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Letters to the editor for Jan. 14

Letters to the editor for Jan. 14

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Trump supporters, time to look in the mirror

Well, that went well. Back on Nov. 3 when you were pulling the lever for Trump you thought you were keeping America great and saving it from socialism, you did not know you were signing up for the violent overthrow of the government.

We cannot indict you all as co-conspirators but what about the conspirator-in-chief? A quickie impeachment? His neighbors in Florida do not want him, the Scots do not want him, but maybe Russia or Saudi Arabia would take him in.

And so, the Trump presidency ends, and it is hard not to think that Wednesday the 6th was the point it was aiming at from the beginning. Biden will be inaugurated, and the Senate will be split 50/50. If we are lucky there will outbreak of politics.

Recently Mark Shields, who just retired from the PBS News Hour, said politics is about making converts not punishing heretics. One thing that should calm your fears is that anything the Democrats want to do will have to pass muster with Joe Manchin of West Virginia and I have on good authority that Manchin is not a socialist.

So, take down your Trump signs, as they are beginning to look a little ratty, and do you really want to associate yourself with a domestic terrorist? With an outbreak of politics, we might start to make some progress.



America, we have a representation problem

The Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States have effectively removed a provision of the United States Constitution without a Constitutional Amendment. They have declared that anyone in a state government can change presidential election laws, not just the state legislatures. Provisions of the Constitution do not matter, the elite in Washington can allow violation of the Constitution when ever it suits them.

Is there any question that many states violated the Constitutional provision that only the state legislatures could prescribe state presidential election laws? Did the legislature of any state approve the introduction of mass distribution of mail in ballots? Which Constitutional provision will be next for the Supreme Court to refuse to hear when ignored by state or federal elects?

Is not the state of Virginia attempting to infringe upon “the right of the people to keep and bear arms?” The list goes on. What avenue is left to the American people to assert their objection to a violation of the Constitution when the Supreme Court refuses to hear their concerns regarding a blatant state violation of the Constitution or a Congress which refuses to consider the same?

It has come to pass. “We the people” have allowed political parties to replace us in our responsibility to govern. Protests by “we the people” against failure of the Supreme Court and the Congress to act in support of our Constitutional rights brings us back to the days before 1776.

We have a serious representation problem in our state and federal governments. We know that 269 Democrat party members and 127 Republicans voted against the voices raised by those concerned about the conduct of the election. The Constitution was violated and our Supreme Court and Congress knowingly have done nothing. “1984” is before us.



Democrats choose persecution over persuasion

Our government engages in manipulation by deceit; Dr. Fauci made it official. He has openly admitted that he told us masks were useless to prevent Americans from hoarding them. Likewise, he admitted he intentionally mislead the public about the vaccination level needed to achieve herd immunity.

We all know about a previous lie of the year, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” We’ve been fed a steady diet of condescension, propaganda, and outright lies.

Our Founders gave us a free press to keep the government honest, but the current press is merely the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. We can’t rely on any information provided by our government or the media. Remember the CNN reporter declaring an Antifa/BLM riot “mostly peaceful” even as buildings were burning behind him.

They will lie to our faces, with contradictory video playing in the background! Yet, we’re supposed to have complete confidence when they tell us there was no widespread fraud in the November election. Meanwhile, they stifle any viewpoint that conflicts with their preferred narrative. No one is even allowed to mention the video evidence, affidavits, or statistical anomalies in the election without being called a traitor.

For years, Democrats declared Trump an illegitimate president and falsely accused him of capital crimes. Without a shred of evidence, the deep state assembled a team of the most rabid pit bull Democrats in the country and gave them an unlimited amount of time and money to come up with dirt on Trump.

After three years, they had to admit there had never been any evidence of the crime for which he was accused. On the other hand, with evidence of election fraud in plain sight, anyone who asked for a 10-day investigation to determine how widespread and impactful the fraud was is persecuted and stifled. Persecuting and stifling at the same time is like turning up the heat on a pressure cooker while plugging the vent; it doesn’t end well.



Trump and his followers reach a new low

Well folks, where do we go from here? To put this in a little perspective we must all realize that this is the first time that violence and destruction has reached so close to the heart of our government since the British invaded the area and burned it in 1814. And this time it was perpetrated by the losers of our own society at the beckoning of an unhinged and dictatorial loser president.

First, the president: he should resign and leave the country, never to return. Perhaps one of his buddies in North Korea or Russia can provide him a place to stay for the rest of his miserable life. Not in all my four years of chronicling his lying and contemptuous behavior towards both our way of government and our citizenry did I suspect he would dive as low as he did this past week.

What came through as blatantly obvious to this citizen is that he cared not one wit about anyone in Washington or the country but himself as his mob of thugs rampaged through this symbol of freedom and liberty. When he wasn’t lobbying senators to break the law for him he was watching it all on television and cheering for the mob. If, at the end of last Wednesday, 10,000 of his thugs, 1000 policemen, 400 members of Congress and his own vice president lay dead on the steps and floors of the Capitol, he wouldn’t have cared.

We have asked several times over the years for the Republican leadership to show the line that must be crossed before they would switch their allegiance from Trump to the Constitution. This week we learned that a Trumpian mob destroying the Capitol building is not bad enough. Even more dangerous to the country than the trash that perpetrated this heinous crime are those in power that continue to excuse them.

The 25th Amendment should have already been exercised to rid the country of the madman. Mike Pence, do your job.

And you citizens who still find yourselves obedient to Trump, where is your line? Do you care at all about the things destroyed by the mob? When will you speak out to end the madness? How many must die?

Five Americans died because of the mob actions, more than died in the fabled Benghazi attack. Their blood is on the hands of our president, his enablers, and the mob. But we got lucky; it could have been hundreds or even more.

We can do better.



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