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Letters to the editor for Aug. 12

Letters to the editor for Aug. 12

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Biden wrong on eviction moratorium

President Biden should be arrested for contempt of court.

Because of COVID, last year the administration declared a moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent. The Supreme Court declared this unconstitutional and in typical Roberts appeasement style, said the moratorium could continue until it expired, but that any extension must be passed by Congress. On July 31, 2021 the moratorium expired. Despite pleas from Biden, Congress turned down an extension. The Biden administration, acknowledging the “obstacle” faced by the Supreme Court decision, however, extended the moratorium. This is clearly contempt of court.

The State of Virginia’s constitution, as well as the federal constitution, has a “taking clause”. Landlords should be granted evictions immediately by Virginia courts, following the Supreme Court decision. If the courts feel it is in the “public interest” to grant eviction extensions, owners should be immediately compensated under the “taking” clause.

Virginia used to respect the rule of law, and I hope it still does.



Blame Biden for high gas prices

The average closing price for auto gas in 2020 was $2.03 with former President Trump in office. The national average price in President Biden’s term, 2021, is $3.25.

Upon obtaining office, whether he stole it or otherwise, he immediately shutdown the Keystone XL oil pipeline his first day in office. The 1,700-mile pipeline planned to carry 800,000 barrels of oil per day. The pipeline was rejected by former President Obama but former President Trump brought it back to life with over 1,000 jobs. Biden also shut down oil and gas lease sales from our nation’s public lands and waters, his first day in office.

This brainless anti-Trump effort of President Biden, and his handlers, is the reason that America is no longer oil independent. If you like paying more for your travel expenses, then thank this president. The price per gallon will likely not stop rising this year, maybe going over $4.00 a gallon.

Liberal workers and retirees, those who voted for Biden, when you find your fuel costs are beating down your budget, send a letter to your president and maybe he will send you more grants, food stamps, and other “entitlements.”

Conservatives need to get out and vote in new leadership on Election Day. The good Lord gave you the ability to labor and not depend on Biden’s government handouts.



The GOP and the art of the sneer

An interesting thing has happened in our politics. The Democrats and the Republicans have switched places. The liberals, the Democrats are now the people who support our institutions, and the conservatives are the ones who want to tear it all down. Call the Republicans the nihilistic coalition and Donald Trump the nihilist-in-chief for all they believe in now is power and the retention of that power by any means necessary including restricting voting.

And this power is not used for legislation or solving problems but only defend certain cultural values like white supremacy, Christian nationalism, homophobia and anti-immigration. To be against immigration is to be against the idea of America itself. And their only policy position is to in all cases lower taxes. In Virginia, we have Glen Youngkin and he wants to end the state income tax. How quaint. When he loses should we put him in a museum as a relic of the 19th century? You also see it the Republican-majority Supreme Court striking down the government’s ability to regulate anything, especially business.

This is the endgame of the Reagan revolution. Destroy government, starve it to death. The difference is at least Reagan was a gentleman. Today’s Republicans can only sneer and demonize their opponents. And in Donald Trump they have somebody who has perfected the art of the sneer. The government isn’t some other. It is in theory and in practice you and I, all of us giving our consent, using collective action to solve our problems.



Get caught up on history

There are some people who just don’t know American history, although they speak as if they do. America never became the leader of the world due to its democracy. The fact that it was established as a Constitutional Republic is what made it the country that people from all over the world flocked to. And continue to migrate to.

With very simplistic reflection one can observe that in a democracy the majority rules. If the country was composed of 100 people, 60 men and 40 women, the majority, being men, could ‘vote’ that raping women was fine. In a democracy that would be the ‘law’. Our Founders, who knew more of history than most Americans today, were quite aware of this. That is why they established a Constitutional Republic, which uses democratic principles within its functions. The Constitution has not been read or studied by most Americans in these past 70 years. We speak much and know little. We spend far too much time arguing among ourselves about particulars that are meaningless.

What made this country so very popular was, and is, the right of the individual to live one’s life in liberty. As long as one does not take away from anyone else’s liberty, he or she should be left alone to live as he or she sees fit.

For those who wish to argue about who is vaccinated or who isn’t, maybe you should stop and think. Maybe you have bought into the mind game that is being played. And if you don’t see that there is a mind game being projected upon us all, then now is the time to awaken. We can argue among ourselves about meaningless dribble or we can stand together in liberty. It is that simple.



Biden sold out

“You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t.” The Establishment has now made it clear what the problem was that concerned Obama. Biden was the only 2020 Democrat primary candidate that could be sold to the moderate Democrat voter. Obama’s concern was about what Biden had to do if elected. Biden had to make the COVID pandemic worse. By opening the southern border, welcoming an onslaught of illegal immigrants, Biden compounded the pandemic problem across the country. This would keep the fear of the pandemic alive.

