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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Fallon N. and Wayne H. Berryman Jr. to Donnie J. and Casie Ward. Parcel, fronting Va. 730, Elon District, $139,900

Elizabeth A. Tiller to William John Alloway. Lot 13, Buffalo Ridge, $117,000

Margaret S. Bradbury to Adam Bundy. Parcel, Va. 622, Madison Heights, $71,000

Abraham L. and Angelic M. Yousef to Mark E. and Patricia J. Chapman. Parcel B, Va. 1108, 0.463 acres, Courthouse District, $140,000

Lawrence W. Hall Jr. and Virginia A. Hall to Ethan M. Chase and Katrina P. Chase. Parcel, 2.16 acres, Va. 726, Courthouse District, $195,000

Favor of God Builders LLC to Brenda L. and Terence A. Russell. Lot 2, 0.613 acres, Elon District, $184,900

Flipped LLC to W4 Properties Madison Heights LLC. 2 parcels, west side of U.S. 29, 1.023 acres and additional parcel, 0.737 acres Elon District, $40,000

Iris G. Martin, Jeane T. Wingfield and Martin and Wingfield Partnership to Iris G. Martin. Lots 1-3, Clearview Road, Elon District, $235,000

Appomattox County

Adam B. Spencer to Caitlin S. Bowyer. Lot 9, Stonewall Meadows Subdivision, Stonewall District, $192,500

Michael A. Shupe, Kimberly S. Wheeler, Jason W. Shupe, Walker A. Shupe and Linda B. Shupe to Woodland Road Properties LLC. Lots 5 and 6, Town of Appomattox, $150,000

Larry and Deborah Rakes to Paul R. Stuke. Parcel, Va. 616, 46.35 acres, Cloverhill District, $242,050

Jacqueline L. Hancock and Nathaniel Gregory Megginson to James A. Moore Sr. Parcel, Va. 605, 0.45 acres, Stonewall District, $4,500

D & D Land Holdings LLC to Lee M. and Sandra A. Hughes. Lot 3, Mount Cut View, Cloverhill District, $239,900

Logan T. Collins to Kendrick L. Rose Jr. Lot B, o.88 acres, Va. 26, Southside District, $154,900

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. and Benjamin D. Cole to Thomas M. Rice. Parcel Va. 607, 58.751 acres, Stonewall District, $75,080

CMH Homes Inc. to Carl E. and Darlene F. Crews. Lot 4, 11.11 acres, Southside District, $162,989.63

James W. Siano to Alan S. and Laura H. Briceland. Lots 36-38, Falling River Acres, Southside District, $240,000

Pamela Chilton-Ward to Jonathan and Latrina Moore. Parcel, 4.44 acres, Va. 657, Stonewall and Cloverhill Districts, $100,000

Vanessa A. Camperlengo to John and Kristin S. Wright. Parcel, 66.15 acres, Va. 605, Stonewall District, $490,000

Bedford County

Brenda C. and Jake R. Ferrell Jr. to Brian and Laureen Lampl. Lot 45, Dixie Acres, Lakes District, $610,000

Shaun Thaxter, trustee and Gillian Thaxter, trustee to Robert S. and Nancy J. Brown. Lot 3, section 3, The Cove at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $466,000

Harry B. Smith, co-trustee to Mark G. Luongo. Unit 232, building 1, Deerwood Pointe, Monacan Shore, Blue Ridge District, $408,000

Danny Brian and Shayne Marie Sims to Colin VanBryce and Isabell K. Zaretti. Lot 3, Creek Edge, Blue Ridge District, $289,950.

Wesley L. Shepherd and Jeanette S. Lyon to Tommy Joe and Jackie M. Kent. Lot 6, section II, Johnson Farm Subdivision, Lakes District, $280,000

Barry C. Compton Inc. to Jonathan T. White and Madison B. White. Lot 6, Morris Brothers Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $191,500

Bradley N. and Aileen M. Strong to Warren L. and Kimberly P. Brock. Lot 9, Map of Suntree, Blue Ridge District, $166,500

Michael and Susan West to Ralph J. and Jacqueline Kay Updike. Part of parcel E, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $163,000

John F. Vallimont to Keith R. Lambert, trustee. Lot 8, Mountain Shadow Cove, Blue Ridge District, $60,000

