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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Samuel D. and Connie W. Cunningham to W.E.K. LLC. Parcel, 17.88 acres, South Amherst Highway, $250,000

Renee T. Duff and Janet H. Thomas to Robert Austin. Parcel, fronting Va. 130, 4.79 acres, $45,000

Meredith Miller to Mountain Horizon LLC. 980 Buffalo Springs Turnpike, $20,000

Marshall L. Allgood and Joyce J. Ware Allgood to Judy D. Mooney. Lot 4, block 9, phase IV, unit 904, Royal Gardens, $120,000

Joey Dawson Custom Woodworking Inc. to Andres Arellano and Marisol Barron-Palma. Lot 10, Clearview Acres, $253,000

Janice B. Tyree to Ronald Travis and Mar McIntosh Sones. Lot 3, Ballard Tract Subdivision, $18,000

Nellwyn Ruth Cash to Joshua Michael Ray. Parcel, Dixie Airport Road, 2.28 acres, $215,000

Independence Mall of Madison Heights Inc. to 29 South LLC. 4133 South Amherst Highway, $400,000

Sandra E. Well to Harry Franklin Good. 245 Southern Cross Lane, $50,000

Appomattox County

Deborah A. Sturgeon to Christopher P. Tolley. 583 Lee Grant Ave., $150,000

J.P. Richardson & Sons LLC to John W. and Mary S. Brewer. 198 Main St., $22,000

Chilton Properties LLC to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 16, Pine View Estates, $18,500

David Alfonso to Jordan D. Keatts. Lot 21, Burnett Acres, $135,000

Janelle Brewer to Steven Matthew Marshall. 1088 Double Bridges Road, $2,800

Leslie Clark Baldwin to Linda S. Smith. 1790 Pamplin Road, $50,000

Bedford County

Robert Lee and Barbara Lee Moore to James M.S. and Sherry D. Brady. 15993 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $1,795,000

Anderson, Desimone & Green P.C. to Kevin W. Carr and Prudence E. Beidler Carr. Lot 12, section 3, Sanrasan Subdivision, Lakes District, $1,500,000

Mark J. and Cathleen A. Valette to Kevin S. O’Neil. 102 Water’s Edge Lane, Lakes District, $712,000

Paul J. Gula and Joan E. Gula to Brandon Clark and Heather Jordan McKee. Lot 1, phase 1, River’s End, Blue Ridge District, $599,990

Michael Alan Sherman to Hannah Heath. Lot 5, The Knoll, Blue Ridge District, $335,000

DGK Investments Properties LLC to Larry Dale McKinney and Carrie Lee McKinney. Unit 60, phase 5, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $320,000

Steve M. and Brandi Nicole Downs to Denise Lindgreen and Kenneth Roy George Jr. 1692 Pike Rod, Blue Ridge District, $299,900

Brett C. Stevens to Joni Hayner Jones and John Samuel Martin Jr. 1135 Oddfellows Road, Blue Ridge District, $270,000

Chadwick Ray and Amanda Lazenby Mullins to Cody R. Carawan and Megan N. Cross. 2178 Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge District, $210,000

Russell H. Hertzler to Amanda St. Peter. Lot 8, Stanley Estates, Lakes District, $206,000

Maria R. Hernandez to Lisa Champe. 3832 Pike Road, Blue Ridge District, $154,950

Patrick A. Cosmato to RNHS LLC. 12392 Hardy Road, Blue Ridge District, $149,500

Michael L. and Marsha Hayner and Joni Jones to Carlton Madison Brown IV and Elyse Christine Water-Brown. Lot 82, Village Green, Blue Ridge District, $144,000

Linda Faye M. Lyle and Andrea Ruth M. Whitlow to Kalen Bushong. 1849 Drewry’s Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $140,000

Barbara and Ricky Hicks to Cathy Dianne Jones. 1082 Blue Hills Dr., Blue Ridge District, $80,000

Timothy L. and Althea L. Blankenship to Jerry L. and Regena L. Seay. 8820 Moneta Road, Lakes District, $70,000