Biden had to create economic problems that would cause gas and food prices to skyrocket and endorsed limitless federal spending under the guise of helping people. These caused immediate inflation and “unfilled jobs.” The vaccination and mask issues are with us today.

Biden was to place the nation in crisis quickly and do nothing to ease the chaos. Biden did what he was instructed to do and did it fast with executive orders. It had to be fast as fear had to be instilled in the American people so that the “For the People Act”, HR 1, could be legislated in the Congress, allowing the federal government to control state elections contrary to the intent of the Constitution. Sufficient time had to be provided before elections to insure that state legislators would have time to legislate “Mass Mail-in voting” laws, with limited check on who the voter was and if they were a citizen.

Biden sold out the American people to get his name on the roster of American presidents. The Democrat Party’s concern has always been the 2022 and 2024 elections. It is now up to “We the people” to step forward and restore our Founders’ nation of Sovereign States or kneel before the Federal Establishment Oligarchy.



Cut down on plastic bag use

According to the Earth Policy Institute (2017), more than a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. These bags contaminate our soil and water, and ultimately our food supply. Made of polyethylene (a petroleum product), these bags are not biodegradable. Basically, they last forever. Simply put, we are poisoning ourselves with plastic.

Until manufacturers find alternative and more environmentally-friendly ways to package, hold, and build their products, we will see increased contamination of all our resources. As citizens, we can encourage our state and federal representatives to pass legislation to address specific recycling/contamination issues. Maine is the first state to pass laws that put the cost of package recycling back on manufacturers. Some communities across the country have put a ban or a tax on single-use plastic bags.

Though the problem seems insurmountable, there are some good ways that each person can help:

1. Insist on taking fewer plastic bags (ex. have the check-out person fill your bags).

2. Request paper bags (Paper can be recycled, but the volume of trees needed to replace plastic bags with paper ones may not make this choice sustainable).

3. Reuse every bag you take. This may mean rinsing and drying some.

4. When done reusing, RECYCLE.

The Lovingston Food Lion provides two big recycling bins for “clean” plastic bags just outside of one of its main entrances. The IGA in Nellysford has a bin right inside its door.

What exactly can go into these bins? It’s very important to get it right. If improper or dirty items are put in, the contents of the bin might be thrown out. But…it’s surprising how many of the plastic items we handle every day do qualify: grocery and retail bags, bread and produce bags, plastic over-wrap (cleaned), Ziploc and other re-closable bags, ice bags, flexible/stretchy plastic mailing bags (cut off labels), bubble wrap, cereal box liners, etc.

A company called TREX (there are two plants in Virginia) partners with Food Lion and many grocery stores. TREX uses this plastic film to produce decking and lawn furniture.

By far, the biggest impact you can make to reduce the use of plastic bags is bring your own reusable shopping bags, which can be made of cloth or other composite materials.

Please help to keep our beautiful county free of polluting plastics.



Lock Trump up 

Well, folks this past week we learned more about Donald Trump’s attempted coup and it gets uglier and uglier. It should be obvious to everyone now that this man has no respect at all for our democracy and he needs to be in jail for his unlawful pressuring of members of the Justice Department and numerous state officials to overturn the 2020 election results. The names of some of his accomplices are now being made public and as far as I’m concerned they can occupy adjoining cells.

With Republican state legislatures around the country passing restrictive voting laws that target minorities and the disadvantaged, it is imperative that the federal government supersede them with federal statutes. There should be no impediments to casting one’s vote in our republic. The voting rights bills in the U.S. Congress should be passed before the massive infrastructure bill is even considered.

Yes, getting the economy back at full speed ahead is important but making sure everyone has the opportunity to make his/her voice heard is even more important.

A look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website addressing the viral status of the individual states shows that it is the South and West dragging the country back into crisis mode. For example, as I write this on Aug. 6, all of New England, New York and New Jersey has had a total of 39,756 new cases in the last 7 days while Florida alone has had 126,841 new cases in the same time period. And it is costing Florida; I personally know a family that has cancelled their trip to Disney World due to the virus. As I’ve said before, the American people will open the economy when they feel safe and close it when they don’t.

Finally this week we need to remember the Americans of the West who share our love of our forests and choose to live in them. They are suffering through a climate change drought that is the major cause of the massive fires in those forests. The over 100-year old town of Greenville, California, was burned to the ground this past week. All of us that still burn fossil fuels in our homes and vehicles are contributing to the conditions that will bring such destruction to our neighborhood in the coming years. We must do better.




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