Writers on COVID-19 pandemic

Trump incapable of leadership

I didn’t think our moron-in-chief was that dumb, but it looks like I was wrong.

A softball question came from NBC reporter Peter Alexander, “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now and are scared?” Here is the perfect opportunity to assure Americans that the government is working very hard and that everything is going to be OK. Instead the idiot says, “I’d say that you’re a terrible reporter, that’s what I’d say” and then he goes on to say, “The American people are looking for answers, and they’re looking for hope. And you’re doing sensationalism. And the same with NBC and Concast — I don’t call it Comcast, I call it Concast.”

Trump was right about the American people looking for answers part, a big part of the solution will take place this coming January when Donald Trump gets replaced.



We’re all being ‘lied to’

I have absolutely no fear of this coronavirus, yet, I find it to be disturbing how many of us buy into the fear that is being poured into our minds via mainstream news and our politicians. How quickly do we become divided, pointing fingers at one party or another or one politician or another and talk about who is to blame.

There is much to be questioned as to this “official” story that we are being fed, and there are many intelligent professionals around the country researching the reality behind the “official” story. How can so many of us believe a government and its politicians who have so often lied to us?

The story line goes like this. There is an enemy. Be afraid. Do what we tell you. You will have to give up more of your liberty, but don’t worry, we, your government will protect you. If you have never heard of this story line before then you have not been paying attention, in which case you are one of the “herd” mentality. Be aware, “they” are rounding up the herd as we speak.

Think on these things and may your fear move into something useful, like anger!



Washington failing us all

Another week, and we are further down the hole of almost nonexistent Washington leadership during a grave national crisis.

On the other hand, the governors of several states have made some hard decisions and about one in four Americans are now officially told to self-isolate. Why this hasn’t gone national is beyond me. I barely went out last week but saw several incidences of poor social distancing as some of the local citizenry completely ignored the rules of viral survival. This is not going to cut it, and the lesson is going to be a mean one. Men should also know this virus has taken significantly more male lives than female ones in all the age groups.

This past week has plainly showed where the United States is behind the ball. We are presently in third place globally in number of cases, and our medical personnel are begging for more protective gear and ventilators. If nothing changes, I figure we’ll probably be in No. 1 spot by this time next week. Our pitiful federal response is a formula for disaster as the states are forced to compete for supplies. The president and his administration are telling the doctors and other health care workers to clean and re-use their masks. Trump’s promises of millions of masks sometime in the future doesn’t cut it when a doctor has to go in a hospital room today.

Trump has a very long way to go before he’s a war-time President; he never really made it as a peace-time president and has been a catastrophe as the country has struggled with this virus. No amount of lying from him or his media hacks should erase our memory of him saying that the virus will go away soon in a miracle or that he is “not responsible.” We should also recognize we had our first case in the U.S. on Jan. 20, two full months ago. That is time we lost in responding to the viral danger almost solely because of his ignorance, arrogance and ineptitude.

Trump didn’t bring the virus over here, but he dithered and let it get its grip on our national throat. Exactly what do the 45 percent of the people who think he’s doing a good job use for that judgment? That’s the question I want answered.

Elsewhere in the world, Iran is suffering through the virus while also experiencing economic warfare directed by the thugs in the U.S. government. The Trump administration is making it impossible for Iran to purchase the medical supplies it needs. More than 1,500 Iranians have already died from the virus. Where is the bottom in U.S. foreign policy? For good news, in the past week China, South Korea and Japan have seen a lowering of the numbers of new cases and a light at the end of the viral tunnel. It is interesting that in these countries there is a sense of the ”common good” missing in most Western countries. This thing can be beaten if enough people recognize the danger and take action to limit it.

I look to Congress to pass some kind of legislation to shield the common man from the economic disaster unfolding across the country. Please refrain from another bailout for the big donors.

We must continue to test to find and isolate the virus carriers if we are to flatten the infection curve and save thousands of lives. While we are continuing to test, every citizen must act responsibly so they endanger their fellow citizens as little as possible. Self-isolate, practice excellent sanitation, do the best social distancing you can while maintaining a positive outlook on beating the virus. If the Chinese can beat this, so can we. We can and must do better.



What the Founders envisioned

There can be no question that the coronavirus is a serious health issue, but has it not sown the seeds of correction to a national political problem? We have allowed the entities, intended to provide the conduit by which the voice of the people could be heard in the halls of Congress, to become political power institutions which broker money and power.

Representatives elected to the House of Representatives often no longer represent the citizens of their respective congressional districts because they must bow to the necessity of “party” representation as a result of the influence of out-of-district, party-directed campaign donations. “ActBlue” is well represented on the federal campaign funding data pages and Mr. Multi-Billionaire Mike Bloomberg says he will finance the Democrat candidate campaigns. Will this elect a candidate who represents the people of his or her district or one who will represent a national political party?

In response to the coronavirus, the president has put before the American people the structure of federalism intended by our Founders. It is the governors of the states that are responsible for what happens in their states, not the federal government. The entities of the federal government are there to provide common technical and, when necessary, financial assistance on domestic issues and common defense against foreign threats. It is the state leadership, elected by the state’s residents, which was intended to determine the fate of their state and collectively the nation.

This coronavirus attack upon the citizens of these United States and the strong responsible response of the governors harks back to the intended superior role of the sovereign states and their citizens over the federal government. This is the moment when “We the people” can restore national political power to our sovereign states and set aside the national political parties’ power broker roles.