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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Fred W. Clements to Henry E. Beverly. 466 New Glasgow Road, $10,000

Roderick James Schmidt Sr. to Antony Charles and Mary Elizabeth Hammerquist. 604 North Fork Road and additional parcel, $215,000

Sharon K. Koger to Joshua D. Boyce. Lot 11, section XXIII, Amherst Plantation, $145,283

Audrey O. and Richard M. Britt II to William and Debra Canody. 2169 Cedar Gate Road, $212,500

Paul G. Maddox to DRV Construction LLC. 150 Loch Lane, $180,000

Marvin L. Burr Jr. to Georganne B. Booth. 166 Washington St., $58,000

Timothy Wayne Wright Sr. to Douglas S. and Margaret B. Giles. Tract 3, Rutledge Creek Estates, $119,000

Michael B. Harrington, Stephen C. Harrington, Jeffrey M. Harrington, Jill H. Wingfield and Minor J. Harrington to 161 Crennel LLC. 161 Crennel Dr. and additional parcel, $600,000

Emily Barbour Wood to Ronald A. Wilson Jr., Ronald A. Wilson Sr. and Rachel E. Clifford-Wilson. Lots 377 S. Five Forks Road, $37,000

Countryside Land Company LC to Kevin M. and Jennifer J Kronenburg. Lot 9, Horsley Crossing, $75,000

James S. Drumheller, Tony C. Drumheller, and R. Scott Drumheller to Christopher Peyton Drumheller. 485 S. Five Forks Road, $150,000

William T. Burleigh, Lynn Watson and Marci Huntsman, trustees to Peter G. and Melanie A. Traber. 2554 and 2570 Stapleton Road and additional parcel, $255,000

Appomattox County

Dillon W. Moorefield and Laken Loving Moorefield to Charles E. and Jean H. Farrar. Lot 81, section IIIB, Sunset Ridge Dr., $284,000

JKM Investments LLC to Vicki G. Tangerman. Lot 15, section 1, Country Club Estates, $350,000

Robert Anderson Morse and Mary Rudder to Theodore and Patricia M. Kerr. 570 Country Estates Road, $165,000

Gregory A. and Kimberly D. Wheeler to Dorothy Adcock. Lot 1, fronting Country Estates Road, $221,000

Michelle Bevelock to Jeanette M. Desouza and John S. Adams II. Parcel 23, Bear Run, $99,000

Sheila M. Roper, trustee to 460 Investment Inc. Lot 2, Richmond Highway, 2.41 acres, $82,750

Ronnie D. Bryant Sr. to 460 Investment Inc. Lot 1, Richmond Highway, 4.61 acres, $77,250

Bedford County

Jane H. Sargent to Jason Michael and Emily Young Bower. Lot 102, section 4, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $1,200,000

Ross E. Dovey or Sandra L. Dovey, trustees to Daniel R. Stober and Heather W. Stober. Lot 63, section 4, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $825,000

Kurt D. and Lorna E. Gellner to George G. and Melodie S. Vensko. 114 Pleasure Point, Blue Ridge District, $655,000.

Julia A. Peters to John Howard and Diane J. Slater. 2081 Headens Bridge Road, Lakes District, $339,950

Thomas E. and Karen R. Mobley to Richard H. Dygve and Polly D. Dygve. Trustees, lot 31, section 5, Greer’s Ford Shore, Lakes District, $302,000

Guyeannetta S. Powers to Andrew N. Combs. 1869 Lovers Lane, Blue Ridge District, $295,000

Signature Properties of Roanoke LLC to Anthony M. Delpopolo. Lot 6, section 2, Village East, Lakes District, $279,950

Stephen W. McGann to Chad A. and Sarah A. Murphy. 1351 Glenwood Dr., Lakes District, $259,900

Daymeon D. Bonds to William Wethington Jr. and Reneta McMillian. 1160 Carroll Road, Blue Ridge District, $232,000

Dylan V. Smith and Taylor L. Smith to Billy J. Ferguson Jr. and Lauren S. Kenny. 1262 Carroll Road, Blue Ridge District, $214,000

Cheryl L. Smith-Clifton to Julia A. Peters. Lot 94, section 2, Harbor Village, Lakes District, $200,000

