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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 8

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 8

As Election Day approaches, we need to seriously consider what kind of person our president should be. The United States has had 46 men lead this country, some good, some very good and some not.

Our country finds itself in serious trouble as the election nears. We need to forget about political parties, forget about personal status, forget about past grievances on both sides of the aisle and use the God-given ability to think for ourselves.

What kind of person do you want sitting in the most powerful seat in the free world? We each have to decide for ourselves.

These past four years have shown us the kind of president we currently have. Does he make you feel safe? Does he show the kind of guidance a president should show? Does he show respect to others?

Is he selfless, does he show empathy and fairness? Does he inspire the nation to be the best it can be? Is he inclusive and not exclusive? Is he humble?

Does he cherish the freedom this country was founded on? Think for yourself, judge for yourself.

Or is he glib with superficial charm? Is he grandiose (exaggeratedly high) in his estimation of self? Does he show pathological lying?

Is he cunning and manipulative? Does he lack remorse or guilt? Does he exhibit superficial expression of emotion? Is he callous and lacking empathy?

Does he live a parasitic lifestyle? Does he have poor behavioral controls? Is he sexually promiscuous? Is he impulsive and irresponsible? Does he fail to accept responsibility for his own actions?

Has he had many short-term marital relationships due to being unable to be faithful? Is he capable criminal-versatility?

If you’d answered yes to many of these questions, then the man who is currently residing in the White House is classified as a psychopath.

Do you trust him to care for your child or parent as well as this country?

Please think carefully before you cast your ballot in November.

Vote as though your life depends on it because it does — all of our lives depend on it!



People and ‘sheeple’

John Byrum’s poem about the “wokeness culture” in the Sept. 24 edition of the New Era-Progress was right on! Not only is the term “wokeness” linguistically disgusting, but the implications for our nation are even worse.

I’m shocked at how quickly shallow-thinking people hop on the proverbial bandwagons of the latest politically correct movement.

On one hand, Horace Mann got what he was after in proposing an egalitarian government education system, which is to get people away from thinking for themselves and believing what the elite decide they should know and believe.

On the other hand, Mann also believed his approach to education would minimize chaos in our culture by eliminating differences between those holding different religious beliefs.

What he and his ilk failed to realize, however, is that there will always be independent thinkers who value freedom above all else and who respect our nation’s rich, varied, and, yes, imperfect history, traditions, and faith.

Our citizenry is now composed of people and ‘sheeple.’ Count me among the former.



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