Homer S.E. Holt Jr., Nunziatina Holt and Vicenzo Giovanni Holt to Luther Green and Vickie Green. Tract 5, section 1, Crest Hills, Lakes District, $65,000

Gregory K. Millner to Victoria Ann Cifers. Lot 6, section 2, Nottingham Forest, $341,910

Randall T. Grant and Bryant E. Grant to Sue Henderson Broxterman. Parcel, 3.99 acres, Va. 221, $365,000

Steven T. and Christina Wright to Jonathan Curt and Amanda Christine Hammitt. Lot 71, section 1, Autumn Run, $440,900

Robert J. and Jann M. Sloper to Donald Scott Matthews. Lot 1, 0.449 acres, Town of Bedford, $330,000

Corey S. Vaughan to Thomas McMullen. Tract 3, 20 acres, Peaks District, $75,000

William J. Roth and Pamela D. Roth to Keith A. Genneken. Lot 7, section 1, Graham View Estates, $400,000

Sandra M. Duval to Stephen and Mary Margaret Vilhelmsen. Unit 3124, building 1, phase 1, Spinnaker Point Condominium, $162,100

Foster Builder Inc. to Vivian Likens Price. Lot 19, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $400,000

Patsy D. Carter to Russell H. Hertzler. Parcel, 7.513 acres, Va. 122 and Va. 721, $285,000

Robyn A. McCarthy to Eric Andrew Himmelfarb. Lot 5, section 19, Farmington at Forest, $264,000

Jared M. Sparnroft and Mary E. Sparnroft to David P. Stewart. Lot 29, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $190,000

West Crossing LLC to Richland Property Group LLC. Lot 4, section 10, Farmington at Forest, $58,900

West Crossing LLC to Richland Property Group LLC. Lot 3, section 10, Farmington at Forest, $58,900

West Crossing LLC to Richland Property Group LLC. Lot 2, section 10, Farmington at Forest, $58,900

West Crossing LLC to Richland Property Group LLC. Lot 1, section 10, Farmington at Forest, $58,900

Michael Kinelski to Dayspring LLC. 1053 and 1055 Piedmont St., $195,000

The Entrust Group Inc. to Dayspring LLC. Lot 9 Piedmont Court, $195,000

Michael Kinelski to Dayspring LLC. 1045 and 1047 Piedmont St., $195,000

Wheat Valley LLC to Dorothy and David Coblentz. Tract 1, Va. 640, $300,000

AGVAF Enterprises LLC to Hayden Property Management LLC. 210 N. Bridge St., $534,500

Campbell County

21934 Timberlake LLC to David and Annette Malbuff. Lot 54, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $203,900

21934 Timberlake LLC to David and Annette Malbuff. Lot 53, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $203,900

21934 Timberlake LLC to David and Annette Malbuff. Lot 52, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $203,900

Tram Deo to Seth David Swarey and Jeremy Devon Miller. Lot 27, Winden Hills, $91,000

Timothy Athanasios Savas, Paul Evans Savas and Rebekah Iphigenia Savas to David M. Quigley and Kimberly R. Quigley. Tracts 11-15, Beaver Creek, $575,000

Lisa F. Jordan and Heather C. Morton to Ryan Earl Bennett. Lot 177, section 3, Braxton Park, $258,000

C. Matthew Fariss to Hudson Builders Inc. Lot 7, Hayden Fields, $45,000

C. Matthew Fariss to Hudson Builders Inc. Lot 3, Hayden Fields, $50,000

C. Matthew Fariss to Elaine A. Gratto. Parcel, Pittsylvania Ave., $54,900

Michael and Sandra Harter to Caitlyn D. Pritchard. Lot 18, section 1-A, Seminole Ridge, $179,300

Ann P. Thomas, Lynn Parady Nelson and Charles Ames Parady to Erin R. and Kristina R. Smith. Lot 45, Stonegate, $206,000

Bonnie Susan Little and Michael Edward Keesee to Barry E. and Cheryl C. Hall. 4986 Colonial Highway, $55,000

