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Letters to the Editor for Nov. 19

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 19

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Frustrated by Good's victory

There are those that think the 5th District is fine just the way it is and there are those who are sick and tired of their votes being drowned in a red tide. Count me, along with most of Albemarle and Charlottesville and half of the voters in Nelson County, as frustrated that we can never win.

With the passage of the redistricting amendment, undoubtedly the shape of the 5th District is going to change. But it is a bit farfetched to think a bipartisan commission is going to come up with a district comprised of just Charlottesville, Albemarle and sections of Nelson just so Democrats can finally have a congressman. It is possible that Charlottesville and Albemarle will become part of another more balanced district, but Nelson will always be split down the middle.

And who did the Republicans serve up to us this time? Bob Good who ran as the ayatollah of the district. He said he felt a burden to keep the 5th conservative but being a "bright red Biblical and constitutional conservative" isn’t conservative, it’s radical.

He is so enamored with purity that he wants the school districts of the 5th to stop accepting federal money. Forget about "defund the police," Good wants to defund the schools. Say what you will about Denver Riggleman, but at least he had a political philosophy and was interested in crafting legislation to help the citizens of the district.

If you could figure out how a Democrat could become a congressman in the 5th you would be hailed as a genius. Tom Perriello did it by the skin of his teeth and Obama’s coattails. Well, there is always 2022 to look forward to.



An important decision for Nelson County's youth

The Nelson County School Board will be meeting between now and early December to decide if and, if so, how our students will transition back into the classroom. In October, when the decision was to be made, the board voted 3 to 2 in favor of continuing the 100% virtual environment through the end of the first semester.

These board members have been elected by the citizens of this county to represent their values, views, and desires for the public schools in this county. Parents and concerned community members should be aware of who their representative is and how their representative is voting on their behalf. If your board member is representing you well, please reach out to them and thank them. They will surely appreciate the support.

If your board member is not voting in a way that you believe represents you, please reach out to them as well. Each of them should be receptive to the thoughts and concerns of the citizens they represent. If you are not a parent of a school-age child, chances are you know one.

Ask them how their student is doing. Ask them how they are doing in their new role as teacher/tutor/counselor in addition to their traditional role of parent/protector/provider. Consider speaking to your representative on their behalf. Reach out to your representative now as they are considering plans for return to school. Please do not wait until the meeting to express your views.



Connecting the dots in the election's aftermath

Why did Obama leave hundreds of federal judicial positions open in 2016? Were they left for Hillary? Did something go wrong with the Democrat election insurance policy? Was the election conceded the day after the election to avoid an investigation into the vote count? Were the multiple efforts to remove Trump from office, the investigations and impeachment, done to set the stage for the 2020 election?

I am terrified that I believe that I can connect the dots for a plan for the corruption of the 2020 presidential election. The planning had to have begun in November of 2016 with a deep Biden relationship with China. Was the earlier $1.5 billion Chinese contribution to Hunter Biden’s company a part of this? The timing would mean that the Obama Administration and the executive branch "deep state" were in on it. The impeachment wasn’t working so, here came the "China virus."

"Covid-19" destroyed a prosperous American economy and restricted movement of people. Mass mail-in ballots were claimed to be the only answer to save the November 2020 election proceedings. They came onto the scene in primarily Democrat controlled states and immediately occupied national attention because of possible election fraud.

Was it intended to hide the real culprit, that had failed in 2016, the electronic manipulation of recorded election results? Once the vote counting had gotten to the point of merging the "mail-in" ballots with the rest of the ballots, "mail-in" ballot manipulation exposure was avoided and the poll workers never knew what had happened. Recounts will show nothing, the ballots are blended. What would any difference between the physical count and the recorded electronic count mean?

What scares me is that I can sit before my computer and layout such a scheme from historically recorded happenings.



Use some common sense. Wear a mask, keep your distance

Our right to free speech is in the Constitution and is a cornerstone to a working democracy. However, most people agree that we should not be allowed to yell fire in a crowded building. In last week's newspaper we read a letter yelling "no fire" even though the building is in flames. That is equally egregious and should be classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

The coronavirus (which as of press time has caused more than 247,000 deaths in the United States) is not fake news. It is an ongoing tragedy that never had to get this bad if we had only met our civic responsibility to follow the common sense guidelines that have been proven to work.

Eventually a vaccine will come but, in the meantime, to deliberately put others in harm's way is cruel and unpatriotic. It keeps us from being able to lead normal lives and to rebuild our economy. Even though the president has set a very bad example, we see the results of his behavior in that many in the White House and in the secret service who serve the president have contracted the virus. Nelson County has 153 cases with two deaths from COVID-19 (as of press time). These are people, not just numbers, and we need to care. Wearing a mask and social distancing is easy and it works.



Dismissing COVID an arrogant, horrible mindset 

A writer to the paper last week asked if anyone had experience with the coronavirus before confidently telling us to remove our masks and hug our friends and neighbors. This kind of advice is so destructive that I must comment on it. These are my experiences with the virus; I’ve avoided the virus personally by following the medical recommendations and good luck.

1. An older male friend died of COVID-related complications in late spring.

2. A young friend of mine got the virus but recovered in about two weeks.

3. My brother, who lives in Central America, got the virus and was seriously contemplating a $50,000 Medevac flight before he started to feel better.

4. An acquaintance from Amherst County has just been released from the hospital after 25 days of viral suffering, many of those in the ICU.

5. Another acquaintance from Amherst got it and partially recovered after about two weeks. She is still not completely recovered three months later.

The arrogant attitude and horrible advice from last week’s writer is one of the primary reasons this country is now the viral hotspot of the globe. If we don’t start acting like a community our healthcare supply will be overwhelmed by demand as the hospitalization and death rates skyrocket. Yes, it can get worse, a lot worse. Dr. Fauci stated today that if we all followed the medical advice things could be back to normal by April; what’s stopping us, nothing but ignorance and arrogance.

I wrote a couple of years ago that being elected president was the worst thing that could ever happen to Donald Trump. That became even more prophetic recently as it has become more and more obvious that he is now "The Loser."

The American people have looked at his performance and said, "You’re fired." His lies cannot change that; the vote totals are reality. Even completely destroying the Constitution to establish a dictatorship won’t change that. Show me a dictator and I’ll show you a loser.

The people of the country have elected to do better. Now is the time to remove the roadblock to getting that done. The Republican leadership must decide if it is to be a dictatorship or the republic. How many of them want to join "the loser’s cult?" We can all do better.



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