Matthew David and Stacey A. McLean to Tomas Gallegos Olivo and Harley De Carmen Gonzalez. Lot 6, section 2, Squirrel’s Nest Farm, Blue Ridge District, $191,500

Jerry S. Jones and Melinda Kay Bently to Marrianne Gilliam. 1173 Wooldridge Road, Blue Ridge District, $165,000

Murrill and Deborah Boitnott to Heather and Craig Batten. Lot 24, Waterford, Lakes District, $162,500

RLJ LLC to Kirk E. and Kirstin E. Bonner. Lot 11, section 1, Bass Cove Subdivision, Lakes District, $155,000

Jerald I. Jeffers to Joseph Timothy and Mary Jayne Weinhofer. Tract 37, section 2, Brumfield-Graves Subdivision, Lakes District, $125,000

Karla D. Lyle to Paul B. and Anna M. Rada. 9876 Dickerson Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $124,000

Paul Edward Brown to Jason K. Eanes and Stephanie R. Eanes. 2744 Pecks Road, Lakes District, $103,900

Dustin L. Swallie to John Daniel and Stacey Louise Rorie. 1214 Blackhorse Gap Road, Blue Ridge District, $87,000

Charles P. Wilkins and Nellie W. Wilkins to Kenneth R. Woodall and Tammie M. Woodall. Parcel 10, section III, block B, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $80,000

Signature Properties of Roanoke LLC to Mack Investments Inc. 100 Lookout Ridge Road, Blue Ridge District, $49,500

Argabright Contractors Inc. to Charles E. and Dian W. Caldwell. Lot 3, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $42,950

Thomas G. Altizer Jr. to Veronica Pena Popoca and Yolanda Popoca Luna. 1320 Windhaven Trail, Blue Ridge District, $26,000

R. Lynn Trent and Brenda L. Catron to Ronnie Patsel and Billie Lou Davis. Parcel, Scenic View Dr., Lakes District, $22,407

Robert Mitchell Jones and Linda R. Jones to Jeremy M. Walsh. Lot 117 II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $5,000

Allen V. Woodie to Dustin Henegar and Edward Martin. Lot 16, section 1, Ivylea, $145,000

Timothy A. and Pamela S. Hahn to Kyle and Kelsie Canfield. 4450 Everett Road, $155,000

Jeremy H. and Jessica K. Davis to David P. and Terri L. Camden. Lot 2, Boyles Branch, $44,000

Richard E. and Kelly P.F. Dietz to Wayland T. Moen. 1015 Perch Road and additional parcel, $510,000

Thomas Bruno and Traci A. Bruno to Valerie Ann Teachout. Parcel, intersection of West Cook St. and Liberty St., $94,500

Jeff R. Kolodziej and Kimberly D. Speight to Russell A. and Springs D. Stiff. Lot 33, section 16, Farmington at Forest, $305,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc. to Michael and Lauren Rocco. Lot 10, section 7, Farmington at Forest, $549,900

Rusell A. and Spring D. Stiff to Mark W. Salyer and Heather D. Salyer. Lot, 9, The Hollows, $232,000

Grandview Course LLC to Marvin L. and Gail M. Harper. Lot 30, Grandview Course, $322,000

Brent W. Lilly Inc. to Bowellen LLC. Lot 27-31, section II, Governor’s Hill, $110,000

Foster Builder Inc. to Diane H. and Russell T. Dean Jr. Lot 40, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $307,000

Charles David Hatchel to Robynne C. Garrand. Lots 73-78, plan C, Boonsboro Place, $275,000

Kendal M. Hostetler to John D. Kelly. Lot 1, section 1, Mill Acres Country Homes, $79,000

Donna M. Morrisette to Timothy B. and Tracy K. Thorne. Lots 1-5, Secluded Acres, $335,000

James Barry and Cynthia P. Smith to 4D Construction Inc. Tract 6, 3.007 acres, Center District, $42,500

Lucas Edward Bryan and Cheryl Ann Bryan to Michael J. Nott. Lot 92, section 1, Homestead Haven, $195,000

Robert B. Taylor and Nancy W. Taylor to Kristy F. and Clyde S. Edmonds Jr. Tract 13, Oak Springs, $800,000

Robert C. and Linda J. Elness to Brian and Shimila Keenum. Lot 45, section III, Lake Vista, $420,000

Kristy F. and Clyde S. Edmonds Jr. to Chad P. and Heather A. Gable. Lot 15, section 3, West Crossing Subdivision, $580,000

