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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 10, 2020

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 10, 2020

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Celebrating the real reason for the season

While preparing for a Sunday lesson, my study referred to the secondhand retail industry, one you may have participated now and then. On television, I’ve enjoyed “American Pickers” where Mike and Frank go cruising around to find great value in antiques where owners are willing to, and sometimes, not willing to sell their keepsakes.

The Pickers searching for items of value, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, and other times just a few dollars. Their television program is interesting and keeps my attention. This time of year, my attention is about Christmas, the season and reason are all about Jesus. There is a gift, one most valuable.

Jesus will give you this gift if you accept Him as your Savior, a guide and purpose for your life. Many go through life just thinking of yourselves, and only of yourself. If you want life to get better then listen to John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Before 2021, change your life, a permanent change to save your life. Sounds nutty, there IS more to life. The Christmas season is the perfect timing, begin by receiving the gift, not one from a secondhand retail industry, but one Christ offers freely. Try attending church, one celebrating the birth of Christ, and have a merry Christmas.



No conspiracy about it. Trump lost.

I was sad to see in last week’s paper a long-time contributor go down the conspiracy rabbit hole. There is no other way to say it: Trump lost the election and there was no conspiracy to steal the election from him.

To be sure, there was a semi-organized group who brought about that defeat and they go by the name the voters. Not only has no credible evidence been presented (the thousands of affidavits that are mentioned have never been submitted to any judges) but the thousands, possible millions, of individuals you would need to bring off this conspiracy beggars’ belief.

To think this way is to think that a good part of the world is lying to you and that is no way to live. The further danger is if you can be convinced of this you could be manipulated to even more harmful ideas like the Jews run the world and Democrats run sex slave rings.

But Trump has already taken in 200 million since the election on this lie, and perhaps that was the reason for it in the first place. It is said that Trump wants to run in 2024 but I do not think that gambit is going to go very far. There are too many ambitious Republicans like “Little Marco” who want to be president. Mike Pence certainly does. Heck, Donald might even be pushed aside by Ivanka or Don Jr.

Politics is a secular pursuit, not a religious one. In order for the people and their representatives to decide how we want to run things, you need some facts and ways to determine evidence. Conspiracies do not cut it. So, for the sake of the country, for your own psychological wellbeing, give it up.



How did we get here?

Have we forgotten the basic character of the nation created by our founding fathers? The United States of America was to be a nation of sovereign states and a common “federal government,” intended to provide leadership against a common enemy.

How have we reached this point in our national culture that we would give up our basic freedoms for some money oriented federal domination? We now have a nation ruled by a political establishment in Washington with Democratic Party leadership and Republican membership.

One must truly be concerned by the expressed intents of Biden and the array of Democrat leaders to accomplish political goals so distant from the nation envisioned by our founders. The equally important “common thread” is the intended governing, “of, by and for the people.” The sovereign states were never intended to be governed or financed by the federal government.

Instead of actively participating with state governing bodies to deal with state issues, we allow state government representation in the federal Senate to be ceded to the national political parties. We have allowed the marriage of taxation and representation to be put aside. Our failure to forbid our voices from being silenced by allowing out of district and out of state donations to influence the elections of our respective Congressional representatives.

It is hard to believe, regardless of political affiliation, that such tyranny would be intentionally created? Our Declaration of Independence affirms our responsibility to respond to such tyranny.

Now, through the precedent of the 1937 Supreme Court Social Security Opinion and the creation by the Washington political establishment of “Grant” legislation added to the aforementioned Constitutional changes, “We the people” look to the Washington Establishment to seek the feet to be kissed.



Where is the GOP leadership?

After 4 years of the most pathetic presidency of my lifetime, 70 million of my fellow citizens voted to return this grifter to the highest office of the land. But before we become too concerned about this we should remember that almost 80 million citizens have not been fooled and they voted for a change. The Republic survived the carnival barker and the 70 million who have been fooled into believing Donald Trump gave a wit about them is now primarily a Republican Party problem.

For 4 years the Republican leadership has cowered and let this charlatan “lead” them and their millions of supporters. The fooled believed that another four years was a “sure thing” and the election results must therefore be false. Reality can be the meanest teacher as she doesn’t cower to the loud bully and the reality is that Joe Biden both won the election and deserved to win it. He is already bringing leadership back to the Oval Office.

Since Nov. 3 President Trump has sulked, lied more, bloviated, disabled government agencies, and threatened lesser officials. Since Nov. 3 President-elect Joe Biden has assembled an experienced cabinet to immediately get a handle on the virus upon his inauguration.

So for now, the most pressing question for the GOP is “Where are they going to find real leaders?” The country needs a strong two party-system where both parties respect the Constitution and work to advance the success of the citizens. Trump does neither and as long as the Republican Party remains a Trumpian puppet show they (and we) will be in trouble.

I suspect the Republic will return to some form of normalcy by next summer or fall; the Republican Party will be a lot longer in Trumpian turmoil. The rest of us will wait for them to return to the community that is our great nation while both Trump’s presidency and the virus he ignored and then lied about become nightmares receding into our memories.

I know we can do better because we did it. Let’s continue to be better. Wear your masks, wash your hands often, socially distance and stay away from charlatans.



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