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FDR’s legacy much stronger than Facebook Well, folks, by the time you get a chance to read this we will know if Virginians have chucked years of excellent Democratic leadership to kneel before the throne of Trump. As I write it seems as though many of my fellow Nelsonians are OK with the dictatorship; I suspect Jefferson and Henry would be parroting Franklin’s “a Republic, if you can keep it” were they still here observing these traitors to the cause.

This week the Copa26 meeting in Scotland is trying once again to come up with ideas and commitments to combat climate change from the major fossil fuel addicts and their leaders. For at least a century we have known that fossilized carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere would destroy the climate of the Holocene and severely test man’s ability to survive on his home planet. For the last decade we’ve observed nature’s initial responses to our wastes but have continued to suck on the mines and wells for more of our favorite drug.

Even the massive Western fires and the drought that threatens to shutdown Hoover Dam is not enough to coax us to turn away from our addiction. The U.S. has been one of the worst polluters in the history of the planet and we seem very reluctant to give up that distinction. We will be rightly cursed for generations.

Also this past week we saw Facebook re-name itself as it tries to dodge its shameful history of hate and disinformation. Over a decade ago a friend told me I should get a Facebook account. I told him then and restate today, “My life is not for sale” and “getting your decision making information from social media is like getting your life sustaining food from a dumpster.” As Facebook becomes “Meta” I say “a dumpster by any other name is still a dumpster.”

As he reasons with the other world leaders at Copa26 I will acknowledge that President Biden has my utmost respect. Many Democrats are dissatisfied with him because he couldn’t pull off another “New Deal” but as Louis Harpster pointed out last week, FDR had massive Democratic majorities in the House and Senate when he established the economic safety net so many rely on today. To get more good things done, elect more Democrats with FDR’s vision and courage.

We can do better. FDR proved it.




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