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What if there was a safe and natural product that nourished your body both inside and out, reducing wrinkles, improving hair and nail growth, and repairing joints and bones? BioSil is that product and it’s clinically proven to work. Our hair, skin, and nails depend on three proteins, known as your “3 Beauty Proteins” Collagen “plumps’ your skin from the inside out. It removes fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents them from forming. In addition, collagen is essential for strong, healthy bones and joints. Elastin gives your skin its ability to stretch and ‘bounce back’ (elasticity) preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Elastin is also vital to the proper functioning of organs and eyes. Keratin gives your hair thickness, body, strength, and elasticity. Plus, keratin gives your nails strength and clarity. BioSil stimulates the production of all 3 of these proteins safely and naturally and is clinically proven to: • Reduce fine line and wrinkles by 30%* • Increase skin elasticity 89%* • Strengthen hair by 13%§ • Thicken hair by 12.8%§ • Dramatically strengthen nails* * After 20 weeks versus the placebo group. § After 36 weeks versus the placebo group. CURB E SERVIC ! BLE AVAILA GRAVES MILL SHOPPING CENTER,18013 FOREST RD | 434 2153102 Join our free Wellness Club at