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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 1

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 1

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The GOP's motives in Supreme Court pick 

There are several reasons why the Republican Party is so interested in packing the federal judiciary and particularly the Supreme Court. Two specific reasons are they wish to severely restrict reproductive rights and they wish to shield corporations from any interference in their activities.

But there is even a larger reason. It is the only way left from them to influence what is going on in this country. None of the ideas or policies of the Republican Party command a majority of the country anymore. Not on healthcare, not on the economy, not on the climate, not on civil rights. They do not even command a majority of the votes anymore.

And since Obama was elected, they have stopped participating in governing. They do not pass laws they only say no to what the Democrats propose. The Democratic House passed a second stimulus bill in May and the Republican Senate instead offering their own ideas and seeking a compromise would not even consider it. Like William Buckley said years ago “they stand athwart history yelling stop”. The world, however, does not wait for them and neither should you.



What is the end game for Democrats? 

Something is not right. While I may advocate for the continuation of the Trump presidency, I am not blind to the fact that the Biden/Harris campaign is missing the content of a true presidential campaign. “What is going on?” Polls indicate that Biden has a small shrinking lead but the Democratic Party is doing nothing to counteract the enthusiasm displayed by the Trump rallies and Trump’s political policies to address national problems.

The confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice has become an issue of the election. The on-the-ground question is 'why are the several states with Democrat governors allowing nightly riots and destruction of their cities?' Why does the National Democratic Party not object to rioting supposedly triggered by a grand jury’s determination that the heralded crime did not happen?

Where is political highlighting of the Biden/Sanders/AOC progressive compact? Are Obamacare and COVID-19 the campaign topics? Is there an as yet unexposed wealthy cabal causing the events we see before us? It would seem that the Democratic Party has forsaken an election of a president to seek quiet election victory through the holding of the House, the capture of the Senate and the capture of vulnerable state legislatures.

The intent being to expand the House and Senate control to over two thirds in 2022. This would then preclude future presidential veto override power. Moving forward with the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact" and national "Mail-in voting" legislated by each state, the Democratic Party will effectively remove the electoral college and the importance of a citizen’s vote from the presidential election process.

The sanctity of the people’s vote is under attack. Time is short. We must expose what is going on and vote to protect our founders’ dream of a nation governed by its people.



Early voting a good feeling 

Wow, it sure feels good to have this election well behind me. The upcoming debates will be technicalities flavored with posturing. I expect Trump to be the lying bully and Biden to be the sensible decent opponent.

This past week Trump made his desires plain when he complained about those pesky old ballots. He actually had the nerve to recommend the U.S. do away with the ballots to accomplish a smooth continuation of his administration. If that doesn’t sound like a dictator wannabe I’ve never heard one.

Each citizen has to face the reality that this president is not like any other the country has had in almost 250 years. He doesn’t understand the basics of American democracy and he doesn’t give one wit about American lives. He called 200,000 American deaths to a virus he lied about and continues to lie about, a "shame." His empathy is as empty as the Grand Canyon.

Likewise, the Trumpian Party leadership seems to have no morals, principles, or knowledge of American history. They are simply his terrified vassals. Don’t believe anything about this being the Republican Party; the party of Lincoln is dead. It’s all about Trump and his destructive whims. It remains to be seen how far he will go in destabilizing the country and world to remain in power. I suspect the sociopath will go pretty far.

I urge all patriotic citizens to join me in voting for a return to sane, responsible American government. And vote early; it feels great to make your statement in favor of decency and honesty.

We can and must do better.



Supporting Webb for Congress 

There are sharp contrasts between the two candidates for the Fifth District Congressional seat we will be voting on Nov. 3. Here is one of them.

Dr. Cameron Webb recognizes that COVID-19 is the worst public health crisis the United States has confronted in its recent history. If elected he will support scaling up testing capacity to the size of the crisis and contact tracing to minimize the spread of the disease.

Dr. Webb will support ensuring an adequate supply of personal protective equipment to protect our healthcare and essential workers.

He will also provide financial support for hospitals and health centers to ensure our healthcare infrastructure is not decimated by the cost of managing COVID-19.

And he will plan for maintaining businesses and their workforce until it is safe for people to resume normal participation in the economy. He will support funding for schools to keep children and staff safe.

For the long-term health of our citizens, Dr. Webb supports both a public option and maintaining private insurance towards the goal of everybody being covered. "For me, the most important thing is that we have a health care system that works," he said in a forum on Sept. 9.

His opponent has downplayed the severity of the coronavirus crisis, claiming it is "similar to other viruses we’ve had in our history." He holds meetings with no masks being worn and no social distancing measures being followed. He doesn’t seem to understand why Virginians are concerned for their health and safety

At this writing, Nelson County has seen 104 COVID-19 cases, four hospitalizations and two deaths, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

We need a Congressperson who takes COVID-19 seriously and has the background to make policy decisions that will protect us. Please vote for Dr. Cameron Webb. You can vote now at the Registrar’s Office in Lovingston or request an absentee ballot by mail at



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