Where is all the angst concerning Trump’s disregard of the citizens’ right of peaceful protest guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?

There was dread concerning the imagined removal of the Second Amendment rights, even leading to the silly and useless declaration of Nelson County being a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment right.

There are not any governmental proposals or actions to eliminate the Second Amendment. Period.

Conversely, Trump did actually violate citizens’ right of peaceful protest on June 1 in Washington, D.C. I have seen similar TV footage coming from Venezuela.

Most Congressional Republicans, by their failure to condemn Trump’s actions, must obviously agree that it is permissible for our government to disregard the First Amendment right. Reminds me of Venezuela again.



Support Cameron Webb to represent the 5th District

I couldn’t imagine living in a better place than Virginia’s 5th Congressional district. From my hometown of Halifax County to Charlottesville, the district is a unique place. Serving the district as a caseworker awarded opportunities to meet with hundreds of fellow constituents; for better or worse, our conversations would always end with respect.

In recent years, the hardships of our district have been part of the international conversation about racism. Unfortunately, ‘Charlottesville’ has become a noun synonymous with hate but I know it as a welcoming city to a woman from the southern city.

As we face unprecedented we need leadership in Congress that will reflect the evolving landscape of this area and guidance in challenging times. Today, I’m asking you to support Dr. Cameron Webb for Congress.

I’ll describe our first conversation: Cameron was eager. He talked about his experience with President Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative, and his dual degrees from UVA, his wife, Dr. Leigh-Ann, and his children. What I heard from Cameron was an earnest desire to serve our district.

The Webb family, in my opinion, loves this district as much as I do.

I will do all I can to support our district’s nominee because we desperately need a change in Congress. Dr. Cameron Webb has my support. Please vote on Tuesday, June 23.

Yours in democracy,



A pandemic of fear

So am I the only one who is sick and tired of seeing healthy people driving around in their cars with masks on? Am I the only one, who in spite of seeing all the signs demanding that masks be worn, does boldly walk into stores without one? Am I the only one experiencing the fact that although the signs are posted, they are put there because the corporations demand it, yet, the employees have no desire or inclination to enforce it?

I am happy to state that no, I am not the only one! There are many of us who realize that we are being played by the ‘powers’ behind the scene. There are many doctors and other professionals in the medical field that have made it clear that all this social distancing and mask wearing is a complete farce.

If one did not have a television, would one actually know from their daily life experiences that there existed a viral pandemic?

There is a virus, no question. Should we have sacrificed our livelihoods, our businesses, our liberties to ‘protect’ ourselves?

Absolutely not. May we awaken and make it clear to our friends and neighbors we have no need to fear a virus. We should all be aware of the true threat that we are facing. The pandemic of ignorance and fear, inspired by some very questionable people and organizations.

With gratitude for those who continue to use reason,



A familiar face for VP

July 2020 has a great chance to be a pivot point for this once great nation. For three years President Trump has followed a destructive playbook that has reduced the U.S. to insignificance on the world stage. We are not even consulted anymore. But that is now the past; there is a wonderful opportunity opening before us that will once again show us as the city on the hill. Thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans in the streets have tried to point the humane way forward to our political leadership and I want to think they are listening.

This July Joe Biden should ask Michelle Obama to take the VP spot on the Democratic ticket. She is the most respected woman on the globe and her candidacy would end the racial hatred of the lying grifter in the White House. Her coattails are so long she’d probably flip the Senate and add to the House Democratic majority. What that would do for the judicial future of the country alone would be great. Do we want to even contemplate the disaster four more years of Trump and McConnell will bring?

In the past Michelle has made it clear she had no political ambitions but I say that the country is now reaching out to her and “inconvenience” is not a valid excuse for refusing the vice presidency and then presidency. What will she say to the millions who are demonstrating for leadership? What will she say to her daughters, her grandchildren, if she turns her back on this fabulous opportunity? Never in my 70-plus years have I seen such a great possibility for this country, nor such a great opportunity for one person to write her name into the history of a nation returning to humanity and global leadership. A divisive, hateful Trump will never return us to greatness but Michelle has the right stuff and I hope she, too, can envision this path. With a little help we can do so much better. Are you ready, Michelle?



Pipeline faces more challenges

The Supreme Court gave Dominion a small victory when it decided that the Forest Service legally issued the permit to cross the Appalachian Trail. But the decision does not open the door for construction. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has to regain eight lost permits, and additional legal challenges are in progress.

Lost permits are not the only barrier Dominion faces. In the six years since the plan was announced, the energy playing field has changed dramatically, and fossil fuels’ dominance has all but disappeared. Gas is no longer seen as a “bridge fuel” but as step back into a past we must leave behind.

Climate change has finally gained traction in public opinion. The industry-sponsored climate denial that held off governmental action for over fifty years has faded. A majority of American voters now say climate change is a serious problem.

Renewable energy is ascendent. Solar and onshore wind are now are now cheaper than fossil fuels in many installations, and offshore wind will soon follow. Solar and onshore wind can be installed and updated with less environmental impact than pipelines and power plants; long-term contracts for solar and wind give businesses the predictable rates they desire; and renewables create many more good jobs than fossil fuels.

Investors have lost lots of money betting on fracking, and now many drillers are declaring bankruptcy. Financing fossil fuel infrastructure is more expensive than renewables, because the risks of stranded assets are higher. Even the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which has backed almost all interstate pipeline proposals, sees the handwriting on the wall. In a recent report, FERC predicted that the new generating capacity of renewables will outpace that of new fossil fuels by more than 50 times between now and 2023.

Dominion should reconsider its pipe dream.



Congrats, Nelson County High School seniors

Congratulations to the Nelson County High School Class of 2020. We wish you the best on your journey in life.

Remember to work to make yourself better and this world a better place. Our graduation event this past Friday evening could not have been successful without the coordination and hard work of a lot of Nelson County Public Schools staff and community partners.

I begin by thanking Heather Goodwin, her family, the Oak Ridge Estate, and the many volunteers for hosting the event and organizing the many details of a drive-in style graduation. Thank you Dr. Chris Sumner, NCHS Principal, his admin team, the many NCHS staff workers, the NCHS and Nelson Middle School custodians, and the many support staff for all their hard work.

We appreciate Mr. Joe Dan Johnson and Ms. Grace Mattox for volunteering their time to take pictures. Thank you to our senior sponsors, Mrs. Margaret Seaman and Mrs. Jennifer Campbell. Thank you to Mrs. Shamane Day and her school counseling team. Thank you to Mr. Les Campbell and his maintenance team. Finally, thank you to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department, the Rockfish Rescue, and the Lovingston Fire Department for keeping us safe.

Although our school year did not end as expected in such unprecedented times of a pandemic crisis, we have overcome and we celebrate our seniors as they begin their new adventure. Remember to always stand Nelson Strong!!


Superintendent, Nelson County Public Schools

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.