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Letters to the editor for April 1

Letters to the editor for April 1

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Stand up for your rights

Regardless of how the coronavirus got here, it’s use by the Democrat Party to introduce election corrupting “Mail-in ballots” into the 2020 election has been put on full TV display. The Supreme Court failed to insure the validity of the election in the face of TV exposed state violations of the Constitution without state denial, because the violations “were not bad enough.” The Democrat Party has used the 2020 presidential victory to introduce overwhelming numbers of nation destroying “Executive Orders” and legislation.

The nation had months for ill prepared states to legislate necessary election instruction as required by the Constitution to insure the validity of the election. Many states had existing legislative protocols that could be expanded. The proper question before the Supreme Court was not about what was done but rather that it was not instructed by the state legislature.

What else in the Constitution can be ignored because Washington politicians cause the Supreme Court to say, “it was not bad enough to hear?” In less than 60 days, Biden has put forth “Executive Orders” that have opened our borders and foist financial burdens and criminal issues upon all Americans. He has approved legislation that speaks to aiding the fight against COVID-19 but for which 90% of the bill is unrelated to COVID. Today, the national debt owed by the American people speaks in trillions, not billions.

It is pointless to attempt to contact your Congressional representatives. Your voice is muted by their political party obligations and financial contributions. It is only the return of national political power to the sovereign states that will cause the voice of the people to again be heard. Stand up and tell your governor to defend your sovereign state against the Washington Cabal, or kneel and kiss the ring.



Know what candidates stand for

As I listen to the local news, and just about any channel, it seems all you hear is racism. As I listen to the Democrats about the border, I truly wonder, “How do you say one thing and do another?”

Number one: racism — give me a break. It’s like this: many Americans work to support their families and many attempt to raise their children in a country in which morals and values are declining quickly. Most Americans don’t have time to concern themselves about the color of someone’s skin. Many Americans marry people of different color or ethnic background. I truly think no one cares because it’s your personal business.

Our borders “like all other countries” should be closed and those seeking citizenship should be vetted to assure they can benefit America. The last thing Americans need is more dead weight. The Democrat’s say they are concerned about the welfare of the the children coming across our borders yet they care nothing about the American children that were born in America. People crossing the boarder bring gangs, drugs and only God knows what else into the country. The actions put forth by the Democrats are not safe nor smart.

What matters most to American families are their children, families and freedoms. The Democrats’ goal is to turn Americans against Americans, return criminals to America’s streets and pollute our streets with drugs that can fall into our children’s hands. When you go to the polls, know what that candidate stands for, “America or other countries.”


Madison Heights

The home of the brave

Before the pandemic, my 24-year-old daughter was fearless. She would walk through miles of city streets to explore the neighborhood and she would go to restaurants with co-workers after work. Now she works from home and drives into the office just once each week.

Before COVID-19, my daughter would attend concerts, go to museums, and check out the sites in nearby New York City. Now she stays inside, orders her groceries online and uses food delivery systems for take-out.

Before, she would fly to foreign countries for her job, and she would drive across country to visit friends. Now, she wears two face masks and oversize, dark glasses to walk outside her apartment building.

My daughter is not hiding her eyes to avoid the virus. She is hiding her eyes from view. You see, my daughter is Asian, and she is afraid of being attacked. She has been an American citizen for all but the first few months of her life, but some people see her as “the other.”

I am heartbroken that anyone in this country can feel unsafe (and justifiably so) based on their appearance. What is happening to us? When will we be truly one nation? When will we have liberty and justice for ALL? When can my daughter go back to living in the home of the brave?


Madison Heights

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