Writer: Supervisors, don't go rogue

Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions are a vigilante trend that directs law enforcement to cherry-pick laws to enforce.

The constitutions of the United States and Virginia protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. But Virginia has pre-emption laws that prohibit local governments from changing laws that go against the state. Further, elected officials took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Virginia Constitution. They must uphold all state and federal laws, like them or not. Only the courts determine what is constitutional.

Don’t like a law? There’s a 213-year-old democratic and legal process: Elect government officials in line with your values and petition the government to change laws.

The Board of Supervisors must safeguard the taxpayers of Nelson County and stay within the scope of their duties. Only this way are they indemnified against legal action. Refusing to enforce laws would mean losing these protections. Taxpayers could pay a hefty price.

Consider Kim Davis, the Kentucky official who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She acted outside the scope of her duties and was personally liable for harm caused. She had to pay $220,000 in legal fees. Also, Maricopa County, Ariz., taxpayers paid more than $70 million to defend Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s policies of making his own laws and ignoring state laws.

Going rogue doesn’t serve Nelson County! The purpose of law is to provide order, continuity & safety!

Board of Supervisors, think! Have this knee-jerk, dangerous resolution vetted by the county attorney.



The Swamp and a soft coup

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp. I was skeptical. A hundred politicians before him made the same promise. Well, to my surprise, he got elected and unceremoniously pulled the plug.

It should come as no surprise that when the deep state swamp creatures started getting caught in the vortex and began circling the drain, their lashing out increased in intensity even as it decreased in logic; like a drowning victim grasping at straws. The only way Democrats could save the swamp was to impeach Trump before their attempted coup was fully exposed. They were too late.The Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse exposes the attempted coup.

Jim Comey’s FBI took a pack of Russian disinformation and drunken bar talk that Hillary Clinton hired a foreign spy to produce the Steele Dossier and used it to undermine Donald Trump. The FBI knew the Clinton campaign paid for the dossier, and they knew it was garbage; they used it anyway! It’s as though the FBI willfully allowed Hillary to hire the agency as her personal and unethical private detective agency. The FBI defrauded the FISA court into allowing the spying on the Trump campaign by fabricating and doctoring the evidence they did present, while withholding exculpatory evidence. They leaked about the existence of their investigation to hurt Trump’s electoral chances. When he won anyway, the FBI set in motion a special counsel investigation to sabotage the Trump presidency. Two and a half years later, they had to publicly admit what they had really known all along, there had never been any evidence of collusion with Russia.Democrats have tried to spin the Horowitz report by saying there was no evidence of bias in the FBI’s actions. That is a lie. The report says “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias … influenced the decisions” made by the FBI. That means he did not find a document explicitly stating they were motivated by bias. Likewise no one testified that they were motivated by bias. Neither of those is the same as saying there was no evidence of bias.

The entire report is replete with evidence of bias. Horowitz himself identifies 17 separate examples of errors, omissions, and outright evidence tampering. All 17 of those worked against the interest of Donald Trump. If you believe that is coincidence as opposed to evidence of bias, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

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