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Letters to the editor for April 29

Letters to the editor for April 29

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Heritage must

be protected When there is no honored heritage, any heritage can be created.

The purpose of the Cancel Culture effort is to condemn a people’s heritage so that the National Democrat Party Cabal can create a national heritage for its own political purpose. Where are the Americans, new and generational, speaking out on behalf of America’s heritage? Why are we hearing from our colleges that our Founders were essentially evil men and the nation they founded fundamentally corrupt.

What is happening in our schools that should be teaching our wonderful history and purpose? Instead the Christian-based concepts inscribed in the Constitution are being translated into “systemic racism.” The Democrat Cabal purpose is to destroy the Constitutionally-established relationship between the “sovereign states” and the federal government.

Today, the Cancel Culture arm of the National Democrat Party Cabal, with the approval of state political leadership, strips the memories of past “states rights” leaders from the view of our children. Monument Avenue in Richmond was a memorable display of the heritage of Virginia. Do we not understand the implications of removing the monuments in Charlottesville of men who led in the fight for the Constitutionally-affirmed sovereignty of Virginia against a threatening federal power.

While it can be considered laudable, opposition to slavery, the basis for the formation of the Republican party in 1854 and Lincoln’s election in 1860, was but a large unsettled component of the larger issue of states’ sovereignty, unresolved until four years after the end of the war.

The Democrat Party Cabal is in the final act of finishing what the Republicans attempted in 1860, ruling power in Washington. There will be no restoration of our Founders’ nation, a nation governed by its people, until

“We the people” rise up and cause each state to assert its stature as a sovereign state with an honorable character.



Pleased with the Chauvin verdicts Readers, they did well. The jurors in the Chauvin trial were able to get past the policeman’s badge and hold a murderer’s actions to account. As I said before, his accomplices in the crime should all be held to account. We entrust our police with wielding the force bestowed upon our government and they should do this with the primary duty of protecting the citizenry from those who would do harm, no matter what uniform or suit the perpetrator is wearing.

The one person who has been skating past accountability for possible treasonous actions used to be our president and is now still spreading the ”Big Lie” among his followers. May he, too, soon be only a stain on our nation’s history.

Speaking of our country’s history I have spent the last week exploring Colonial Williamsburg and of the many things I’ve learned two facts are very appropriate for this letter. First, when indigenous people arrived in the area about 12,000 years ago, much of the vast glaciers of the last Ice Age still existed. They were melting and causing sea level to rise. At the time the James River was considerably below today’s level at the bottom of a deep ravine.

During the following centuries, sea level rise filled the ravine, covering their original villages and campsites. Standing on the present bank of the James River, I could only wonder where the bank of the James will be in another mere 400 years. Will much of today’s eastern Virginia, including the colonial areas, be part of the Atlantic Ocean and only be pictures in old books in 2421? If we are to avoid that catastrophe we need to act soon to reduce our fossil fuel use to zero.

Secondly, even in the colonial days there were scalawags that sought to lead those in the colonies into mischief. One of those, Nathanial Bacon, so wanted to change the government of the day he had his followers cannonade Jamestown and when the government fled they burned the city so it would have nothing to return to. Reviewing the January 6th insurrection, I wonder how far we’ve advanced. It seems like some Americans still have no appreciation for all we’ve accomplished in the intervening centuries.

We’ve done well. Yes, we still have our challenges but destroying our past isn’t a way to advance. We can do better.



10 things you may

or may not knowTen things we have observed lately. #1 and #2 are mildly amusing and #8 is positive. The rest we can only join with Ray Davies and sing, “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for Lola.”

1. Senator John Cornyn of Texas criticized President Biden because he doesn’t tweet.

2. Trump’s wall on the border costs an average of $12 million per mile. It is being scaled by $5 ladders.

3. Law enforcement kills on average three people every day.

4. On the other hand, there are an average of 50 murders every day.

5. Counties with a high degree of vaccine reluctance correspond directly to counties that voted heavily for Trump.

6. Close to a hundred large corporations paid no tax in 2020.

7. A full-time job at $15 an hour only comes out to $32,000 a year.

8. Virginia is the first state in the South to legalize marijuana, end the death penalty and strengthen voting rights.

9. A new study suggests there are 320,000 viruses that infect mammals.

10. In some parts of the world the sea will be 20 feet higher at the end of the century.



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