Robert Goff II, James Goff and Carol G. Massie to Tony A. Huffman. Unit 211, building 1, Walnut Ridge Country Townhomes, phase I, $165,000

Danny Tyree Builder to Tracey R. Douthat. Lot 54, section 4, Cedar Rock, $472,000

Dolores E. Giles Martin to Joseph C. Shipman. Lot 88, Poplar Forest, Jefferson District, $228,000

Roberta B. Clay, trustee to Pamela D. Staton and Robert A. Staton Jr. Lot 2, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $69,900

Lois Virginia Babb to William Scott and Tonya Rieley Hengerer. Parcel, Patterson Mill Road, Peaks District, $174,000

Frank J. Akerson to Anthony Lyde Axt Jr. Portion of a parcel, 1.222 acres, Forest Road, Center District, $35,000

Ronald R. Bender and Paula D. Bender to Ronald E. Lovings. Lot 7, Trents Meadow Farm, Jefferson District, $875,000

Rachel M. Saunders to George A. English. New lot A1, 1.905 acres, Center District, $25,000

Allen W. Harvey Limited Partnership LLP to Carlos Michael and Joyce L. Duncan. Lot 4, section II, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $339,000

Campbell County

DeeDee Renee Stern to Kenneth A. and Donna F. Spencer. New parcel A, 9.039 acres, Flat Creek District, $10,000

Charles G. Mocsiran and Brenda C. Mocsiran to Jonathan Tidwell-Bamberg. Parcel, 0.247 acres, part of Arlene Crouch property, Vista District, $119,900

Jessica K. and Charles R. McRaven II to Bradley Pauley. Parcel 4, Bumgarner Dr., $188,000

Mary Francis Lewis to Cody H. Yarborough. Lot 8, section 1, Cedar Acres, $171,000

Numa Ray Lee and The Numa Ray Lee Revocable Trust to Charles T. and Wanda S. Umphlette. Parcel A, Va. 615, 1.82 acres, $22,000

Clinton W. and Shirley B. Dudley to Michael Lewis Irby. Parcel, 3 acres, Patrick Henry District, $23,000

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Melvin L. Graves Sr. Lot 9, Chellis Ford Road, $4,250

The County of Campbell, Virginia to OBAN Land & Realty LLC. Parcel, Va. 701, 1 acre, $3,172.37

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Thomas R. McDaniel. Lot 309, phase IV, Runaway Bay, $5,000

Jeremy D. Rawlings to Nicholas Ryan Baker. Parcel, Va. 680, 5.01 acres, $80,000

City of Lynchburg

Angela N. Toms to Ryan and Corey Thomas. Part of lot 59 and lots 60-62, section A, Morningside Heights, $153,000

Glen D. and Kristi B. Shelton to Susan B. Tryall. Lot 10, section 1, College Park Subdivision, $150,000

Hannah J. Nelms to Thomas J. Rickabaugh. Lot 27, section 1, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $249,000

Daniel R. and Nancy L. Mitchell to Sutton LLC. Lot 28, section IV, Willowbend Subdivision, $123,500

Meg-Drew Properties LLC to Brandon R. and Donna R. Radford. Lot 34, section 1, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $276,500

Nicholas M. and Brittany A. Liberto to Terry L. and Denise E. Kelley. 706 Byrd St., $139,900

RTB Properties LC to Flomar2LLC. Unit 118B, Parkside Grande at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $127,000

Thomas Wayne St. John Jr. to Amy Lynn and Tommy Wayne Hanks Jr. Lots 16-17, block 48, Fairview Heights Subdivision, $135,000

Charles S. Olson and Louanna D. Olson to Nicholas C. Freesland. Lots 5 and 5A, section D, Linkhorne Forest Subdivision, $335,900

Wahoo Properties LLC to Janet E. Fielder. Lot 2, block 3, Glenwood Addition, $54,000

Tamphia Cox to Thomas P. and Debra R. Lawrence. Lot 116, Northwynd Villas Subdivision, $174,900

Fellenger Properties LLC to Christopher S. Garrett and Evelyn G. Chandler. Lot 20, block 6, Westover Heights Subdivision, $118,000

George William Bennett Jr., Johns Sankiewicz and Dennis Morandy to Michael L. Dillard. Lot 2, Campbell Ave, $72,000

