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Remembering the victims of Hurricane Camille in Nelson County

This list contains the identities of the 125 people who died in Nelson County on Aug. 19 and 20, 1969. Eight never were identified; 33 were never found.

The dead

Bryant, Margaret Louise, 18, Bryant

Bryant, Patricia Anne, 14, Bryant

Bryant, Sara Grace Marshall, 42, Bryant

Bryant, Frances Marshall, 13, Bryant

Burnley, Barbara Louise, 17, Davis Creek, from Buckingham

Burnley, Larry Wade, 8 months, Norwood

Burnley, Wilbert Lee, 11, Davis Creek, from Buckingham

Campbell, Kenneth Edward, 2, Massies Mill

Campbell, Melissa Kaye, 3 months, Massies Mill

Coles, Alice Smith, 76, Massies Mill

Daugherty, Daisy, 66, Massies Mill

Dellinger, Otis David, 32, Woods Mill, from Lincolnton, North Carolina

Eheart, Michael Julius, 6, Davis Creek, from Lovingston

Ewing, Hawes Edward, 60, Wintergreen

Ewing, Elva Louise Hines, 47, Wintergreen

Gibson, Linda Lee Huffman, 22, Davis Creek

Gibson, Patricia Lynn, 1, Davis Creek

Giles, Annie Texas Ponton, 53, Polly Wright Cove

Giles, Sharon Cecilia, 13, Massies Mill

Giles, Thomas Hope, 46, Massies Mill

Gunter, Sylvia Gail, 20, Norwood

Graves, Josephus Cecil, 40, Ruckers Run, from Danville

Grooms, Christine Loving, 20, Massies Mill

Hardy, Jabe Andrew, 48, Woods Mill, from Danville

Herring, Almond Wesley, 35, Woods Mill, from Crozet

Hudson, Henry, 68, Davis Creek

Huffman, Barbara Lou, 2, Davis Creek

Huffman, Brenda Ann, 19, Davis Creek

Huffman, David Wayne, 11, Davis Creek

Huffman, Emma Virginia R., 46, Davis Creek

Huffman, Gloria Marie, 18, Davis Creek

Huffman, Hazel Kidd, 45, Davis Creek

Huffman, James Patrick, Jr., 22, Davis Creek

Huffman Jesse Lewis, Jr., 18 months, Davis Creek

Huffman Juanita Burnley, 24, Davis Creek

Huffman, Lawrence Harvey, 53, Davis Creek

Huffman, Lottie Beverly, 30, Davis Creek

Huffman, Robert Lee, 45, Davis Creek

Huffman, Roger Dale, Jr., 4, Davis Creek

Hughes, Pauline Wood, 58, Massies Mill

Johnson, Ora Teresa, 15, Massies Mill

Johnson, Virginia Oakcrum, 49, Massies Mill

Johnson, Walter Homer, Jr., 17, Davis Creek

Loving, Harold Eugene, 4, Tyro

Madison, Willie Harris, 87, Massies Mill

Martin, Alice Marie, 12, Davis Creek

Martin, Mary Burnley, 33, Davis Creek

Martin, Robert Lee, 39, Davis Creek

Oliver, Jeffery Wayne, 3, Massies Mill

Oliver, Regina Rene, 5 months, Massies Mill

Perry, Albert, 50, Davis Creek

Perry, Catherine Ann, 14, Davis Creek

Perry, Elizabeth Emma, 37, Davis Creek

Perry, John Thomas, 30, Davis Creek

Perry, Mary Frances, 12, Davis Creek

Raines, Carl Franklin, Sr., 52, Massies Mill

Raines, Johanna Gordon, 18, Massies Mill

Raines, Shirley Gordon, 42, Massies Mill

Raines, Virginia Estelle, 7, Massies Mill

Raines, Walker Saunders, 9, Massies Mill

Ramsey, Robert Lee, 35, Davis Creek

Sanders, Henry Foster, 47, Woods Mill, from Bessemer City, North Carolina

Schur, Mary Catherine Martin, 25, Duncan Hollow

Seal, John Arthur, Jr., 40, Woods Mill, from Madison

Simpson, Nora Ann, 33, Davis Creek

Simpson, Robert Elmo, Jr., 14, Davis Creek

Simpson, Robert Elmo, Sr., 45, Davis Creek

