A choice beyond Democrat or Republican

What if I told you that the two-party system that we have in American politics is a sham? Conspiracy theory... or a corruptive yet brilliant power and control technique?

For example, how many of you identify as politically conservative? The political term “conservative” is a complex term, but it can be simplified into two main legs: fiscal and authority. A conservative is someone who stands for a small government, the protection of everyone’s individual rights (not just certain groups), and lower taxes. Currently, our federal government is seen more as King in a monarchy. The federal government is huge, taxes are high, and the power of the government is scary if you are a conservative. In three years, President Trump has executed 151 executive orders .

Another example, if you identify as a liberal, how much have your elected officials done for you in the past 50 years? We have continually failing social programs, the need to continually reform broken systems in place, and career politicians trying to win your vote but have a lifetime track record of legislating for concepts that go completely against liberal progress. Biden championed such legislation as “tough on crime” in the 80s and in the 90s, which is the largest crime bill ever passed, leading to black and minority targeted laws, naturally creating a culture of mass incarceration.

With one of two parties being able to stay in control at all times, keep the population divided and against each other, who has control -- the people or the government? One of our founders, Patrick Henry, warned of the pending dilemma of America’s federal government becoming too large and impending tyranny.

What if there was another way? What if there was a way to put liberty and power back where it belongs - the citizens, shrink government, take government out of our personal lives, and be somewhat of a middle ground between the emotions behind why we end up voting conservative or liberal (but in many ways completely different)?

If you can relate with any of the above, it’s time to look at a third party for our local, state, and national elections. The first step is to break the two-party system to show the government that enough is enough and we are tired of the games, strategic division, and we want to be control of our own lives again.

Give Libertarian Jo Jorgensen consideration for your vote for 2020. The excuse of “a vote third party is a vote thrown away” is not an excuse anymore. We need something different. We need both major parties to wake up and realize that we believe in a government for and by the people... and we are tired of the games. 



A few thoughts on the schools

Not everyone supports the school board's largess. Nor are a lot of citizens impressed with the nepotism-themed hiring practices by the county.

The students involved in public schooling should have their parents funding 100% of their children's education. 

On another note, with regard to Derrick Brown's marathon letter to the editor ... it was over 1,000 words long, with a whole lot of nothing substantive to say. Can we keep the propaganda rhetoric in the future, to say, 250 words or less, in accordance to the 'rules for everyone'? 



Communication is key

Communication is the cornerstone for success in our everyday family living. Dialogue between a husband, his wife — their children are essential to keep everyone on the same page of harmony and expectations. It is equally essential that communication be the foundation of awareness for, and by, a progressive community and its leadership.

This foundation of awareness is represented so well with in-depth correspondence that Justin Faulconer provides to the readers of Amherst, Virginia. Mr. Faulconer’s excellence in writing is attested by his multi-awards received recently by the Virginia Press Association.

The Amherst New-Era Progress makes a significant contribution to Amherst County, providing valuable information to the citizens of the area and beyond. Not only is it a local news source — it’s an ambassador for the county school district publishing its many new and creative programs that Superintendent Rob Arnold and the School Board continue to implement. The paper is consistent with reporting ongoing progress by the town of Amherst and County Board of Supervisors, all public servants and leaders striving to make the community more vibrant in these challenging economic times.

Dr. Arnold, Sara Carter, and Dean Rodgers (town/county managers) are the trifecta of confidence regarding excellence in education, substantial growth and leadership.

Faulconer, a dedicated reporter, is your modern day Paul Revere, riding his laptop — making sure we know what great things are happening — thank him! Amherst Proud.



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