Terry J. and Melissa R. Thompson to Eric M. and Leslie W. Baugher. Lot 5, Citation Run Subdivision, $600,000

Easton Avenue Trust to Barrington Properties. Lot 6, block 45, plan A, Rivermont Company Subdivision, $87,843

John and Emma F. Avery to Michael A. Gillette and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees. Parcel, fronting 16th St., $65,900

William H. Cooper Jr. and Annette H. Cooper, trustees to Lindsey L. and Kevin S. Midkiff II. Part of lots 4 and 5, block 5, Inglewood Subdivision, $290,000

Scott L. Waldron and Patricia M. Waldron to Martha W. Addington. 200 Gaddy Road, $175,000

Kaplan Russell LLC to A Mullins Properties LLC. Lot 2, Fifth St., $94,000

Joseph E. Payne and Amanda Payne to Roy A. McCullough and Joyce E. McCullough. Lot 6, W.G. Moss Estate, $129,900

Omar D. Hussamy to Carla Berry Hamilton. Lots 23-24, section 1, Rivermont Subdivision, $15,000

Faye E. James to Claytor G. Coleman III. Lots 4 and 5, block 41, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $45,000

Mary Boone Dovel to Kellie Owens Reams. Unit 7, Rivermont Condominiums, $180,000

John and Debra Dateo to Autumn Rae Quinn and Mary Louise Dillon. Lots 49-54, bock 3, Heath Ave., $182,900

Pearl T. Shirey to Jason C. Burger and Gail A. Hamilton. Lot 8, block C, Fort Hill Manor Subdivision, $110,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

A Mullins Properties LLC, 506 Madison St., renovation, $12,000

Liberty University Inc., 100 Towns Court, new construction, $31,011,888

Morris Property Management LLC, 1713 12th St., repair, $25,000

Bohling Enterprises LLC, 3410 Forest Brook Road, renovation, $125,000

Randolph College, 5 Quinlan St., renovation, $3,500,000

White Oaks Wards LP, 2245 Langhorne Road, addition, $3,500

Liberty University Inc., 2300 Carroll Ave., addition, $13,000

City of Lynchburg, 800 Orchard St., renovation, $3,000

Marvin Jones, 5925 Quaker Parkway, addition, $12,936

Mark Schomaker, 517 Cornerstone St., renovation, $8,700

Andrew Mueller, 420 Preserve Dr., renovation, $45,000

David Horner, 403 College Park Dr., repair, $9,044

Kent Almond, 749 Crestwood Circle, repair, $7,625

Sellari Enterprises Inc., 146 Craftsman Way, new construction, $325,000

Matthew Schubert, 1120 Heath Ave., renovation, $7,425

Giau Pham, 100 Seven Oaks Dr., renovation, $22,000

Thomas Thomas Jr., 109 Trinity Court, renovation, $55,000

Gerald Edlin, 2116 Longwood Road, renovation, $25,000

Stacey Meyer, 1015 Jackson St., renovation, $1,000

David Falwell, 4306 Richmond Highway, addition, $43,000

Lisa Pugh, 100 Sandbridge Court, addition, $9,082

ASSYRIA LLC, 711 Hancock St., renovation, $25,000

Cook Family LPI, 4635 Oxford St., renovation, $5,550

Cook Family LPI, 4631 Oxford St., renovation, $11,100

Richard Edwards, 130 Richeson Dr., renovation, $31,000

Joseph Orchowski, 209 Trents Ferry Road, addition, $13,500

Jacob Strong, 3208 Maryland Ave., repair, $1,000

Amherst Home Buyers LLC, 311 Grove St., repair, $15,000

David Sims, 3218 Downing Dr., addition, $23,630

John Kerr, 1425 Brookville Lane, renovation, $8,568

Bryan Burke, 4753 John Scott Dr., renovation, $5,000

Rivermont Presbyterian Church, 2436 Rivermont Ave., repair, $250,000

Robert Luse, 202 Huron Ave., addition, $20,125

Baller Enterprise LLC, 61 Jackson St., addition, $21,000

Brian Davis, 1125 Glenfield Dr., addition, $2,000

Paragon Holdings LLC, 316 Wadsworth St., repair, $3,310

Michael Christmas, 65 North Princeton Circle, renovation, $110,000


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