Sites, Betty Mawyer, 54, Hickory Creek

Sites, Luther Glenn, 64, Hickory Creek

Staton, Charles Ashby, 67, Tyro

Staton, Flossie Lawhorne, 58, Tyro

Staton, Linda Hope, 19, Tyro

Thompson, Edward (Buzz) Beaureguard, 37, Edes Holow, from Piney River

Thompson, Elizabeth Hamilton, 75, Massies Mill

Toms, Millie Conway, 68, Massies Mill

Turner, Mary Louise Giles, 65, Massies Mill

Wood, Mable Bishop, 55, Davis Creek

Wooten, Erma Forbes, 61, Norwood

Wooten, Harry Rexford, Sr., 68, Norwood

Wright, Wrennie Harris, 75, Wheelers Cove

Zirkle, Audrey Lynn, 17, Tyro

Zirkle, Gary Stewart, 16, Tyro

Zirkle, Laurabelle Oliver, 39, Tyro

Zirkle, William Henry, 49, Tyro

The missing

Burnley, Darrell Wayne, child, Norwood

Burnley, Roosevelt, 36, Davis Creek area

Burnley, Tom, Jr., 33, Norwood

Critzer, Hattie, 75, Rockfish Station

Carter, Carrie, 72, Upper Hat Creek

French, Emory, 45, Edes Hollow

Giles, George, Polly Wright Cove

Gunter, Lisa Marie, 4, Norwood

Huffman, Annie Virginia Martin, 44, Davis Creek

Huffman, James Harvey, 11, Davis Creek

Huffman, Clyde Mitchell, 16, Davis Creek

Huffman, Roger Dale, Sr., 24, Davis Creek

Huffman, Rebecca Lou O’Brien, 19, Davis Creek

Martin, Frannie Lee Tinnel Branch, 48, Davis Creek

Martin, George Washington, 55, Davis Creek

Martin, Mary Ann “Sissy,” 10, Davis Creek

Martin, Robert Lee, Jr., 7, Davis Creek

Megginson, James A., 30, Duncan Hollow

Perry, Betty Lee, 12, Davis Creek

Perry, Carolyn Sue, 10, Davis Creek

Perry, Edward, 50, Davis Creek

Perry, Nelson, 60, Davis Creek

Ramsey, Charles Henry, 72, Davis Creek

Simpson, Paul Edward, 5, Davis Creek

Simpson, Brenda Marie, 9, Davis Creek

Simpson, James Allan “Jimmy,” 13, Davis Creek

Simpson, Michael Lloyd “Mike,” 10, Davis Creek

Taylor, Dan Angus, 48, Polly Wright Cove

Taylor, Vernelle Harris, 46, Polly Wright Cove

Thompson, Bonnie Joann, 11, Edes Hollow

Waterman, John, 19, Norwood

Wood, Donna Fay, 18, Massies Mill

Wood, Gary, 4, Massies Mill

The unidentified

From James River, above the mouth of the Rockfish River:

Female, about 70 years old, long, white hair, found at Buford Island between

Howardsville and Wingina

From Rockfish River:

Female, 35 to 40 years old, well-groomed brown hair, found at Woods Mill

Female, late 40s to early 50s, moderate-length brown, wavy hair, found one mile below Woods Mill

Male, late 50s, stocky, dark-completed, partially bald, black hair, found on Albemarle shore at Howardsville

Male, about 17, found below Schuyler

Male, about 12 to 14 years old, found

one-half mile below Southern Railroad bridge

Female, about 10 years old, long, wavy blonde hair, found about two miles above Howardsville

From James River:

Female, about 6 to 8 years old, found above the Bremo Power Plant.

Of the unidentified dead, the adults were believed to be traveling on U.S. 29 when they were swept away in the floodwaters. The children all were believed to have been traveling together since they had all eaten red beans shortly before they died.

- Information courtesy of Oakland—Nelson County Museum of History

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