John G. and Judith D. Vogler to James Christopher and Carrie Ellen Reebals. 117 Sunset Point Dr., $155,603.05

Allen N. Hamblen Jr. to Derek M. and Brittany P. Schmell. Lot 11, section II, Glasgow Heights, $193,500

Hi’eland Heather Farms LLC to Julia McHugh. 2411 Walnut Hollow Road, $1,250,000

Highland Oak LLC to Todd Morris & Sons Construction Inc. Lots 23 and 28, Highland Oaks, $112,400

Michael E. Jackson to Kathryn L. Moore. Lot 10, section 1, The Meadows, $241,000

Aaron Scott and Kathleen K. Van Allen. Lot 41, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, $310,000

Aaryn J. and Mary E. Kerry to Rebecca Aragon. Lot 33, Colonial Hills, $260,000

Keith L. Childress to CS Custom Structures Inc. Parcel, Oakwood St., Town of Bedford, $100,000

Melinda H. and Gerald W. Pendelton Jr. to Jeanne Constantino. Lot 28, Omni Place Subdivision, $195,000

Shirley W. Mitchell and Melvin A. Mitchell Jr. to Luther Hunter. Parcel A, 45.28 acres, fronting Va. 711, $294,000

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC to Joshua L. and Christa Roberts. Lot 1, section 1, Boonsboro Meadows, $235,000

Campbell County

Nancy H. Toler to Jessica Lynn Scruggs and Rigoberto V. Horta II. Parcel, Browns Mill Road, $35,000

Brenda Gayle Carwile to Cody Glen Bell. 14802 Brookneal Highway, $175,000

Dudley H. Lawhorn and Michael B. Lawhorn to Jose A. Ramos. Parcel, 6.235 acres, Trestle Road, $72,000

Joseph Henry Pamer and Jeanne Louise Pamer to Robin E. and Nolan F. Campbell Jr. Tract 1, section 9, Wildwood Estate, $270,000

Barry L. Terry Inc. to JAD Builders Inc. Lot 18, Winston Ridge, $20,000

Ricky L. and Stacy L. Allen to Griffin T. Wooldridge. 153 Hillcrest Dr., $130,000

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Leslie Watton. Lot 4, Va. 699, $1,500

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Cody A. and Samantha J. Holt. 17774 Brookneal Highway, $1,100

Adam C. and Sarah S. Mullins to Lacey M. Jenkins. Lot 12, Callahan Estates, $265,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Randall L. Jones. 204 Falling Springs Place, $176,500

Adell T. Simons to Nancy A. Whorley. Lot 7, section 1, London Village, $35,200

Daniel P. and Justine N. Paterson to Roland A. Achtau. Lot 169, section IV, Tavern Grove, $200,000

Tamara L. Rosser to Stephen A. and Christiana Stafford. Lot 21, section F, Powhatan Cox Tract, $266,400

James Malcolm and Phyllis Evans to Benjamin D. and Kelly D. Cole. 1838 Hat Creek Road and 2 additional parcels, Hat Creek Road, $560,000

City of Lynchburg

Robinson Properties Inc. to Richard Thomas Pugliese. Lot 7, section 1, block 1, Long Meadows, $150,000

Daniel R. Read and Elisabeth A. Read to Ian Emerson Walker and Chelsea June Sprouse. 1112 Villas Road, $260,000

Coastal City LLC to Corey Hartzler. 4658 Alabama Ave., $85,000

N&N Properties LLC to Justice Real Estate LLC. 1920 Rose Lane, $167,500

Sadegh Khabbazshahdilangroodi to Jessica Elizabeth Lee-Coles. Lot 19, Stuart Heights, $99,900

W. Calvin Falwell Family Limited Partnership II to Fairview Heights LLC. 1900 Martin St., $131,014

Sue Ellen Curfman to Alex O. Short. Lot 4, block B, Oglesby Tract, Rivermont, $327,000

1200COMMERCESTREETLYNCHBURG LLC to Clifford I. and Elizabeth G. Phillips. Unit No. 601, Parkview on the Bluff, $527,900

Hollie A. King to Alexander Tartter. Lot 13, block 9, section B, Sandusky Acres, $187,000

