CITY SOURCE UPDATES FROM THE CITY OF LYNCHBURG Read full articles and more by scanning the code or visiting WWW.LYNCHBURGVA.GOV/CITY-SOURCE FEBRUARY 23, 2021 FIRE DEPARTMENT RECEIVES INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION The Lynchburg Fire Department was notified on Monday, February 22 by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) that it has achieved full international accreditation. The Commission issued its approval during its virtual commissioner’s meeting. The accreditation process includes a review of 12 areas of the department including: standards of cover, response/benchmarks and strategies, paramedics/ first aid, strategic plan, public education, fire prevention, fire investigation, apparatus maintenance, personnel training, human resources, safety equipment and external relations. In addition to reviewing extensive written documentation, the process included an onsite peer team visit to verify and validate the documents. Of the more than 27,000 fire departments, there are only 284 accredited agencies in the United States and Canada and 15 accredited departments in Virginia (counting Lynchburg). LAKESIDE DRIVE BRIDGE OVER BLACKWATER CREEK PROJECT UPDATE The Lakeside Drive Bridge Over Blackwater Creek Project remains on schedule with final completion set for spring 2023. Work outside of existing roadways consists of installation of storm drainage, construction of bridge substructure, erection of retaining walls and minor grading operations. This work will continue with no impacts to roadways or traffic for the next several months. As a reminder, local trails through the project site remain closed to the public, and citizens are asked to not enter the jobsite due to ongoing construction and safety concerns. LYNCHBURG ELECTORAL BOARD MEMBERS Recently, there have been changes made to the three-member Lynchburg Electoral Board. Patricia Bower, Electoral Board Chair, retired at the end of her term on December 31, 2020. Carolyn Sherayko, who previously served as the General Registrar and retired from that position in 2015, was appointed by the Circuit Court to replace Bower. Scan the QR code above for more programs at the Lynchburg Public Library! WATER RESOURCES ANNOUNCES GREASE RECYCLING PARTNERSHIP WITH PARKS AND RECREATION One of the largest issues in local sewer systems is the buildup of fats, oils, and grease in sewer pipes. When these ingredients are poured down the drain, they solidify in the sewer pipes, mixing with non-flushable items (like wet wipes and shop rags) and create “fatbergs” that block the sewer lines and cause costly and unsafe overflows into backyards, forests, and streams. Parks and Recreation have partnered with Water Resources to help keep our community pipes clean and our environment safe. With this partnership, citizens can recycle grease at EIGHT locations throughout Lynchburg year-round! To recycle cooking oil and grease, simply drop off sealed containers at any of the locations in designated drop-off boxes during open hours. The locations will also be equipped with educational information about infrastructure and grease recycling can lids. HISTORIC MARKERS COMMEMORATING LYNCHBURG’S AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY Did you know there are historic markers throughout the City commemorating Lynchburg’s rich African American history? According to the brochure, Historic Markers of Lynchburg, “These markers reflect the accomplishments of African Americans in the fields of education, the arts and social activism. Of particular interest are markers on the three blocks of Pierce Street, from 12th to 15th Streets, which is also designated as the “Pierce Street Renaissance Street Renaissance Historic District” where there are more markers concentrated than any other town or city in Virginia.” NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Read full post online Go to and subscribe to receive City Source emails! CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 900 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504 (434) 856-CITY |