Bonnie Susan Little and Michael Edward Keesee to Barry E. and Cheryl C. Hall. Lots 3-10, Colonial Highway, $26,000

Arnold Clarence Cooper, Janet Ann Cooper and Shoemaker & Straw PLLC to Kristen S. and Seth L. Mela Jr. Lot 4, section 2, Carter’s Crossing, $317,900

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Nicolas A. and Ramona Gravert. Lot 65, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $212,000

Lorraine Blanks Potter to 29 Storage LLC. 186 Amy Road, $195,000

Catherine Callahan Dennison to Darrell W. Royal. 2008 Colonial Highway, $159,900

City of Lynchburg

Patrick C. and Terri L. Proffitt to Lauren E. Evans. 111 Neal St., $29,900

Carl E. Duncan, Linda H. Duncan and Phillip D. Duncan to Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC. Lot 7, Del Ray Circle, $125,000

Lynchburg Cornerstone Group LLC to Christine E. Wallace. Lot 6, block 38, Westover Heights Company, $165,000

White Oak Wards L.P. to Sweet Realty LLC. 2101 Wards Road, $495,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC to Amanda A. Turner and James A. Frenchik. Lot 35, phase 1A, Blackwater Run, $95,000

Bradley K. and Ellen V. Geisert to Kevin A. Carr and Michelle Lynn Blaydes. Lot 17, Marvin Gardens, $241,000

William A. Johnson Jr. to Robert R. Rusnak. 1909 Early St., $92,000

DRV Construction LLC to Shanyn Hernandez-Pichardo. Lot 4, block A, section 2, Blue Ridge Farms, $179,900

Edward G. Lawhorne and Jacqulyn D. Lawhorne to Shenk Properties LLC. 1322 St. Cloud St., $115,500

Christopher Lee and Cheryl L. Gray to Jason K. and Britney N. Havertape. Lot 11, section 2, Chestnut Hill, $230,000

Joshua Mulaparthi and Samantha Mulaparthi to Maxim A. Perminov. Lot 106, Sterling Park Townhomes, $157,000

Joseph Earl Dawson, Judy Dawson Duncan, Amy Dawson Huskin and Beverly Dawson Martin to Julaina Hamajad. 531 Eldon Ave., $117,000

Hunter G. Garrett Jr. and Lisa B. Garrett to David W. Parlier and Skylar L. Backe. 3704 Mathews St., $227,500

Rocky A. Fowler and Hannah C. Fowler to William L. and Kristina K. Walker. 5633 White Oak Dr., $216,000

John S. Tinsley, Peyton Tinsley Wingfield and Leah Virginia Wingfield to Clayton Everly and Haylynn Noel Copper. 2421 and 2425 Terrell Place, $179,900

Stephen E. and Elizabeth S. Bright to Jennifer N. and Brantley B. Blair Jr. Lot 8, block 1, section 3, Boonsboro Forest, $314,000

James B. and Tamara H. Carney to Carl and Angela A. Martin. Lot 20, block V, section 12, Vista Acres Subdivision, $331,761

Armadyne LLC to CCM Property LLC. 3203 and 3205 Old Forest Road, $554,000

Cheryl G. Poindexter to Desire C. Garrison. Lot 41, section 2, Long Meadows, $197,000

Jonathan R. Collins to Gregory E. Hann. 1414 Ashbourne Dr., $129,900

Felicia J. Hinkley to Christopher Scott and Angela N. Hightower. 3201 Cary St., $128,000

Peter J. and Caitlyn H. Berry to Timothy G. and Miranda M. Slusser. Lot 3, block 5, Craddock Addition, $113,000

Amy E. McKinney to Smith, R&E, LLC. Lot 4, Wiggington Corner, $219,900

JCWT LLC to Smith, R&E, LLC. 5145 Boonsboro Road, $255,000

Margaret A. McCall to Joseph O. Franklin Jr. Lots 37-39, block 2, Edgewood, $85,000

