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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sept. 17

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sept. 17

Democratic versus authoritarian 

Democracy or dictatorship?

That is our choice. Democracy is messy, requires compromise; personal freedom is paramount, and requires the rule of law. Autocracy yields certainty in that the leader is in charge, but that power brings corruption like we have seen with Mr. Trump. The autocrat is above the law. How about 12 more years?

Some say the Democrats will take your guns, but now sources tell me that Democrats are buying guns to protect themselves. Maybe the autocrat will find guns in citizen’s hands a threat — remember that in Russia only the police and military are allowed guns.

Some might say the choice is pro-life vs pro-choice, but when the dictator has control and has no reluctance to changing his mind on a whim, then the choice is his. In a recent article, “Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have ‘Blood on their Hands’?," David French, a conservative commentator. digs deeper and says “no."

Under Trump, social security will be gone or become dependent on ones loyalty to the leader. Under the president’s latest plan (whim) the OASI (Social Security) Trust Fund reserves would become permanently depleted by the middle of calendar year 2023, with no ability to pay benefits thereafter.

The choice is ours. I choose democracy and freedom.



Are you better off today than four years ago?  

This letter begs the question of how the good people of Nelson County will fulfill their patriotic duty to vote for the next president of the United States come November. I will admit right up front that I lean Democratic and since the campaign of 2008 my husband, who considered himself to be a lifelong Republican, has switched parties and we now vote in tandem. 

We feel that we are fully informed citizens as we consider the divergent views of both political parties. We have family members and close friends who voted for Trump and we respected their choice though we disagreed with their logic. I think I understood what motivated people to their faith in Trump in the first place. Many harbored a visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic ideology which they believed would lead to socialist programs, higher taxes, excessive regulations and would threaten their second amendment rights of gun ownership. White men without college educations felt their jobs were not valued or felt threatened by new technology which would replace them with more efficient machines or by immigrants with similar skill levels. There are also those Evangelical Christians who label most Democrats as pro-choice baby killers and felt conscious bound to vote on this one issue alone. (Disclosure: I am a pro-life Catholic and a Democrat!)

So Donald Trump promised to build a wall to keep all those Black and brown "free loaders" from (censored) countries out and to select conservative judges to serve on the Supreme Court in order to restrict immigration, undo Obamacare and Roe v Wade, and to protect one's second amendment right to bear arms in any way one saw fit. He has, subsequently, undermined the previous administration's efforts to address the challenges of climate change, worldwide, which threatens the quality of life of present and future generations, now and in the years to come. He has shown deference to autocrats who show little regard for human rights and has ended alliances with our allies who stand for democratic ideals similar to ours. 

Though many of his enablers would deny their racist tendencies, I feel many were put off by an intelligent, erudite Black president who they felt threatened their institutions of white privilege. Thus they ignore Trump's lies and misleading tweets and his disregard for the rule of law. 

And so I ask those who support Trump if they feel they are better off after four years of Trump's erratic leadership which has left us in the grip of a deadly pandemic, worsening economic crisis and escalating racial tensions spurred by his inflammatory rhetoric. 

We can choose, instead, to take the moral high ground and embrace the precepts of love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, charity and justice for all and above all we can take back our cherished Democracy. 



Some are not listening 

“We take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion." No we are not talking about those dead. We are talking of the dead, 190,000 and counting, who just gave their lives to make Donald Trump look bad, to ruining his election chances.

But never fear; he has an explanation or a con to explain it. Or he can simply lie about for our own good. For we are all “losers” and “suckers” in Trump’s America. We are all losers for paying our bills, following the law, for having empathy for our friends and neighbors. Where is the profit in that?

The man is telling you what he is about every day, but some of you are not listening. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you must be a Republican.



Take off your mask, take back your life

Let us take a moment to reflect.  Months ago we were told that in public places we were not permitted to breathe freely, nor engage in handshaking, hugs or embraces and should not allow anyone to be nearer than six feet from us. So for the entire summer, and now quickly approaching fall, we have done just that.  Think about that. Breathing is our most necessary basic function for health, for life itself. 

Yet we were told that we must impair our very breath for the purpose of protecting our health and the health of others There is much talk about the upcoming elections. We are always told that "this" election is the most important one ever. But how about we shift our perspective to a more personal level. Who do you elect as your representative, your governor, your president, of your own mind, your own thoughts, and your own body?

Have we become so lost in this process of elections, politicians, medical dictates and mandates, that we have forgotten that without the power to actively choose what we, individually, deem best for our health, who we congregate with and how, on a daily basis, then there is no meaning left in that process.

Try putting a muzzle or a mask on any living creature that you encounter and see what kind of reaction you receive. What have we lost touch with or given up, that all other animals still retain? Could it be a healthy respect for individual liberty and the fundamental right to breathe freely? 

If we cannot, or do not, demand the freedom of our very breath, are we not living in the most profound slavery ever to be witnessed on this earth? I say take off your mask. Breathe freely as your were designed to breathe. Take back your mind. Take back your life. Take back your liberty. Only then will who we vote for have any true meaning.



Which way will you choose? 

Yes, I wish it would be harder. It should be harder; picking a president from a bunch of qualified individuals, all striving to make the country a better place should be a job that would challenge the best informed citizen. But for this election there is nothing to even think about. Just go pull the D-lever and hope the machine isn’t rigged by Trump’s buddy, Putin.

On the Democratic side, Joe Biden an elderly statesman who can hopefully get us through the next four years of healing the deep gashes in our international reputation and internal tranquility. Joe has already made a couple of mistakes that might disqualify him in my consideration if the alternative was different. When Joe neglected to convince Michelle Obama to step up for her country as the VP candidate he had me questioning his leadership capability.

Yes, I know she doesn’t want to be bothered with politics but leaders show people that there are bigger things to consider. My father and lots of his compatriots didn’t want to be bothered bleeding in Europe and Asia during WWII, as part of the original "Antifa," the US Armed Forces. The man I’m named after sure didn’t want to die in some foreign land fighting fascists as a U.S. soldier but he did. Finally, why in the world has Joe Biden agreed to debate a man who will lie continually? Who in that debate hall will drag the truth out of that lie factory? Biden needs to think about these things.

On the Republican side, when will you present a candidate worthy of the country? When will I even be tempted to pull the R-lever in the voting booth? This time a can of tomato soup would have been better than what you gave me to consider.

We can do better.




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