James W. Elliott to Bell Holdings LLC. 808 Buchanan St., $5,600

W. Calvin Falwell Family Limited Partnership I, W. Calvin Falwell Family Limited Partnership II, and Fairview Heights LLC to Ranger 78 LLC. 3915 Campbell Ave., 3905 Campbell Ave., 401 Roberts Ave. and 1009 Terry Court, $1,575,000

Maurice A. Pannell and Jonathan C. Sales to Lorenza Russell and Steven Hughey. 217 Race St., $6,500

James W. Elliott to Dequan Xie. 1314 14th St., $16,500

James W. Elliott to Elevation LLC. 2160 Campbell Ave., $20,000

James W. Elliott to Richard and Mia Cunningham. 102 Scott St., $18,500

James W. Elliott to Laurenda Kuffour. 1721 Fillmore St., $46,000

Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC to Matthew Roy Knopp and Kendele Elyse Reamey. Lot 6, block II, Fort Hill Addition, $214,900

Clagar Partners to Jack Stephen Garner. 2701 and 2713 Old Forest Road, 2730, 2732, 2738 and 2742 Confederate Ave., $150,000

Terry L. and Cheryl C. Stoehr and Scott L. Stoehr to Marvin Moss. Lot 39, Indigo Run Townhomes, $134,900

Luther R. Shepard and Shirley P. Shepard to William A. Robertson Jr. and Wanda H. Robertson. 1105 Lakeview Dr., $20,000

Kelly Family Properties LLC to Benjamin S. and Huimin Durden. Lot J17, block J, Cornerstone, $205,000

Bernice V. Roane to Migdalia Thomas – 401(K) Plan & Trust. 416 Holly St., $18,500

Debra Styles Davis and Janice Rucker to Meijia Liu, James Stevens, Barbara H. Stevens, and Brent L. Stevens. Lot 35, unit 414, Crescent Town Homes, $179,000

Robert C. Dillard and Lawana P. Dillard to Kenneth W. Fleshman. 309 Roberts Ave., $55,000

Chad M. and Jenny L. Mather to Stepfone and Sharonda Edwards. 3225 Landon St., $309,000

Mary M. Russell to William R. Mosher and Joyce C. Newman. Lot 49, Heritage at Wyndhurt, $210,000

Phillip Brooks and Kristy Brooks to Nathan Roberts. Lot 3, section 4, Hudson Tract, $179,900

Gregory A. Pierpoint and Claudia B. Pierpoint to Chad M. and Jenny L. Mather. 4628 Locksview Road, $299,900

Camden Properties LLC to Danielle M. Currier. 2229 Columbia Ave., $109,000

Toni A. Farris to Nathaniel M. Sutphin. Lot 150, phase 1, section 3, Townhouse Subdivision of Three Fountains, $115,500

James R. Spruce Jr., Terrell W. Spruce, Kim Spruce Burton and Tina Spruce Burnley to David A. West and Jeremy D. Krantz. 3205 Maryland Ave., $8,000

Long Meadows Inc. to Brittany and Terry Martin. Amended lot 4, Stonehaven, $239,900

Donald B. Figgatt and Shante Mason Beeson Figgatt to Debra S. Davis and Janice G. Rucker. 1506 Liggates Road, $184,000

Garold D. Smith III and Julianne W. Smith to Seth Scott. Lot 19, block 5, section C, Bedford Hills, $239,900

Betty Ward, Karen Ward and Tracy Ashby to Glenna Vernell Brown Gill. Lot 34, Candlewood Court Villas, $218,000

Manacore LLC to JC Venture Strategies LLC. 3882 Peakland Place, $105,000

Flo N. Traywick to Gregory J. and Denise M. Tuttle. Unit 2, Woodstock Apartments, $179,900

Trevor Freitas and Rachel Freitas to Alexis Virginia King. 419 Staunton St., $150,900

Thomas M. and Marilyn B. Chilton to Matthew Cullen McGarry. 2016 Burnt Bridge Road, $232,000

James E. and Sheila E. Gilliam to Matthew Ford and Brandy R. Lanphear. 106 Monte Carlo Dr., $270,000

Watt R. Foster Jr. and Jennifer Bryant Foster to Clifton D. and Stephanie T. Reed. Lot 8-B, section 11, Irvington Park, $695,000

