweedy and Alexia Tweedy DOB 6/2/2013 Lynchburg Department of Social Services /v. Tyria Tweedy, mother and Unknown father of Ariyah Tweedy and Alexia Tweedy DOB 6/2/2013 The object of this suit is to: (1) To hear and approve Permanent Entrustment Petitions and (2) To hear and involuntary Termination Petitions calling for the Termination of Residual Parental Rights which means all rights and responsibilities that remained with the parent after transfer of legal custody of the children including, but not limited to the right to visitation: consent to adoption, right to determine religious affiliation and support responsibility. It is ORDERED that Tyria Tweedy, mother and unknown Father of Ariyah Tweedy and Alexia Tweedy DOB: 6/2/2013 appear at the above-named Court and protect his or her interests on or before April 1, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. If the hearings are not concluded on the scheduled date and time, they may be continued by the court without further notice. 2/3/21 H. Cary Payne DATE JUDGE