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Letters to the editor for July 22

Letters to the editor for July 22

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Being a Democrat isn’t what it used to be

Does today’s Democratic Party represent the political position of Democrats of generations ago? Where are the voices of the descendants of Virginians who stood for the “sovereignty of states” at the birth of the nation? Today’s Democrat-controlled federal government has so engulfed Virginians with “free stuff” that they have surrendered their lives and heritage to national political party demands.

Virginia, in the 1787 Congress of the Confederation, led in the crafting of a United States Constitution. Virginia stepped forward to lead in the defense of state sovereignty. Washington, Jefferson and Madison were strong players in the formation of the new concept of government “Of, By and For the people.” This great heritage of Virginia is being erased, to be replaced with a federal government “serfdom.” The states were sovereign. The federal government had limited “Enumerated Powers.”

It is not difficult to understand the purposes of the current Democrat federal leadership. It is to flood Virginians with federal financial support to establish a pretext of future federal regulation regardless of what the citizens of the Commonwealth may want. Virginians, today, have no idea as to the extent of political control that they have already given up to the federal government. They have little understanding of the negative significance of the action by the current Virginia administration’s joining the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”

Successful campaigning, by Democrat Legislators across the many states for the “For the People Act,” will be the final blow to state sovereignty. Gone will be the concept of a nation governed by its people.

As one of only three states to hold state elections this year, the people of Virginia are again called upon to lead in the fight for our Founders’ Sovereign States against domination by a never intended Federal Oligarchy.

BOB DEWEY, Wintergreen

Why is the GOP afraid of the common voter? President Biden said it plainly this week. He said it is time for the citizenry to stand up for the democracy that made this country the bastion of freedom. Restricting the ability of any citizen to vote is wrong and is the path to an authoritarian dictatorship that would sacrifice everything our ancestors strove to establish. It appears that the Republicans so fear the common voter that they must silence him/her. Across the country almost every state with Republican political leadership is choosing to make voting more difficult and almost impossible for some citizens.

I call on all of the states to reach out to every voter. I also call on the federal government to treat voting rights as a primary right of the citizenry. I see no real reason why it should be more difficult to vote than it is to buy something from an online retailer. That one political party is afraid of the electorate is surely no excuse.

Republican insanity has done enough economic damage that Fitch Ratings may downgrade the AAA rating of US government bonds. According to Fitch at present no other highly rated sovereign has the level of political instability former President Trump and his followers have created here. We must recognize that if the government bonds are downgraded it will cost more to borrow and that will be another hindrance to US progress we can lay at the feet of the Trumpites.

This week we also got the revelations that General Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was very concerned that Trump would employ the military to remain in office. He told the reporters that the senior members of different branches had considered resignation rather than complying with the illegal orders had they come. I think resignation was a second-class response and would have preferred they just refuse to carry out the illegal orders and make the president fire them.

That would have tied the president’s hands long enough that perhaps some sanity might have emerged from the civilian leadership. It also emerged this week that the reason Putin so wanted Trump elected was that they saw him much like I did. They saw him as an impulsive, mentally unstable person with an inferiority complex that would reduce the US leadership position in the world. They were right.

As I wrote months ago, individuals will decide if and when to reopen the US economy. After getting my vaccination in March I reopened my local Virginia economy. But this can go both ways and now it looks like my drive to Yellowstone, scheduled for late August, is off as the number of virus cases in the West shoots back up again. Maine and the Northeast will get my attention and travel dollars. Just like expanded voting rights, vaccination levels say who is doing better.

MIKE TABONY, Gladstone


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