Details for Request for Bids


Request for Subcontractor Bids and Pre-Qualifications Appomattox County High School Renovation and Additions Jamerson-Lewis Construction is requesting Subcontractor Bids and Pre-Qualifications for the Appomattox County High School Renovation and Additions. Bids and Pre-Qualification packets are due Friday, July 30th, 2021 at 2pm. Bids MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by a completed Pre-Qualifications form. The project includes all major building and site trades. The general scope of work is as follows: Division 1 - Environment Waste Disposal; Division 02 - Existing Conditions; Division 3 - Concrete; Division 4 - Masonry; Division 5 - Metals; Division 6 - Wood, Plastics & Composites; Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection; Division 8 - Openings; Division 9 - Finishes; Division 10 - Specialties; Division 11 Equipment; Division 12 - Furnishings; Division 14 Conveying Systems; Division 22 Plumbing; Division 23 HVAC; Division 26 Electrical; Division 31 Earthwork; Division 32 Site Improvements; and Division 33 - Utilities. Every Subcontractor Bid and Pre-Qualification packet MUST identify which division(s) the Subcontractor is submitting pricing and qualification for. Please forward all Bids, Pre-Qualification forms, and Pre-bid questions to William Cook via email at or mail at 1306 Stephenson Avenue, Lynchburg, VA, 24501. Please call the office at 434-845-3468 to request a Pre-Qualification form.