Writers assess candidates for office

Viar backed for reelection

Soon the people of Amherst County will have an opportunity to cast their votes toward electing a sheriff. As is true with all elections, you hear this and you hear that, some is true and some is not and all should be analyzed.

A criticism that’s kicked around regarding the current sheriff, E.W. Viar, is that his office is not fully staffed because of leadership problems. To those who make such criticisms, I say look around. Never before have I known drug dealers who poison our children to be locked up in such numbers. Never before have I known those who are continuing nuisances and whose purpose in life is to cause mischief to be brought to justice in a swift manner. If Sheriff Viar can accomplish all of this short staffed, I say his leadership skills are of a most excellent quality.

My evaluation has convinced me fingers are being pointed in the wrong direction. Again and again, Sheriff Viar has pleaded with the Board of Supervisors for additional funds in order to bring our deputies’ salaries up to par with surrounding counties and for resource officers in our schools. Again and again, his pleas have largely fallen upon deaf ears. It’s not only the supervisors, but also that bunch in Richmond and Washington who for years have fed the people a steady diet of how more can be done with less, but that’s another story.

In closing, I’ll paraphrase something I came across sometime ago — E.W. Viar is more of a treasure than all the gold the pirates ever stole. Please cast your ballot Nov. 5 for the best candidate: E.W. Viar.


Madison Heights

Viar fighting the good fight

Current events with regard to the Amherst County sheriff’s race have many people feeling unsettled. My concerns are with the decision of current chairman of the Amherst County Board of Supervisors to not remain impartial by posting an open letter to the residents of Amherst County on his public figure Facebook page. Instead of getting both sides of the story, the chairman presented his own version in what appears to be an effort to undermine the current sheriff.

It is unprofessional for a current member of the Board of Supervisors to actively work against the current sheriff. Think of the ramifications of this and the barriers Sheriff E.W. Viar has certainly faced when advocating for the sheriff’s office. The Board of Supervisors determines salaries and resources available to the department. One must question whether those serving on the board, especially the chairman, are serving the county as they should. Ask yourselves what role the Board of Supervisors plays in assisting or deterring the department in keeping the county safe?

Anyone concerned about honesty and the integrity of Amherst County elected officials should consider that actions speak louder than words. E.W. Viar has my vote for Sheriff.


Madison Heights

Reelect Campbell to Assembly

We need to vote Ronnie Campbell for reelection to the House of Delegates on Nov. 5.

As everyone knows by now there is a crucial election coming up Nov. 5, and the choice can not be more clear. Campbell has delivered a billion-dollar tax relief for Virginia families, a 5 percent teacher pay increase, and opposed the late-term abortion bill.

Let’s vote Ronnie Campbell on Nov. 5.



Campbell deserves second term

If you said “It’s about time!” when your check from the Virginia Department of Taxation arrived, thank an elected Republican. Specifically, I am thanking my delegate, Ronnie Campbell, for fighting Gov. Ralph Northam to secure and deliver a portion of our own hard-earned money back to us.

Please join me in returning Del. Campbell to Richmond where he will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility, the rights of the unborn and our right to keep and bear arms. Keep Virginia free from socialism. Vote Republican on Nov. 5.


Madison Heights

Campbell a true conservative

When Ben Cline was elected to Congress in 2018 and his seat in the House of Delegates went up for grabs, I was left searching for a worthy successor — someone who would champion the conservative ideals of limited government, fiscal responsibility,and individual liberty the way Del. Cline had for 16 years.

My search led me to Ronnie Campbell, a former State Police officer and member of the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors. Though I did not know much about him at the time, I was convinced that he was the most qualified candidate and supported him in last November’s primary. I have never regretted my decision.

During his short time in office, Campbell has voted with the Republican majority to approve a $1 billion tax-relief package, give Virginia teachers a 5 percent pay raise, and shut down the efforts of Gov. Ralph Northam and House Democrats to erode the Second Amendment rights of Virginians. Additionally, as a champion of life, he strongly condemned the now infamous abortion bill proposed by Del. Kathy Tran that would permit abortion up to the point of birth. Needless to say, Campbell has been working tirelessly to represent his constituents.

While many politicians disappoint, Campbell has proven to be a model legislator. As such, voters of the 24th House district should send him back to Richmond this Nov. 5.


Madison Heights

A terrific 50th class reunion

The Nelson County High School Class of 1969 celebrated its 50th Class reunion Sept. 28 at Wood Ridge Farm Brewery. Over 70 classmates and family enjoyed reconnecting and renewing old friendships.

The Class of ’69 had The Camille Fund as a class project. This was particularly significant to all of the class because two classmates were lost in the flood, Johanna Raines and Donna Wood. As a result of several county businesses donating to the silent auction, the selling of mugs and generous donations of classmates, we were not only able to meet our commitment of $500 to The Camille Fund, but were able to donate $770 to the fund as well as make a $500 donation to the Nelson County Education Foundation.

A special thanks to our classmates for generously supporting the silent auction, and purchasing mugs.

We also want to thank the following businesses for their donations of gift cards, rounds of golf, merchandise and/or complimentary tickets: TBC, Wintergreen Resort, Winton Farm, Old Trail Golf Club, Devil’s Backbone, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Blue Mountain Brewery, John and Betty White, Dairy Isle, Colleen Feed and Seed, Poplar Grove Golf Course, Drumheller’s Orchard, Saunders Brothers, London Downs, Virginia Distillery, Silverback Distillery and Wood Ridge Farm Brewery. We appreciate the generosity of many in helping us meet our goal.

Looking forward to our 55th.