Craig Williams

Craig Williams

A man was sentenced to serve six years, all suspended, in Nelson Circuit Court Tuesday after pleading guilty Tuesday to strangulation and abduction charges that stemmed from a February incident in Arrington. 

Craig Phillip Williams, 27, of Arrington, was sentenced on each felony count in accordance was a plea agreement. Williams previously was released on bond after 43 days in custody. 

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Erik Laub said the victim told the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office as well as a forensic nurse that Williams strangled her. Williams went as far as screwing closed the windows and back door of a dwelling to ensure the victim couldn’t leave, according to the victim’s statements, Laub said. 

Deputies also found visible injuries on the victim, especially where she said she was grabbed by the foot and pulled off a bed by Williams, Laub said.

“Strangulation is an extremely serious offense,” Judge Michael Doucette said. He noted it takes only 8 pounds of pressure applied for 15 seconds to cause permanent damage.

The conditions of the plea agreement state Williams must complete 10 years of good behavior and he cannot possess or use drugs.

“You’ve gotten a real bargain here,” Doucette told Williams at sentencing. “The way I feel about strangulation, you might not be so lucky the next time.”

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