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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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As vaccine debate rages pure science is needed I am now as weary of the shrill Left as I am of the absurdist Right. Yes, I am vaccinated. Yes, I wear a mask. Whatever the blundering genesis of this virus, it is out there, folks, and people are dying.

This is the time and place for a vaccine.

That being said I think the blanket over-reliance on vaccines in general will be viewed in future with the same Silly-Us-Sigh that the over use of antibiotics is now being viewed. While both are proven tools, they should be used sparingly; not pushed for profit by medical corporations and pharmaceutical companies; neither of whom we can afford or trust.

And, yes, I believe in science; pure science that is. But there is little pure science happening today. Research is bought and sold and directed by Big-Pharma, or by for-profit medical systems (among others). These groups have some of the most influential lobbies stalking the halls of government.

There is no convoluted sci-fi conspiracy, folks, there is just big-business as usual.

The analogy of church and science as opposing religions is not misplaced. Both are corrupted when money and power becomes their main objective. But just as real saints and reformers have come out of corrupt church-bodies, there are brilliant and dedicated scientists striving to work within the restraints of corporate grants and funding.

But dogma can wear a lab coat as easily as it can wear purple vestments.

We need to take the push-for-profit out of our healthcare equation because until we can truly trust our medical-system to put people over profit there will be a continued reliance on medical disinformation.



Texas got it wrong Who needs the Taliban and Afghanistan when you have Texas? This past week Texas’ Republicans probably endeared themselves to the new leaders in Afghanistan with their retrograde and ignorant actions. Their new 6-week abortion law would make any fundamentalist Muslim proud and will almost assuredly bring back the dangerous conditions experienced here before Roe vs. Wade.

And this week we got a picture of what damage the clown president and his Senate sidekick Mitch McConnell did to the U.S. Supreme Court when it chose to not interfere with the stupidity coming from Austin. The court is now so right-wing they may be agreeable to a Trumpian coup. Also, Texans are now free to go armed almost anywhere in the state without any license or firearms training. Pictures from the Lone Star State may soon look like those from Kabul with everyone carrying his assault rifle into the grocery store. And with the passage of new Republican voting restrictions soon it will be much more arduous to vote in our little Afghanistan.

Lest you think that was about the worst that could come out of the past week’s news know that some of the Republican leadership in other states are labeling the terrorists who assaulted the U.S. Capitol last January as “political prisoners.” And there are reports that the more violent of those terrorists may be returning to Washington on the 18th of this month for another “rally.”

I sincerely hope the Capitol Police are more prepared and tolerate no terrorism this time. And I hope the Virginia State Police are offered as ready to defend the federal government well before that day.

Finally, this week we got another picture of where we’re headed climate-wise. One of the strongest hurricanes to hit the U.S. has ravaged much of the Gulf Coast and Northeast and out west the Lake Tahoe community has been largely abandoned to a massive wildfire. It seems a very inappropriate time for the federal government to be auctioning off millions of more offshore acres for oil exploration but when has reason stopped the fossil fuel polluters. They only see the next dollar.

We can do better but don’t expect those guys to lead the way.



Do Republicans still believe in democracy? There was a scene in ‘Game of Thrones’ where Littlefinger is explaining to Varys that ‘chaos is a ladder.’ That seems to be the watchword for a number of Republican members of Congress and their hopes for career advancement.

Madison Cawthorn warns that if elections continue to be rigged (they are not) then we must resort to bloodshed. The irrepressible Matt Gaetz says the 2nd Amendment is not just for hunting but resisting tyranny. Even minority leader Keven McCarthy vows to retaliate against telecommunications companies if they give Congress phone records about the January 6th insurrection. And of course, they all keep promoting the “stop the steal” lie.

It is a legitimate question to ask if the Republican Party believes in representative democracy anymore.

It is also legitimate to ask are only elections that elect Republicans valid. It is even a legitimate question to ask if the Republicans want the pandemic to end or for any of the pressing problems facing us as a nation to be solved? If nothing can be solved, then government has no legitimacy. And everybody continues to be angry. The recent Texas anti-abortion law is another worrying example. If private citizens are the ones enforcing the law, then any group anywhere in this country can decide and enforce any law they decide. If any of you have been watching the “Good Fight” you will recognize this as Judge Wagner’s Court.

All of this will lead to more chaos and more Republican politicians climbing the ladder. And the outcome could be a Republican Congress in 2022 and the reelection of Trump in 2024. I can’t imagine what that would look like, but it will not be America.



Texas abortion law raises questions So, if the Commonwealth of Virginia or State of Maryland were to pass assault weapons bans, outlawing the purchase, sale, ownership, or possession of such weapons, and modeled that law on the recently passed Texas abortion law; could private citizens sue anyone involved in the manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase, ownership, or possession of such weapons? Would such a law be likely to receive the same response from the United States Supreme Court as the Texas law?




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