Speak out on DEQ pipeline plans

Two years ago, on July 14, 2015, the Nelson County Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution R2015-61, petitioning Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward to provide public access to erosion and sediment control plans for the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The resolution requested that the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) require project-specific erosion and sediment management plans for the proposed Atlantic Coast pipeline project that meet all Virginia standards and that these plans be made public prior to project approval and construction.

On July 3, 2017, the DEQ issued a public notice to seek public comment and announce public hearings on a draft Section 401 Certification for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline project that would establish additional conditions for activities in upland areas that are located near state waters and that may indirectly affect state water along the route of the proposed pipeline. The deadline for comments is Aug. 22.

However, the DEQ has not made public erosion and sediment control plans. In fact, the DEQ has stated that it does not intend to review the plans prior to 401 Water Quality Certification.

Neither the public nor local officials can provide any meaningful comment without this information. The DEQ has clearly begun the comment period prematurely, before critical information has been made available.

Most importantly, the DEQ believes it can certify that the ACP will meet Virginia water quality standards without a review these plans.

The DEQ has scheduled public hearings in Harrisonburg (Aug. 7), Farmville (Aug. 10) and Dinwiddie (Aug. 14). Friends of Nelson requests that people attend one, two or all of these hearings and demand that the DEQ stop this process immediately and reinitiate it only after the requested information has been made public and that the DEQ must do a full public review of all erosion and sediment control plans for the ACP prior to any 401 Water Quality Certification.


President, Friends of Nelson


Trump wrecking America

Just a few observations today in another week of the worst presidency in my 70-year lifetime.

First, with his continually revised recollections of the famous June 2016 meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, it appears Don Trump Jr.’s word is of no more value than his father’s. Lying runs in the family; it’s a shame they do it so poorly. As one commentator on MSNBC stated though, we may be looking under the wrong shell; the real crime may have occurred over the phone on the day the “meeting” was arranged. I hope someone is looking at Don Jr.’s phone records.

Next, have you, my fellow citizens, noticed how upside down this country has become? I was reminded by the lack of televised White House news briefings that the “public” sector of our society has become private as in very, very secretive, and at the same time the “public” sector has passed laws opening up the “private” sector to public view. The government wants to operate completely in secret but they want to read our emails, listen to our phone calls, follow our web searches and monitor our location 24/7. I have no doubt that they really want our very thoughts to complete their databases on each “private” citizen. It is up to us to correct this bastardized condition and demand our “private citizen” privacy while demanding an open government where virtually all decision-making processes are videoed, transcribed and published. Only then will this be a government of, by and for the people.

Finally, this week has further reminded me of the saying that I believe came from the Reagan era: “Republicans complain that government is the problem then they get elected and prove it.” The past six months with a Republican president and Congress, we’ve seen not one major piece of legislation passed, numerous regulations that protect the environment and the poor and middle class scrapped by executive order, and a virtual disaster in our leadership position in the world community. The major danger to the U.S. economy from this last development is the possibility that the dollar (it is presently collapsing in value globally) will lose its reserve currency status causing a jump in U.S. inflation. The Chinese are working overtime to fill the leadership gap left as President Trump tweets and golfs.

We can do better; we must do better.



Reed for Central supervisor

I am very pleased to see that Ernie Reed is running for the Nelson County Board of Supervisors from the Central District, and I urge my fellow Central District residents to vote for him. As he’s shown by his leadership of the Friends of Nelson, he is a strong and tireless supporter of our property rights and of the spirit, nature and independence of Nelson County itself.

I moved to Nelson County three years ago, attracted by its serenity and natural beauty. Not long after, I learned that Dominion Energy planned to turn this area upside down by forcing a huge gas pipeline through it. They plan to take the most destructive route imaginable, polluting our rivers and streams and decapitating our mountains as they tear an irreparable gash across Nelson County, and they’re doing this using flawed eminent domain laws to acquire our property against our will and for their own profit.

I soon found an organization that would lead the fight against Dominion, organizing our outrage into a unified voice — the Friends of Nelson — and at its helm was Ernie Reed. He’s been at every meeting, every hearing about the proposed pipeline, representing our diverse views concisely, a consistent voice amid the chaos and clamor. I’m certain that as Central District Supervisor, he will continue to fight for our rights and for the rare beauty that is Nelson County.



2018 All School Reunion

The 2018 All School Reunion Committee is in the planning stages for next year’s reunion. We are reaching out to individuals who attended or graduated Amherst Training School, Madison Heights School Colony Road and Central High School. If you were not contacted in the past, please call Beverly Campbell Jones (929-7617), Ruby Willis Parrish (847-6784), Mary Cashwell Calloway (525-1690) or Leon Parrish (528-3178) to give your name and address so that we can send you information in our first mailing. Or send your information to our mailing address: All School Reunion, P.O. Box 12, Madison Heights, VA 24572.

Check out our Facebook page: 2018 All School Reunion.

“Like the branches of a tree, we all grew in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”


Chairwoman, 2018 All School Reunion

Madison Heights

Our heartfelt thanks

I would like to thank Wintergreen Fire Department and the people in the community for their support during our loss. God bless you all.



The battle in the swamp

Today, we have a debate in Congress regarding Obamacare, a health care program that was designed at its inception to fail and lead to an all encompassing government-funded health care program. This concept complemented the Democratic “Divide and Conquer” campaign methodology, but Hillary Clinton lost the election. The debate is not about what is best for the American people, but it is about how the political parties can retain their power in the “Swamp.”

The “Swamp” says that there must be provisions for “pre-existing conditions” and parents must be able to carry their children on their policies until age 26. It does not take an Act of Congress to cause the competitive marketplace to provide desired products for consumers.

Was not the original stated purpose of Obamacare to provide insurance coverage for some five million unable to get insurance? Aren’t the some 15 million more that the CBO now says will be without insurance, those same folks did not want it in the first place? Weren’t they forced to have insurance because of Obamacare mandates? We are talking about a program for some 5 million citizens that is negatively impacting the lives of some 325 million people and bankrupting the nation. Our government has demonstrated that it cannot properly manage Social Security and Medicare, programs for which the American people are specifically taxed to fund. Medicaid is a financial disaster.

The underlying problem for the “Swamp” is that the national political debate is no longer between the two “Elite Political Establishment” parties. The American people are again engaged in a Government, “… Of the People, By the People, For the People.” The political battle is now between the “Swamp” and “We the People.”