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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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We’ve been had So all of you who continue to run around with your masks on and fearful for your lives, have you not heard??? We have all been played! We have all been had!!!!

David E. Martin, a resident of Charlottesville, has been interviewed on the Rob Schilling Show and with numerous other reputable men, including lawyers in Europe, and has explained in every detail the criminal activities of Fauci and the WHO and the CDC, et al.

Can none of us smell a rat after all these months? This ‘flu season’, even though it is a manmade type, is no more dangerous or deadly than any other flu season. So take off your masks, take back your mind and your life. Or is that too scary for us?

If you have no idea who Dr. David E. Martin is, go ahead and research him. He makes no money doing what he does. He is a man with integrity and honor, a heart and a soul that is intact.

God love him, and I do too.

With warm regards,


Supporting a worthy causeOn behalf of Janette Mears, Michelle Poindexter and myself: we would like to thank the Town of Amherst, The Village Garden Club, participating teams and the citizens of Amherst and Nelson Counties for their donations to The American Cancer Society.

The Relay for Life 2021 event raised more than $43,000 for cancer research. Our hearts are filled with love and appreciation for your time and energy. Cancer has not taken a break for COVID. May you be well.


Arrington A visit to Rosie’sAs Rosie’s is on the ballot this year in Amherst, my wife and I decided to visit a location. We went to the Vinton location, a middle class suburb of Roanoke as Amherst is to Lynchburg.

To enter the building you must present your driver’s license to the armed guard at the door. They scan the code on the back which gives them all of your information in digital form to keep in their computer forever.

The single floor public area is composed of several rooms. The “restaurant” with $10 hamburgers is off in one corner. Another side room has horse race betting shown on wall-mounted televisions. The remainder of the rooms are full of slot machines with a central cocktail bar. One side room has a door and glass window enclosing the “smoking” area machines.

Rosie’s states that their machines are limited in number based on the size of the town. But we noted they were building a big expansion to the Vinton building because they now “serve” the metropolitan area (read greater Roanoke) rather than just Vinton. If Rosie’s is successful in Amherst, they will soon be “serving” the whole Lynchburg area and could be much larger.

The patrons were well behaved and there were several guards keeping watch. Probably as good a place as any other to spend your Social Security or welfare check.


Editor’s Note: A referendum on pari-mutuel wagering is on the ballot in Amherst County, which if approved, would allow a Rosie’s Gaming Emporium to locate in the Seminole Plaza shopping center in Madison Heights.

The battle for power

in D.C. at a fever pitch The battle for political power in Washington rages. The Democrat Elite Oligarchy understands that it is a final “Hail Mary.” RINO’s are wandering around sniffing tulips. As our Founders feared, the concept of political parties carrying the opinions of citizens forward to Washington would be put aside for the demands of party campaign contributors.

The Congress and Executive Branches are corrupt to the core and the Supreme Court kneels in fear of “court packing”. The “Sovereign States” are not sovereign any more. The 16th and 17th Amendments and the 1937 Social Security Opinion reversal by the Supreme Court reduced them to mere puppets.

Do Americans hold the values and responsibilities put the forth in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution? The political parties are voting with money for power, not for the American people. To submit is easy, give the “harvester” your “mail-in ballot.” To restore the nation is hard. It must begin with the return to the intended governing station of each of the sovereign states and the constraint of the federal government to the “Enumerated Powers” contained in the Constitution.

To this end each state must cause a vote cast by all elected officials, both state and federal, to be reaffirmed to the citizens of their state as to why it was in the best interest of the citizens of their state and not the interests of the political party. Citizen communication with their Federal Representatives no longer exists.

The contribution to the federal corruption by Virginia’s Democrat representatives and senators is on display daily. Democrat members of the Virginia General Assembly voted to essentially cancel the Electoral College provisions of the Constitution which affirmed the governing station of the several states over the federal government. Is this the nation and state Virginians want?

BOB DEWEY, Wintergreen

Solomon’s wisdom needed in Washington I was reminded recently that there is a Biblical story that well illustrates the political mess we’re in today. The story is the one where the two women come to King Solomon, both claiming to be the mother of a baby. Solomon instructs one of his servants to cut the baby in half and give each mother a piece. One of the women immediately begins to wail and cry which lets the wise king know who is the rightful mother. The baby is saved and the mother gets to take it home.

What I see in today’s America is two political parties that are showing very different concerns about the survival of the country. The president and the Democratic Party are working very hard to bring the great promise of America to all of its citizens. The Republicans are still working for the richest of the rich and do not seem to care in the least for the rest. Not only are they blocking the infrastructure changes that will economically strengthen the country and its citizenry but they are blocking access to the voting booth for thousands, perhaps millions, of voters.

The Republicans do not seem to care that half of the baby is not a viable creature. Every voter going to the polls should remember which party is trying to save the democracy and which one doesn’t care.

That said, we haven’t even gotten to the real crisis, the debt ceiling, where without Congressional action, the government will actually run out of money. The debt ceiling is an artificial barrier established by Congress but if the government’s financial management is to follow the law it must stop spending when the ceiling is reached. In the past the ceiling has been suspended and raised without any financial consequence to the country. It should be trashed with gerrymandering, the filibuster, and the Electoral College.

But presently the Republicans in Congress would use this catastrophic measure to divert our attention from the voting rights legislation sitting on their desks and the necessary infrastructure expenses the government must make. Running out of money will cause the government to default, something it has never done. Then 50,000,000 Social Security recipients would go without their monthly check. Every business that has contracted with the government would not get paid and millions of necessary government employees like the military would be required to work without pay.

The Republican Insurrection is seemingly going to use this “nuclear option” as they seek to destroy any value the government has for the common citizen. Again every voter should decide which group they want to support.

In my humble opinion, you have to be rock stupid to vote Republican.

MIKE TABONY, Gladstone

Wondering if government might work again The Democrats are trying to pass a $3.5 trillion bill, although it might turn out to be a lot less, but more about that later. But what could be the objection to passing a bill that spends just 1.2% of G.D.P. over 10 years to help the average American to get by? I am sure you have noticed that we live in a world in which the very basics of life such as shelter, food and health are for sale and that the price of these necessities keeps going up to the point that it is more than a lot of families can afford.

For a while now we have accepted the idea that government should subsidize the economic life of most Americans. The Republican Party has been at war with that notion since Ronald Reagan. Their philosophy is that everybody should be responsible for their own economic health. But even the Democrats bought into the idea that what ever was good for business and corporations would inevitable be good for the rest of us. That’s why Biden’s agenda is truly a radical reversal of the last 50 years.

Mitch McConnell is against it, of course, but his refusal has nothing to do with ideology. For Republicans nothing must go right when there is a Democratic president and when there is a Republican president it is “happy days are here again” especially for corporations and the rich. But, two Democratic senators, Manchin and Sinema are also against it. Again, I don’t think it has anything to do with ideology they just happen to be, with their votes, in position of power to make the final decision and they like having that power. So, 3.5 trillion might become 1.5 trillion or 2.1 trillion.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are on the sidelines. On the Trump rightwing, seething with anger, they are not so much against spending the money but seriously object to who the money might go to other than themselves. For those of us in the middle, we are wondering if government might actually work ever again. On the left, disappointed that we are not spending a lot more. Stay tuned to see how it all works out.



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