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Letters to the editor for July 15

Letters to the editor for July 15

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Post July 4 holiday reflections

The speeches are over, the fireworks are put away, but did we reflect upon the reason that the Forth of July is important to Americans? And, did we appreciate the seriousness of the underlying reason the Confederation of States had put forth a “Declaration of Independence?”

The then-King of Great Britain had “a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.” Today’s Democratic Party has the same objective through seemingly administrative Constitutional amendments, quiet “packing the court” threats and unobserved federal “Grants” requiring citizen obedience.

The “Washington Establishment,” the supporting “big box” corporate entities and a Democrat propagandist “Main Stream Media” have all come together to create a tyrannical government. The failure of Democrat governors to halt the never before seen levels of city crimes opens the door for the federal government to step in and assert authority over state law and order.

The proclamation by the national teacher’s unions to usurp authority over parents as to the content of instruction in schools reflects a like goal. The only thing stopping Democrats from achieving their goal is that the American spirit is still as strong as it was when expressed in George M. Cohan’s “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy,” “Over There” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

All Americans must make their voices heard by their state governments. Democrat party state leadership appears to agree with the destructive actions of the current federal government Democrat leadership. If American citizens do not rise and cause their states to align with the tenets of our Founders’ “Declaration of Independence,” they then must recognize that they are the cause of their children’s and grandchildren’s subjugation.



The lies keep on coming Like many of you, I have children and grandchildren who are US citizens and want a country for them that is based on law not on the lies of a dictatorship. Therefore, it is very distressing to see so many of my fellow citizens wrapped in the comforting lies of Donald Trump.

This was exhibited this past week when we welcomed back one of the local contributors to the Nelson County Times letters on his return to Planet Earth from wherever he’s been lately. Last week he wrote about looted cities burning to the ground, an infinite number of genders, and defunded police departments. None of these things are real; they are just figments of his imagination. He likened the insurrection riot to 500 unarmed senior citizens touring the nation’s Capitol, he dismissed 4 of the 5 deaths attributed to the violent attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next.

One would have to go to a Trump rally to find so many misrepresentations and outright lies in such a condensed manner. And it was all done in an attempt to distort and dismiss the treasonous acts of Donald Trump. Does our neighbor no longer care for the Constitution and the once great Republic it served? That appears to be the case.

Another former president celebrated a milestone this week when Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter had their 75th anniversary, the longest marriage in presidential history. President Carter has always been my favorite of all those of my lifetime and I salute both he and Rosalynn for this achievement. I sometimes wonder how different my country would have been had the changes he tried to initiate become the American standard.

We would have become a leader in combatting climate change instead of a drag on the rest of the world. And how many oil wars would we have avoided? Since the Carter years we have endured the Voodoo economics of Reagan, the Bush Wars and tax cuts for the wealthy, the Great Recession, and then the debacle of Trump. What a downhill slide; makes my head spin just thinking about it.

The question we have to ask now is “Have we reached bottom and are now recovering or are the Republicans going to dredge up even more pain for us to suffer through?” Presently the country is rebounding energetically under the leadership of President Biden, proving once again that we can do better.

Let’s keep it up.



Time to wake up

Are we ready to awaken from the spell that was cast upon us? Fear is a weapon that has been used to manipulate the masses for centuries. Anyone who tells you that you haven’t the intelligence or knowledge to decide what is best for your personal health or the health of your family is not your friend.

Anyone who tells you that you are powerless to be the master of your own life is not your friend. If we learn nothing else from these past two years, and counting, we should be able to see clearly that there are those who think that they know what is best for you, regardless of what you think, and there are those who simply want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Most of us fall in to the latter group.

Let us awaken and reclaim our sovereignty. Are we not masters of our own thoughts and beliefs? Can we finally see clearly that we are being fed a ‘story’ that does nothing but take away our individual liberty to live as we choose? And this ‘story’ will not end until ‘we the people’ make it end!!!

The choice is ours, individually, personally, and no one else’s. And as we courageously take our stand individually we shall come to know a unity of like-minded people that will never be defeated. Good people outnumber the deceivers by a million to one.

In gratitude for being among the ‘locals’ of Nelson County,




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