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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 16

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 16

The quote of the week goes to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany: “As we are experiencing firsthand, you cannot fight the pandemic with lies and disinformation any more than you can fight it with hate or incitement to hatred.” Where is our leadership? Yep, out spreading lies and disinformation mixed with hate and division. And many of you still call this “leadership.”

Last week a writer waxed eloquent praising the worst president we’ve had in my 70-plus years. My question is “How bad will it have to get before this writer throws in his chips on this pathetic excuse of a president?” Would a million viral deaths do it?

Two weeks ago in describing an elitist another writer wrote, “If you think being born with a silver spoon in your mouth and securing an Ivy League degree gives you a monopoly on wisdom, you might be both an elitist and a useful idiot.” Did the writer not recognize he was perfectly describing Donald Trump?

Getting somewhere around $400,000,000 from your father is like a whole set of silver dinnerware, Ivy League education, “Only I can fix it” elitist, and Putin’s “useful idiot”. Donald Trump? You judge and vote accordingly.

It is very sad to think of it but this sorry excuse for leadership, this cult leader, has enough true believers that he may be elected again. We know he will bully, cheat, and lie all the way out the door if his defeat is massive; he will bar the door while bullying, lying, and cheating if the election is close.

His cultists will make it to the polls so everybody else must show up also; he has to be massively defeated. What can you do today? Make sure you are ready to vote and write Michelle Obama, urging her to change her mind and accept the vice-presidential spot on the ticket if offered. We can do better and it is imperative that we do so.




Our commuter-in-chief. While states across the nation saw cases of COVID-19 soar to new heights our fearless leader could think of not too much to do except to commute the sentence of longtime lackey, Roger Stone.

Stone was found guilty on seven different felony counts by a jury of his peers as laid out in our constitution. Nevertheless, his loyalty to Trump bought him freedom, if not exoneration. Even Trump’s pet lawyer, Bill Barr, didn’t think the commutation was a good idea. But, Donald did it anyway, because that’s just the way he does things. Right or wrong, legal or illegal, those things don’t apply to him and his buddies. They are all just extra special.

During the week, our president’s only action regarding the virus was to threaten the states regarding the opening of school. At this point, he thinks his only lifeline to a second term is economic recovery, and he once again has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to self by being willing to risk the lives of children, teachers, and support staff just so folks might be able to go back to work and maybe get things going.

We have now lost 135,000 lives and counting to COVID-19. The United States continues to lose ground, while nations across Europe continue to progress. Trump pushed his too willing supporters into reopening, they complied, and we are now paying the price. Maybe this week Trump will offer some words of compassion for all the victims. But probably not.



How did we get here?

How did we get to this moment of national crisis? Tracking the dots is easy.

The Republican 14th Amendment set in play the natural result of the Democrat Party response we see today. It just took 128 years. Slavery, the cause of the Civil War, was about the voting body count and resulting political power in, as then yet to be formed, states in the Louisiana Purchase lands. The 1913 16th Amendment destroyed the relationship between taxation and representation with regard to federal constitutional responsibilities. The 17th Amendment removed the sovereign states from the Congress and replaced them with the voices of political parties. There were no Senate Majority and Minority Party leaders before 1917.

It is seen on the streets that Democrat Party leadership has succumbed to money and organizers of protesting riots.

The 2016 election of President Trump by the people interrupted the “Establishment’s” intended final conquest of the government envisioned by our founders. The question today is, will the American people kneel to the threat of violence or stand and vote for their heritage of freedom?



You are who your friends are

What I see today in our country is like kids getting involved in their early school years, falling into peer pressure. One group of young folks finds out a gang appears like fun or a macho thing to do to get recognized. One’s pride appear gets in the way with desire to get to the top very quickly and be recognized, stomping on friendships.

Another wants the things another has and is determined to get it no matter how it hurts others. Another might feel right about cheating on an exam wanted an easy way to get good grades. And finally, one likes to have the most recognizable clothing to wear to stand out amongst others. As time goes by, one matures, or maybe not, from their early child years. Their early upbringing follows them, unless their lives change with influences, such as mentors who explain what life is all about.

Our country, founded on principles of freedom, the best documented stating all men are created equal and have God given rights. Yes, at times ideal was not followed correctly but our system of government was pointing at the direction allowing improvements along the way in the form of constitutional amendments. There are those factions who want to tear down our country’s foundation and start over again and even strive for a socialist society. We should know such forms of government fail over and over again.

Many rebellious people have never traveled outside our country or paid much attention to societies where you have virtually no rights and would be imprisoned for the slightest anti-government statements. Socialism just doesn’t work for people’s rights. The United States of America is a great country whose founders, inspired by God, began anew with statements of equal rights and a system of judicial laws to protect us. You bodies of people who believe rioting, shooting, murdering, theft, burning, tearing down infrastructure, erasing history, disobeying law enforcement, and even your hate-filled shouting against good people, are showing you didn’t learn in growing up about kindness to others, and if you listened to God, the answer was in front of you.

Go back to your jobs or get a job, raise your family with love, volunteer to help the needy, honor and support law enforcement, and remember, “You are who your friends are.”



Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

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