Russell and Debra Murphy to Gregory Ruby and Kourtney Cooper. Lot 20, Ridgecroft, $465,000

Paces Enterprises LLC to Alexandra Marie Licata. 1503 Fillmore St., $160,000

White Mountain Investments LLC to Johanna P. Calfee. 2018 A Pansy St., $9,900

Lindsey and Sharon E. Grey to Nichole Joyce Dicken and Keith Jerome Countis. 1413 Brookville Lane, $235,000

Michael L. Dillard to Anthony M. Bourn. Part of lot 3, block 10, Edley Addition, $166,000

Flomar 2 LLC to Joseph D. and Theresa S. Aboid. Unit 118-B, The Parkside Grande at Wyndhurst Condominium, $145,000

Bryant L. and Jordan L. Vennable to Jawaad Desha Douglas. Lot 17, Doral Acres, $246,000

Barbara Missy Eisel Cunningham to Mary Wayne Hardwick. Lot 49, phase II, Stonemill, $280,000

Birgitte Hendricks to Peter S. Baldwin. Lot 48, section 2, Boxwood Subdivision, $341,900

Ivette Matos-Serrano to Megan Elizabeth and Donald Holden Shields to Donald and Kimberly M. Shields. 415 Eldon St., $160,000

Nathaniel E. and Rachel A. Lindblad to YM Unique Enterprises LLC. Lot 5, block 1, section A, Sandusky Acres, $204,500

Mary G. Robinson to Wendy Lynne Miles. Lot 28 and part of lot 27, block D, Normandy Addition, $281,500

Erik Michael Miller to Alicia R. Wallman. 2409 Terrell Place, $140,000

Mary Sandra Pruitt to Danny R. and Rebecca D. Childress. Lot 8, block 2, Oaklawn Addition, $250,000

April L. Watson to Alex Scott Birch. Lots 34 and 35, block 7, Sunset Heights Addition, $138,500

Sarah Marie Francis to Tori Vajgrt and Gabriel Dunaway. 515 Orchard St., $119,900

Forest Views LLC to Ursa Properties LLC. 2601 Dudley St. and 2705 Loraine St., $130,000

Sheila M. Mann to Matthew Mann. Lot 28, section 1, Jubilee Heights, $75,000

Elizbeth M. Serrett and Deanne S. Adams to Polly E. King and Charles V. Holton. Amended lot 8, section A, Bedford Hills, $399,000

Bruce R. Hildenberger to Hunter Chase Dawson and Karen S. Chicas. 369 Buena Vista St., $28,500

Thomas E. Robinson and Sheila Austin-Robinson to Derek T. and Heather N. Harris. 2219 Autumn Dr., $179,900

Patricia L. Coleman to University of Lynchburg Inc. Lot 33, block A, Westwood Addition, $168,000

Lollas E. Hutcherson to Larry W. and Janet B. Daugherty. 5920 Quaker Parkway, $135,000

Joey A. Allen to Priority One Properties LLC. Lot 56, block E, section 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $65,000

Pallaria LTD to Hunter C. Dawson and Karen S. Chicas. 831 Victoria Ave., $34,750

Building permits

Appomattox County

Robert Boisey, lot 11, Maple Springs Estate, new dwelling, $30,000

Balance Gymnastics and Fitness, Stage Road, steel building with mezzanine, $877,680

Alex Fullerton, Womack Subdivision, new dwelling, $329,000

Jeff Smith, 850 Skyline Road, metal building, $17,000

Valarie Crain, 480 Phoebe Pond Road, deck, $8,000

Nick Cheatham, Trent Hatchery Road, new dwelling, $270,000

Chad Hodges, Horseshoe Road, new dwelling, $300,000

Troy Woods, 6554 Red House Road, garage, $25,000

Thomas Womack, 1009 Oakville Road, alterations, $4,600

Michael Stroud, 385 Holcomb Road, pole building, $27,300

David Johnson, lot 10, North Creek Road, new dwelling, $220,000

David Johnson, lot 11, North Creek Road, new dwelling, $220,000


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