Cletus is a tri-color hound with soft, basset-style ears and tiny brown eyes. At 3½ years old and 51 pounds, he is a tall, thin fellow with a loopy, friendly demeanor. He loves interacting with everyone and barks for people to notice him.

He is always the star of the show at Vineyard and Brewery events and heads turn to admire him when he prances in on his extremely long legs. He makes friends with dogs of all sizes and sexes. In his 571 days at our shelter, many of his dog friends have been adopted. Poor Cletus must wonder why they keep leaving but he never does. He is always “the best man” and never “the groom.”

Because of his size and high energy level, he would do best with a regularly active adult family he can be with most of the time. He likes small children but is too energetic for them.

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.