For the last 50 years, John Shotwell has been a big part of James River High School history. While the softball field may be named after him, it's not the only sport he has helped build at the school.

Over the years, Shotwell has coached 6 different sports for the Knights. He has coached all of his children, and now his granddaughters. Haley Shotwell is a senior pitcher on the varsity squad.

"I try not to be so hard on my granddaughter, because I think coaching girls is a little bit different than coaching boys. It has been a pleasure to coach Haley," Coach said.

She is just one of hundreds of girls he has coached in his 22 years coaching softball. With a dozen district titles, 7 region titles, and 3 state championships, his expectations for this year's team are are no different.

"My first goal was to win state. They kind of looked up in the air like, 'that's a pretty big goal coach'. You gotta reach for the stars. I think we have a chance, if we go out and do the things we have to do. You can't beat yourself," Shotwell said.

With his time almost over at James River, Coach Shotwell has a chance to look back on it all. After a half century he wonders what life will be like after coaching. "You kind of have mixed feelings at times, but I think I am going to enjoy it. I know I can just get my chair in the car and come over here and sit behind the screen and watch them practice and play games. I think that is gonna be awesome," said Shotwell.