A dream in the wake of COVID-19

I had a dream. All my fellow Americans awakened and saw the deception that was being fed to them on a daily, even hourly, basis.

I had a dream. My many friends and neighbors awakened and did some critical thinking and analysis. They realized that in spite of everything that they have been told for these many weeks, there is nothing in physical reality that they are experiencing in their daily lives that show any signs of this ‘pandemic’ that they are being told is so eminent. If everyone took off their masks and gloves, there would be no signs to any of our five senses that anything unusual is going on! Is there a strain of flu going around? Certainly. Is it reason enough to erase our Constitutional Rights?

I had a dream. There were thousands, even millions, of Americans, outraged about the absolute disregard by their elected officials as to our basic God-given rights. We were standing together demanding the removal of any and every politician who was supporting these tyrannical measures, with the ridiculous story that they were trying to save us from this invisible enemy.

I had a dream. We all woke up and realized that America is great because of her freedom, her liberty. We need no government agency to save us from anything. They are there to protect and defend our Constitution and our Liberty. Are there any other dreamers out there? If so, now is the time to stand up and be counted.



Voicing a concern

I am Emily Lamm, lead registered behavior technician at Family Insight and a counselor-in-training.

I am also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I am concerned that Lynchburg City Schools’ nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policies are inadequate in protecting LGBTQ+ students. Currently, the policies do not explicitly mention sexual orientation or gender identity, other than as an afterthought in subsequent definitions.

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, a national education and advocacy group that promotes improved school environments for LGBTQ students, strongly advocates such enumeration. To quote them:”Enumeration is essential to protecting as many students as possible from bullying and harassment. The strength of an enumerated law or policy is that it underscores those students who research shows are most likely to be bullied and harassed and least likely to be protected under non-enumerated anti-bullying laws and policies.”

After all, we often do not know which students are members of this group on top of other vulnerable groups. In making this simple change to the language of the policy, Lynchburg City Schools would demonstrate support for their students and back up their slogan of “a tradition of excellence for all.”


GLSEN, “Enumeration,” accessed August 25, 2016, www. glsen.org/sites/default/files/Enumeration_0.pdf.


Madison Heights

Recognizing a crucial role in the schools

On May 6, 2020, we recognize our school nurses by celebrating National School Nurse Day as a way to foster a better understanding of the role of school nurses in the educational setting.

The theme this year is “School Nurses: Supporting Students in Times of Crisis”.

This year has been more challenging for everyone in the world with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Nelson County Public Schools are fortunate to have a full-time registered nurse stationed in each of our four schools. Our nurses take on a variety of roles every day. For many children, the school nurse may still be the only health professional they have access to regularly, except in emergencies. This becomes even more important as the prevalence of chronic social, emotional, and other health problems keep increasing. Our role is essential for all students – in responding to personal and public health needs, in care coordination, and in organizing access to resources to help address health concerns.

Our Nelson County School Board and Board of Supervisors have supported these nurses through Blue Ridge Medical Center. Our community must continue to invest in programs and services that improve the health and well-being outcomes of our children. I hope their budgets continue to reflect these priorities – supporting school nurses and ensuring our children have a successful, productive, and healthy future.



Swan is the School Nurse Coordinator for

Nelson County Schools

COVID-19 and the ‘modern Democrat’

Once upon a time, citizens went to the polls to vote, then “mail in voting” was introduced. Now in the “internet age” “online voting” is seeking center stage. When this new “internet age voting” is combined with no affirmation of citizenship on the census and sanctuary cities, we as a nation are allowing the manipulators of “internet age voting” to take our place in the voting booth, no ID required. So much for a “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

The creation of a House COVID-19 oversight committee is designed to critique the implementation authority of the executive branch and the president. It is one thing for the House to have general spending oversight, but it is another for the House to inject itself into the Constitutional responsibilities of the executive branch. Prime Minister Nancy is centralizing her power base by merging the executive branch, “Deep State” Democrats with a parliamentarian Congress. Clearly, President Trump’s “American Citizens First” intentions are contrary to authoritarian Modern Democrat socialistic desires.

It is curious that the coronavirus introduction into the United States, which destroyed the hallmark economy of the Trump administration, follows the failed “Russia, Russia, Russia” and impeachment efforts to dislodge the President. Have we forgotten, the special relationship the Obama administration had with the Chinese Government that caused the US to contribute $3.7 million in 2015 to the Wuhan Lab and the Chinese to invest $1.5 billion in Hunter Biden’s business?

The intent of the modern Democrat Party is to centralize power in the House by defeating Trump in the election, or disabling his ability to govern by sufficient Democrat election victories in the Congress. If we care about our founders’ dream, “We the People” must be present on election day to cast our vote.



A selection with high stakes

It seems now that a lot of people are interested in who Joe Biden chooses as his VP. Joe painted himself into a bit of a corner when he said he’d only consider a woman as a running mate. That statement ruled out half of the qualified candidates but did make the choice that much easier. Unfortunately there are those who now say he must go further and choose a woman of color; a white woman will not do. I would imagine some of these folks also have age and height restrictions.

But let’s forget about any further restrictions except helping Joe win in November because there is an obvious candidate that meets those qualifications. She has been chosen as the most respected woman in the country for two years and has experience in the White House and in the law. She would be phenomenal in bringing international respect back to the country. Her election as VP would mark the Trump years as the anomaly. She is young enough to bring in the next generation. She could easily step up from VP to President eventually. She would appeal to moderate Republicans.

Joe Biden may have to settle for the woman who will agree to be his running mate but he has to publicly ask Michelle Obama before any others. She is a surefire ticket to victory. She needs to know this. And we all need to know that Joe recognizes what is best for the country and is willing to go for it.



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