The Amherst County High School weight room underwent major upgrades over the past season, and the public in late February checked out the new equipment while watching as the school’s weightlifters raised money in a lift-a-thon.

The event had so many lifters sign up that three groups were needed to handle the 110 participants.

“We raised just over $13,000. The participation was great from students. They enjoyed getting to perform their [maximum] attempts with their parents and members of the community present,” said Kevin Christmas, strength and conditioning coach at ACHS. “I felt like it was a good experience for members of the community to see a product of what we have been working on in class all year and for them also to have a chance to check out the new [as of June] weight room.”

The lifters came in to perform their max lifts on bench, squat and power clean. They are raising money for their post workout nutrition and for facility upgrades.

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