Writer: Beware the gun grabbers

I must express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the men and women who bring forth the Nelson County Times every week. Your work offers all of us here in the county a good source of information as to what is happening around us and allows us a good platform where “We the People” can express ourselves. Thank you all.

I would like to also express my gratitude to most of our county supervisors for standing forth in support of our God-given right to defend ourselves. I have been out of town for many weeks, and I love knowing that this community is a community of solid, common-sense men and women.

And I want to thank again the Nelson County Times for your choice to print that outstanding column by Chuck Amante. He is admired and respected by all of us who have an understanding of American principles.

And to those of you who stand against “We the People” who own and carry these rifles and guns and value our Second Amendment, let me tell you that we are not your enemy. You have nothing to fear from the likes of any of us.

In the 20th century, governments have killed over 260 million of their own citizens, and this doesn’t include wars! Turkey, Germany, China, the Soviet Union, Uganda, Cambodia — these are countries where the governments have done exactly what what we are experiencing here. Once disarmed, all of these governments rounded up dissidents, those who disagreed with policy being rammed down their throats. Please study history, or listen to those who have.

Liberty is more important than safety.



What about sanctuary cities?

In reference to Linda Hughes’ Dec. 19 letter to the editor, “Supervisors, Don’t Go Rogue,” I’m wondering if she has the same kind of lawlessness that sanctuary cities are practicing as well? I could be wrong, but perhaps I think not. Otherwise, she would have mentioned that as a parallel example in her letter.

I would ask all of you who do not support Second Amendment sanctuaries if you are consistent in your thinking in regard as well about Sanctuary communities. I would also be interested in hearing Hughes comment on this issue as well.



Who’s being divisive?

Why is it that every time a conservative and a Democrat disagree, the conservative is the one being divisive? Can the Democratic position ever be the reason for divisiveness?

In her Jan. 2 letter to the editor (“Gun debate dividing community”), Suzanne Klett lamented that the goals of mutual respect and harmony “have been challenged by proponents of so-call Second Amendment sanctuaries” who “fan the flames of divisiveness.”

Let’s get the facts straight. Democrats attack a God-given right that has been recognized for thousands of years and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for hundreds of years, and those who wish to preserve that right are the ones being divisive! Either they have no sense of irony, or their chutzpah is off the charts.

When Virginia Democrats didn’t have the majority they needed in state government to curtail our Second Amendment rights, they pretended to respect those rights and assured the voters they had no intentions of taking our guns. When they achieved majority status, they started drafting gun confiscation laws before their first legislative session even began. The speed with which they moved makes it abundantly clear, once and for all, that if you value your gun rights, you must never vote Democrat at any level of government. The mask is off. These are not your grandfather’s Democrats. They are the radical leftist, socialist Democrats of today. They are led by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Adam Schiff and others. Today’s Democratic Party nearly nominated a self-proclaimed socialist in 2016 and may actually do so in 2020. Going forward, if you vote Democratic, don’t expect sympathy when they come for your guns, or any other liberty for that matter.

The opinions expressed herein have not been endorsed by any group with which I am affiliated.



Beating the drums of war

First, and most importantly, I’d like to remind all of our readers that when Donald Trump took office, the United States and Iran were in agreement and at peace. Not only were we breathing easier, but so were Europe, Russia, China and almost everyone else on the planet. The only unhappy people during that period were the never-happy Israelis.

Then our 5-year-old president proceeded to destroy everything that had been painstakingly built by statesmen leaders over the previous decade and has now plunged the area into a war-like state. He is solely to blame for this disintegration in peaceful co-existence. It seem that, like our previous Republican president, he must throw the meat to the military machine that is running the United States of America. How many trillions of dollars and how many lives will a war with Iran cost? And I’m not talking about U.S. lives; I’m further reminding readers that during my lifetime and yours the United States, under presidents of both parties, has slaughtered millions of innocent Southeast Asians and hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. Now Trump wants to continue on that dismal road.

The single positive thing that he had accomplished was to keep the military under control, but that was discarded when he needed something new to move the media cycle away from his impeachment.

Finally, I’d like to remind the readers that it was Donald Trump who, in 2007, said George W. Bush should have been impeached for lying us into the Iraq war. So using his own words, I say we now have an even better reason to remove Donald Trump from office; he’s lying us into a war with Iran that will make the Iraq war look like a Sunday picnic. Throw him out! Today!

If you need another reason to get rid of him, think about how horrible he will be as a war leader. He lies about everything, he only wants “yes men” around him and thinks he’s smart while being one of the dumbest leaders we’ve ever had. All those attributes are a recipe for disaster in war. Ask the Germans.

By the way, before you start pounding on your chest and talking about how the Iranian general deserved killing, think of those who somehow bought their way past our military machine. We are told the 9/11 disaster was caused by an inattentive U.S. president and a bunch of Saudis, but did one U.S. bomb fall on Bush’s friends in oil-rich Saudi territory. Nope. The bombs fell first on poor Afghanistan and then a disabled Iraq.

And did the bankers and hedge fund managers of Wall Street get punished for the thousands of U.S. suicides and absolute misery they caused to millions of Americans in the Great Recession? Nope. We had plenty of evidence against those home-grown purveyors of disaster, but they were given a free pass to go enjoy their bonus millions. And today, do the peddlers of fossil fuels have to pay for the destruction and the catastrophe of climate change? No. They will continue to poison the atmosphere, raise sea level and produce a hotter, drier planet while enjoying their dividends. The poor and weak will suffer and die.

When we are pointing a finger at who deserves killing we should remember that a lot more fingers on the same hand are pointing back at us.

Yes, I didn’t think I could get more disgusted with the arrogant ignorance of the country under a Trump Presidency but this week sent me to a new level. We could do so much better.