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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 17, 2020

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 17, 2020

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Tired of the politics

Having in the last few months broken into the lineup of Dewey, Tabony and occasionally Ballowe, I am retiring from the field for a while. Why? It is too damn (can I write damn?) frustrating devoting your energies to politics these days. And although entertaining, the letters to the editor section of the Nelson County Times does not change much. How often can you rail against the Republican Party? A party that seems to have given up on the democratic process.

The denial of Biden’s victory was never going to succeed. But the attitude behind it is very troubling. It simultaneous says we do not care how you voted, and we will defend our position with lies and fantasy. And the cure for all this imaginary fraud is to make it even harder to vote next time. Does the Republican Party even believe in the electoral process anymore? 74 million voted for this and whatever it is it ain’t democracy.

And so, in a couple of weeks it will be 2021. Trump and the Republican Party’s gift to you is “the resentment that never sleeps.” Biden will be the next president and we are supposed to be glad that civility will return to our national government. It is going to take a lot more than civility. Want to do some good? Give some money to the two Democrats in Georgia. Goodbye for now folks and good luck to us all because we are going to need it.



The left didn’t answer the call for unity under Trump

Replying to the Nelson County Times’ Dec. 3, 2020 Opinion page, I find it quite interesting that the left is imploring the right to “come together” and “do better” after four years of a constant drumbeat from “their side” about the illegitimacy of the current president.

Donald Trump has endured a special counsel, an impeachment, numerous civil suits and constant threats of criminal proceedings once he leaves office. There has not been a single day since his inauguration where he has had a moment’s peace or the uninhibited ability to govern without leaks, staff impediments, foot dragging and judicial restraint. Throw in a pandemic which killed the Main Street economy along with over a quarter million citizens, and the blame game continues unabated.

Pardon the analogy, but if you are mean to a dog from its birth you are going to get either a cowardly, wimpy dog or you will get a vicious animal that fights back. I think we know how that turned out.

So, to hear liberals tell us that it is time for healing and to let the past go, those of us who are conservative and do not believe that the election was fair just cannot do that. “But someone needs to break the cycle of hate” they say. Great. They had four years to show us how it is done, but they chose not to. I, personally, do not see the next four years being any different from the previous four.



What’s it going to take?

I have two points I’d like to make.

First, what will it take to re-unite the American people, who are so divided? A catastrophic event like a pandemic or war?

The pandemic should have had we had competent leadership and a military strike by China is unlikely.

The future seems grim and I am not a pessimist.

Second, Trump and his Republican enablers have tried to overturn a fair election with claims of voter fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court and other courts have rejected all of these claims.

What seems more logical to me is that the Trumpinestas must have been the ones that committed the voter fraud, because there could not be that many (74,000,000) ignorant and foolish Americans to vote for Trump.



The fix was in

We could see it coming. The preamble to the corrupt election caused citizens to gasp months ago. The fix was in. The leadership of the several Democrat “battleground” states had to have known the Constitutional violations they were allowing and the criminal activities that they permitted their election personnel to participate in. The corruption was so bad and obvious that after the fact the United States’ Supreme Court refused to touch it.

It takes limited intellectual capacity to understand the Constitutional requirement that all election activities must be legislated by the Legislatures of the individual states and no one else. The key to corruption success was the mass distribution of non requested “mail-in ballots”. There had to be a reason for the need for the “mail-in ballots”. China with the COVID-19 provided the reason.

Which drives us back to the earlier China-Biden relationship and China’s apparent worldwide domination intents with the United States being the only barrier. “Black Lives Matter” matures from a battle cry to a nationwide, multi office, well funded organization. Cities burn until it is time to set the stage for the election. That the election corruption was driven by a well financed and organized group must be recognized. We know the domestic players. Who are the international ones? How many American companies have foreign plants and flow money to domestic political entities? Walmart is an almost totally China product retailer. Add to this the “dark state” political influence in the Executive Branch.

There is only one federal entity that can suspend the election activities, direct the investigation of the election corruption and hold the respect of the American people, the United States Supreme Court. There is only one man capable of leading the fight on behalf of the American people, President Donald J. Trump.



The sickness of Trump

When will he do it? Get tired of losing and just go away. First the voters told him to go away. He lost the popular vote by about 7,000,000 votes, about 4,000,000 more than in the 2016 election. And this time there was no Electoral College rescue to fall back on.

He lost that too and by the same margin that he won by last time. After losing over 50 lawsuits since the election in lower courts this past week he tried to involve the U.S. Supreme Court in his coup attempts with two lawsuits there. The Supreme Court justices also told him to just go away. It is rather obvious that not only doesn’t he respect our 240-plus-year-old system of government he doesn’t respect himself or his followers either. There is sickness here, an addiction to power and a denial of reality that endangers us all.

I’d like to point out that in 2016 Hillary conceded on the day after the election and he still hasn’t over a month after LOSING. And even worse than refusing to concede is the perpetual lying in his attempt to leave a hopelessly divided nation. When he departs governing the country will a much greater challenge if he is not reined in.

Tens of thousands of Americans have needlessly died of the virus he denied and lied about. It is rather obvious that he doesn’t care about them or any who might die in political violence he instigates. There is a good argument that Donald Trump has done many times the damage to the country than Osama bin Laden did on 9/11.

This past week over 100 Republican members of Congress signed on to Trump’s last barrel of lies and coup attempt. So did Republican Attorneys General from around the country. Do any of them remember that they swore to defend the Constitution not some politician or the Republican Party? Do they realize they will never be found guilty of treason and punished for defending the Constitution but surely may for trampling that document to help establish a dictatorship where once stood the Republic?

It is way past time for the leadership and membership of the Republican Party to realize that Donald Trump is a very sick man and they are in danger of contracting his disease.

We can all do better.



A house of cards in testing COVID-19

The PCR test being used all over the country cannot diagnose cause. “There is nothing in these tests that either proves viral causation or, absent purification, proves that the PCR snippet even came from the virus in question.... nothing. It is simply a house of cards.”

That last sentence came from Doctor Thomas S. Cowan. Many other doctors and scientists around the world are stating the same thing. The man who invented the test, Dr. Kary Mullis, said the same thing.

So all the hype being given as to the climb in cases is based on nothing! It is based on a story created by someone’s imagination and being sold to us to induce fear and obedience. It is that simple and can be explained with much more detail for those who care for scientific details. It appears most of us prefer to simply muzzle ourselves and wait for further instruction! You need not wait long. It will be coming to you very soon. More tests, more compliance, more vaccines.

With the hope for an awakening,



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