Cletus is a 3-and-a-half years old, 51 pounds and has long, silky ears, and a very friendly demeanor. He loves interacting with everyone and is always the star of the show at adoption events.

Many people want Cletus because he is extremely handsome, but he is also one of our most energetic dogs and he must have a family ready, willing and able to give him a safe outlet for his high energy a few times every day.  Meandering leashed walks will, in no way, be enough to calm him down.  

He very much wants his own people and he is “in training” to become someone’s valued house hound. Nothing pleases Cletus more than running fast and being chased, but almost always comes when called. He is a very smart, treat-motivated dog that wants to learn new things and is very capable of doing so. He loves his training sessions. He is good with dogs and older children because of his energy level.

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

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