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Letters to the Editor for April 15

Letters to the Editor for April 15

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Houses of worship, keep your doors open

OK churches, when are you going to open your doors? Some have kept the churches open the entire time with masks suggested for participants. Some have gone to Zoom with vehicles in the parking lots of your facilities. Some have kept the door to a degree, shut.

What keeps the doors shut? Maybe it was the vote of the elders or vestry. Maybe it was the senior pastor or priest. Maybe the diocese or a higher level overseeing your church. Many have said ‘why are the big chains, Walmart, Lowes, restaurants, places of entertainment open, but churches appear in the closedown mode?’

The culture change is doing all it can to find ways to shut down religion. Schools are not allowed to display or mention anything to do with religion. At graduation, if the speaker dare mentions their faith, the world will come after them. Did you notice the God has no say apparently about opening your church doors? Has the body of believers asked Jesus what they should do?

When so called peaceful movements started burning and destroying property to the point of burning Bibles outside Portland, did churches speak out? Maybe they did but so quietly. Nelson County churches need to respond in FAITH and get your doors open. Don’t let our governor dictate to you what goes on with your faith and ability to worship. Yes, wear your mask and take precautions, yet still worship and use your facilities to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.



The GOP pleasing

its master It has been another interesting week in political Washington. Senator Joe Manchin of neighboring West Virginia has presented himself as the chief contact with the “NO’s,” that is the Republicans of the US Senate. It remains to be seen if his actions will show him a real force for reconciliation and productivity with the Republicans. Or will he just be the Neville Chamberlain of the Democrats trying to appease the dictator wannabe who will be wondering just how long before he can see the appeaser hanging on the Capitol steps?

So far the Republicans have remained a solid block for their master, the Trumpian clown prince of American politics, and his deluded minions. This weekend the big Republican gathering is taking place only 4 miles from Trump’s hideaway where the fundraisers will gather to buy his favor. Anyone who has shown they doubt the master’s lies or his fitness to lead this nation has been excluded from the Florida gatherings.

Senator Manchin says the Jan. 6 insurrection led him to appeasement; funny, I want a treason trial for all involved. I guess we see things differently but while I wish him luck, I’d encourage President Biden to steer clear of him whenever possible. Getting the job done is the first order of business.

I salute the many businesses that are standing against the defeatist actions of the Georgia legislators who are attempting to use their power to limit citizen participation. It seems like these legislators want only the plantation owners at the polls. The leader of the “NO” chorus, Mitch McConnell, has told the CEOs that they should stay out of partisan politics. He sings a very different tune when they are supporting his corporate tax cuts. Incidentally, to relate how far right (Trumpian, fascist, your choice) the present Republican Party has gone even old Mitch is going to be excluded from the weekend’s to do in Florida.

In the most embarrassing and disgusting fashion the US is returning to normalcy. If you define a mass shooting as any with 4 or more dead or wounded, the US has had 14 mass shootings in the last 7 days. This week’s mass shootings have killed 20 and wounded 58. Yes, it’s time to do more than pray for the dead and console the wounded.

We can do better; at least I sure hope so.



An insurrection

going on Today, there is an ongoing insurrection by a Democrat Cabal focused on destroying a nation governed by its people, as envisioned by our Founders. It is being launched by the National Democrat Party Cabal from within the Capital and the White House. The political focus is wrapped around two issues, The “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” and HR 1.

The citizens of the Commonwealth joined the insurrection when Virginia’s Democrat administration voted to approved the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” The Electoral College vote of the sovereign state of Virginia and its people will soon not be relevant in the election of the United States’ president. With the Interstate Compact, the votes of California, New York and Illinois will carry the day.

Congress is considering legislation, HR 1, which would allow the federal government to unilaterally structure a common election process to be the law in every state. Today, while permitted by the Constitution, citizens of the states have no voice in the process as political parties rule in the halls of the Cabal’s Congress. The federal government has never before engaged in such an initiative that would further move to end the concept of Sovereign States and a nation governed by it’s people.

The citizens of Virginia, and all other states, must acknowledge their culpability in failing to govern and must speak now to restore the lost sovereignty of their state. Citizens must become active in their state’s governance by insuring that their state representatives know who they are and that the representatives understand that they represent the people not a political party. Political parties should only be conduits for the voice of the people, not a ruling Cabal.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for the people of good conscience to remain silent.”—Thomas Jefferson.



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