Gregory Scott Coffey, Tamara Lynn Coffey and Melanie Dawn Coffey to Preferred Rentals B. LLC. Lot 3, Dinwiddie St., $30,000

David A. Nardi to Sara E. Paulson. 2705 Rivermont Ave., $240,000

Evelyn Angela Tallent to Jessica M. Larmie. 4664 Fairmont Ave., $156,750

James W. Elliott to Tabbatha D. Terry. 1507 14th St., $23,000

Patsy P. Cunningham to Uplift Lynchburg LLC. 3232 Cary St., $59,900

John Gillum and Tasha Gillum to Zachary Michael Flaherty. Lot A, block 27, plan A, Rivermont, $155,000

Alexander B. Barker and Amanda Barker to Sean B. Sealy and Samantha L. Ackely. 1116 Glenfield Dr., $179,900

James W. Elliott to NBS Holdings LLC. Lot 10, block 9, Highland Park, $25,900

James W. Elliott to Daniel R. Wesbrook. 1 Willow St., $5,800

James W. Elliott to Marc Corbett and Amy Corbett. 216 Stonewall St., $14,000

James W. Elliott to Marc Corbett and Amy Corbett. 231 Dabney St., $22,000

James W. Elliott to Robert Simmons. 3500 Wards Road, $25,000

James W. Elliott to Reasonable Property Solutions LLC. 1307 14th St., $10,000

WBW Investments LLC to Sandra A. and James G. Wilen Jr. 106 Phillips Circle, $157,100

Building Permits

Bedford County

Thomas Bell, lot 32, Leander Dr., new dwelling, $350,000

Barry Mountcastle, 208 Red Oak Road, dock addition, $60,000

NBI Development LLC, lot 168, Mayberry Hills Way, new dwelling, $180,000

Rivertree Enterprises LLC, 6146 Forest Road, renovation, $100,000

Frank Mazzola, 1175 Mays Mill Road, commercial alterations, $239,100

NBI Development LLC, Building # 4 Diamond Hill Road, storage facility, $172,600

NBI Development LLC, Building # 2 Diamond Hill Road, storage facility, $341,600

Greg Cassady, 3355 Turner Branch Road, roof, $1,000

James Smith, lot 10, section 1, Cedar Knoll, new dwelling, $240,000

Deanna Fussi, 1423 Montvale St., garage, $14,000

Stephen Hostetler, 1064 Lakeland Pines Dr., addition, $200,000

Rivertree Enterprises LLC, 6146 Forest Road, deck, $5,000

Thomas Bell, lot 33, Leander Dr., new dwelling, $350,000

Carter Builders & Sons Inc., lot 110, Glenbrooke Dr., new dwelling, $300,000

Jamie Hoke, Snidow Dr., new dwelling, $55,000

Matthew Robertson, Lake Cross Lane, new dwelling, $247,000

Bedford County School Board, 1044 Otter River Dr., pavilion, $7,600

Roy Barnhart, 1684 Virginia Woods Dr., garage, $8,147.32

Jeremy Welsh, 1029 Joe Watson Dr., porch, $1,500

Matthew Durand, 1532 Matthew Talbot Road, deck, $15,000

Mark Halbiesen, 1502 High Acre Road, sunroom, $115,000

Jeffrey Goode, 1020 Sigh N. Pine Road, alterations, $35,000

Tony Onesti, lot 11, Needlewood, dock, $110,000

Waldo Johnson, Otter Hill Road, new dwelling, $300,000

NBI Development LLC, Building # 1 Diamond Hill Road, storage facility, $26,900

Brent Lilly, lot 17, section III, Burnbrae, new dwelling, $600,000

Michael Fields, 132 Gross Point Dr., deck, $62,000

Teresa McCain, 6296 Horseshoe Bend Road, addition, $200,000

1101 Prosperity LLC, 1101 Prosperity Dr., alterations, $90,000

Christopher Price, Buttercup Lane, new dwelling, $263,467

Paul Gula, 1137 Winding Timber Lane, renovation, $13,700

Michael Maloney, 1307 Lakefield Dr., finish basement, $40,000

Houshang Javey, 1161 Carnegie Place, finish basement, $35,000

David Melvin, 232 Pine Knob Circle, dock, $150,000

John Resch, 1184 Laura’s Lane, garage, $120,000

Dwayne Shell, 1380 Thomasson Mill Road, new dwelling, $140,000

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