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Letters to the editor for March 4

Letters to the editor for March 4

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Well, folks, it’s time for a little history lesson. In the late 1990s Democrat Bill Clinton actually had at least one year when the federal budget was not only balanced but ran a surplus, something that has never been done since. Why is that? Because Republican President George W. Bush handed a massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans and also got the U.S. into two multi-trillion dollar wars.

When he left office in 2009 the country was in the midst of the Great Recession; millions of U.S. citizens lost their jobs, homes, and savings. President Obama used up his years in office trying to get the country back on its feet. When he handed the reins to President Trump in 2017 things were much better.

Trump, never satisfied, demanded and got a massive stimulus package from the Federal Reserve. He then gave even more tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest Americans in the classic case of socialism for the rich. The price of stocks went up and Trump claimed that meant he was managing the economy when in reality it only meant he’d given those who invest in stocks more money to inflate stock prices.

The common man still staggered along, working multiple jobs and hoping nothing bad came along. When the virus showed up Trump, unable to see beyond his selfishness and hubris, failed miserably. Over one-half million Americans are now dead and almost 30 million citizens have contracted the virus. The proverb “Republicans say that government is the problem then they get elected and prove it” is obvious to anyone studying the last 30-plus years of U.S. governance.

So now Democrat Joe Biden is once again trying to salvage the country from Republican catastrophe. Republicans, this is getting old. When are you going to nominate and elect a responsible president who can manage the many facets of the job, expand the U.S. leadership position in the world, and advance the economy on something beneficial to everyone.

Enough socialism for the rich, tax the rich like Republican President Eisenhower did in the 50’s when the top rates were above 90% and the great Middle Class was established. Since Reagan all Republicans have done is dump on the Middle Class while sucking up to the rich. You can now overlook a paramilitary coup attempt without qualms and all you have left is the biggest liar in the history of the Republic and his golden toilet.

The one skill you seem to have mastered is hypocrisy. When you look in the mirror do you see traitors to the Constitution, to reason itself? Why do you think you can even govern?

Show us you can do better than you have. It’s a very low bar to clear.



Americans must stand again for states’ sovereignty

For years Americans have relied upon our state and federal elected officials to govern in accordance with the Constitution. Reaching back over 100 years, the National Democrat Party has been amending the Constitution to set the stage for the absolute federal rule over the nation they seek today.

Democrat Party Congressional members are proposing, in an overt violation of their “Oath of Office” to not defend the Constitution and our First Amendment Right to “Freedom of Speech.” Images of thousands of armed troops and barricades protecting the “Elected Elite” of Washington are displayed before us daily. The answer to the question, “protecting from whom” should strike terror in the hearts of every American. They seek protection from “We the people.”

For too long citizens have ignored their responsibility to govern and have let political parties rule. We have forgotten that the United States are sovereign states, not subordinates to a federal government. The Sovereign States, collectively, are the superior governing body of the nation. This is affirmed by the election of the president through state legislated Electoral College elections.

The federal government has a specific set of “Enumerated Powers” which do not include federal governance of the states. Citizens of each state, through their state legislatures, must reassert the superior political station of the Sovereign States by electing state and federal representatives who vote to express the will of their people, not the will of a political party.

Citizens must reject the federal control created by the state acceptance of federal grant funds for federal programs outside of the provisions of the “Enumerated Powers.” Federal taxation should be in accord with the Founder’s intended state by state taxation, as Constitutionally stipulated prior to the 16th Amendment. Americans must again stand as citizens of proud Sovereign States, masters of our nation’s fate.



Be a good neighbor

“You are who your friends are.”

I have heard throughout my life. If you associate yourself with good and dependable friends, then maybe you will act the same. But think about the associates you hang around with, are they shaping your future? The “me” generation more than likely won’t look after their neighbor. Jesus commands to love our neighbor. That’s a tough one!

Let’s alter scripture a little with up-to-date story. A man was trying to hitch a ride along Route 29 to Lynchburg and some thugs stopped and beat him up taking his cellphone and the little money he had on him. A passerby in a fancy car saw the injured man on the side of the road and quickly shot by not wanting to get involved. An out-of-town camper heading for a vacation was too busy to stop as they might be late to getting to wherever.

Now you ask why not use their cellphone? This happened to be a location of no cell towers or reception of any kind. A third person knew the Biblical meaning of who is my neighbor and stopped to assist. He provided first aid and carefully placed the man in his beat-up station wagon and took him to the Lynchburg hospital, leaving some money to replace what was stolen.

Which of the three proved to be a neighbor? You hopefully would say, “the person who stopped and assisted.” Jesus in His parable said “Go and do the same.”



How does this help America?

I would like to understand how higher gas/diesel prices help Americans? How does open borders with anyone coming across them help Americans? Does the country staying closed and no school for our children help anyone?

These policies put forth by the Democrats will ruin America. This will include job loss, depending on countries abroad for America’s fuel and less money for American families.

Americans should be self-sufficient with energy dependence, children should be in school and working parents should be working, as many Americans do not want government handouts but take pride in making their own way. Open borders allow more drugs and violence into our country even when many Democratic governors are allowing violent criminals back on America’s streets.

I would also like to touch on the Democrats’ claim America is racist. Americans are far from racist. People treat others with the same respect they are given. The outside is not the factor but it is what resides in one’s heart. We are all Americans, black and white, and we need to unite for the love of America and understand the Democrats are selling us out.

Black or white, please understand what your candidate stands for before going to the polls because some tell you what you want to hear for the vote and when elected do something totally different. Trump was not the most delicate speaker but someone that kept promises.

I truly believe he is a man that loves his country and the citizens of America, all of us. I would say if the Democrats are concerned with climate change bring back the horse and buggy, quit flying.


Madison Heights

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