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It's called their "alive date" -- the date soldiers in battle were knocked from their feet by a grenade or pierced by a bullet and survived.

The reminders of the day are etched upon them in the form of bullet scars, shrapnel embedded beneath their skin decades later, and the images of war still playing in their minds.

This Veterans Day, in honor of the sacrifices of all the men and women who have served in the armed forces, The News & Advance is telling the stories of a dozen Purple Heart recipients wounded in battles in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

There's Steve Bozeman, who was burned trying to pull a wounded Marine from a crashed helicopter in Vietnam, and Brian Moore, blown from his feet while helping other troops get to safety during a rocket attack in Iraq. There's Leighton Dodd, who was knocked from the back of a Jeep by machine gun fire and left for dead in Korea, and Lee Cobb, shot while leading his unit in an attempt to rescue Marines pinned down in an ambush in Vietnam.

These are just a few of the stories of heroism and sacrifice contained in this special section and just a tiny sample of the sacrifices made by members of our community in times of conflict and war.

-- Carrie J. Sidener, section editor

Home of the Brave: Special Section

Home of the Brave: Special Section

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