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PA I D A D V E R T I S E M E N T Connecting Businesses, Strengthening Communities | 540-586-9401 7 Quick Ways to Get More Upsells and Referrals You current clients/customers are likely an untapped resource of additional revenue. After all, it is much easier to sell to someone who already likes you than it is to win over a new person. But there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s a saying in the restaurant industry that a diner who described their meal as “satisfactory” will never be back again. In order to get return customers, upsells, and referrals you must do better than just meeting expectations. You must exceed them. Thankfully, as they say, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra. In this article, we’ll give you seven quick ideas on how to create those extra opportunities that will translate into greater upsell and referral opportunities. When someone is “wowed” they will buy more and talk about you (exactly what you need for referrals). How to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary for More Upsells and Referrals 1. Offer samples without people requesting them. When someone is looking at something in your business, offer them samples. Don’t even ask. One restaurant brings individual samples of gelato to the table at the end of the meal. Even if the diners don’t buy any, they leave with a (literal) pleasant taste in their mouth which could yield a return visit or referrals. 2. Send/give swag. If you mail your products or bag them, consider adding something unexpected in the package. Pure Vida sends branded stickers. Some companies stick in a postcard. The surprise needn’t be expensive. The point is it’s unexpected and that is delightful. 3. Invite engagement. Make sure every purchase is accompanied with a request to engage on social media but don’t make it about you. Most people are excited when they make a purchase, and they want to show it off. Invite them to share a picture of themselves using the product or service. Give them a hashtag and perhaps some incentive to share such as a contest entry or a future discount. If you have a well-known brand sometimes simply retweeting them and being on your radar is enough. 4. Send “just because” discounts. Some companies send birthday offers but not everyone feels comfortable giving you their birthdate these days. Instead, send “just because specials” periodically and thank them for being a fantastic customer. If they haven’t purchased recently, tell them you miss them and give them reason to return. 5. Drop expiration dates. If you use coupons, don’t turn someone away because their coupon is past the expiration date. Make it well known that you will accept coupons whenever the customer is ready to use them. 6. Put everyone to work. It may not scale to have your CEO or owner answer customer support questions all day. However, giving leadership the opportunity to field the occasional question or post a response on social media or to a review can make someone’s day and get them talking about you. The customer will be in shock that leadership responded. And it will make them (and everyone who reads the interaction) think that leadership is reading every review or comment. 7. Follow and respond on social media. Don’t simply post what’s going on in your world. Learn what’s going on in your customer’s as well. Set Google alerts for mentions of your business, what you sell, and your area. Listen to conversations going on around you and join them when it makes sense and when you can add value. Also, don’t hide behind the brand. When you are posting, use your name even if you’re responding from your brand’s account. People are more likely to interact with a person than a company name. If you want to cut through the noise and get more upsells and referrals, you want to make people feel special and valued. Think about experiences you’ve had as a customer. How can you replicate those in your business? How can you reach the next level of success and ensure to touch all the senses, in order to create the best buying experience and in turn repeat business? Rise above the crowd and give exceptional value and more “WOW FACTOR!” Wende Gaylor President / CEO Photo credit - by Clarke Lupton The Annual Bedford Area Community Guides are OUT! Look for these at select locations throughout the county depicting the area and all that we have to offer from businesses to activities, showcasing the entire region! Bedford Tree Grant Project to Launch in Spring East Washington and South Bridge Streets to get trees Bedford, Virginia – The Bedford County Economic Development Authority’s (EDA) Tree Grant project kicked off on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 with an onsite preliminary meeting with the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) and Town and County officials. The project comes from a VDOF grant of more than $3,000 to plant more than 20 trees along East Washington and South Bridge Streets near Elba Butcher Shoppe in Bedford. The Town of Bedford was instrumental in writing the grant for this project and the EDA responded with its full support. This grant and the EDA’s match will help beautify the corner by adding grass and trees along the sidewalk, and a small area for public seating provided by the Town at the corner of the lot. “This project will bring a vibrant addition to the area Visual simulation of the Washington and and will enhance the recent additions of Elba Butcher Shoppe and The Well, plus longstanding neighborhood Bridge Street Corner. Final result will be churches and retail establishments that anchor that similar to photo. corner,” said Traci Blido, Bedford County Economic Development Director. Over the coming weeks, a site plan will be developed, as well as soil amendments at the site of the trees. The Bedford County Public Works staff will oversee the planting of the trees this Spring and help the EDA finalize the project with VDOF. The grant covers the cost of the trees and supplies and the EDA match will cover the soil amendments and maintenance.