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Letters to the Editor for Feb. 18

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 18

With Trump acquitted a second time, is anyone surprised?

Well, readers, was anyone surprised? Saturday, the spineless Trumpians (I’ll not disgrace the word “Republican” by labeling them so) in the US Senate voted to acquit their leader from impeachment verifying that he can dispatch a mob to the Capitol building to disrupt the governance of the country and suffer no censure from them.

Five Americans died during the mob attack but that wasn’t enough for the cowards in the Senate. We are pleased that 7 Republican senators remained true to the Constitution and voted with the Democrats to convict. What a sickening display from the other 43. They are now stuck with the “weird worship of one dude”, one megalomaniacal dude and little else. I’m pretty angry with these 43 Trumpians; they have disgraced the service and life of Capitol policeman, Brian Sicknick, who was killed by the deplorable mob.

And even more personal to me, they have dishonored the service and life of my namesake who died in 1944 at Saint-Lo in France. Michael Loga was killed as he and his fellow Americans fought to reclaim Europe from the rule of another megalomaniac. Sometime around 1933 the Germans chose mob rule over the rule of law and millions died. On Saturday 43 U.S. senators chose the same path.

It remains to be seen if they can somehow right the massive wrong they perpetrated on us. But every citizen should take notice of the disservice they have done to American history and respect across the globe. Not a single one of them is fit to lead in a Constitutional Republic. Again the specter of our homegrown dictator wannabe has stained our reputation. And know the world has been watching; they saw the Trumpian cowardice for just what it was. We can only move on now but we do so further weakened and more open to international disgrace.

Now let’s get serious with removing the virus from our population and moving toward a green economy. With well over twice as many cases and viral deaths than the next country the U.S. has a long way to go to reach normalcy. The new daily cases are now down around 100,000, a level not seen since November proving we can do better when we try.



No time to waste

While the United States was blasting the last drop of oil and gas from the earth and bragging that we have got more oil than you do and we do not need Saudi Arabia anymore, the rest of the world was investing in solar and wind. We are in the position, unless we develop our own manufacturing capabilities, that if we want to move to renewables, we will have to buy what we need from China. And make no mistake we are moving to renewables. The Biden administration is for it and the market is behind it.

Consider. All the major oil companies lost money last year. All the major fracking companies are going bankrupt. BP will be a major investor in building the UK’s largest wind farm. Even Dominion, in Virginia, is building wind farms.

And then, there was the recent announcement that by 2035, General Motors will make only electric cars. At this point in time, if we all drove electric cars there would not be enough electricity to power them.

Consequently, there are many problems to solve before we move away from a carbon economy. But there will be a lot of money made with new technologies and a lot of jobs created doing it.

Locally, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is history, and the Mountain Valley Pipeline is certainly in doubt. There are still demonstrators up in trees trying to stop it and lawyers in court battling it.

Still, some say it is too late and we are going to suffer dire consequences as the climate warms. Others suggest we engineer ourselves out of the problems. One suggestion is we dim the light of the sun by seeding the atmosphere with aerosols. What go wrong with that? Sounds like a plot for a dystopian science fiction novel or movie.



Trump was right

Trump was right about a lot of things. His all of the above energy policies achieved something for which our nation had been striving for 75 years: energy independence. His economic policies brought us the highest stock market and the lowest unemployment rates in history, especially among minorities. Real wages increased for the first time in a decade, with low and middle income workers benefiting the most.

His military strategy led to the total elimination of the ISIS caliphate in record time. His diplomacy kept us out of new wars and brought most of our troops home from old ones. He used his negotiating skills to persuade Arab nations to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and sign on to peace treaties; something a parade of so called statesmen said couldn’t be done. His new trade deals stopped the bleeding of American jobs and started bringing a lot of them back; including manufacturing jobs the so called experts said would never return.

Due to space limitations, I must skip over many accomplishments to get to the most important thing he was right about. Trump famously said Democrats, the establishment, the deep state, big tech, academia, and the media weren’t really after him, they were after ordinary Americans that wouldn’t support their socialist agenda; Americans they refer to as “deplorables”. He said they were determined to take him out only because he stood between them and us. It appears he was right about that also.

After taking Trump out, the pace at which progressives collaborated to silence, marginalize and demonize ordinary Americans who had the temerity to vote for conservative principles is mind boggling; they didn’t even wait for inauguration. Anyone who sought to promote conservatism by voting for Trump is now an insurrectionist.

It is a naked attempt to force conservatives to retreat from and surrender the public square. I will neither retreat nor surrender. I will espouse conservative ideals and challenge the principles of socialism until they lay me on a cooling board. I’m counting on other conservatives doing the same.



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