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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Suzanne Hahn to Ellen May Properties LLC. 4619 S. Amherst Highway and two adjoiming parcels, $50,000

Nathan Earl and Maggey Renee Hollandsworth to Drake C. and Taylor A. Richardson. Lot 40, Abee Manor, $215,000

Travis C. Pearl to Jessica D. Powell. 1996 Coolwell Road, $252,900

Kenneth P. Wooten and Racheal-Sarah J. Wooten to Jason P. and Summer S. Bryant. 1274 Matohe Road, $204,000

Laura A. Gray to Gerald W. Pendleton Jr. and Melinda Leigh Hamlet Pendelton. Lot 2, section 1, Rosecliff Farms, $390,000

Jeffrey W. McLane to Hunter Blake and Megan Layne Floyd. Lot 10, section 1, Pine Hill Subdivision, $250,000

Jose N. and Maria Lourdes Barragan to Ward H. McDonald. 180 Broken Arrow Trail, $108,300

Susan Brockman Mays to Michael R. Wright. Lots 20 and 21 and parcels “A and B”, Poplar Grove Subdivision, $13,000

Ian M. Parker to Patricia T. Weeks. 305 Thomas Road, $109,000

Lofton Leasing LLC to Stephen J. and Ruth A. Horstemeyer. Lot 46, section 2B, Stratford Place, $245,000

Arnett A. Green to Maurice A. Cousins. Parcel, Grandview Estates, $220,000

Edward Hunter Hopkins to Laura A. Gray. Lot 3, Wellington Forest, $146,500

William Roy Miller, Brian Scott Walkup and Justin Allen Walkup to Joseph G. Wingfield, Scott D. Wingfield and Gary D. Wingfield. Lot 18, Otter Creek, $37,500

Appomattox County

Central Virginia Federal Credit Union to Alyssa and John T. Shepard Jr. Lot 32, Meadow Lark Subdivision, $108,100

Vicki G. Swing to Matthew and Jenalyn Floyd. 1970 Cub Creek Road, $121,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Tyrock Construction LLC. Lot 6, North Avenue Subdivision, $20,000

Eleanor Wooldridge to Tyler Matthew and Pamela Kay Carlson. 475 Confederate Blvd., $102,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Roger F. Walton and Connie S. Walton. Lot 1, fronting Va. 24 and Va. 701, $107,200

D &D Land Holdings LLC to Edward M. and Amanda J. Tuck. Lot 5B, Mountain Cut Road, $244,000

Robert N. Richardson to Kevin T. Morgan. 2580 Swan Road, $180,000

Bedford County

David E. Horst, trustee to Nicholas J. and Shelly Plank Nerangis. 1088 Longview Estates Dr., Lakes District, $1,200,000

Stephen C. Thayer to Richard Harvey Gendreau. Parcel, near Terrapin Creek Road, 170.46 acres, Lakes District, $240,000

Nancy Goodwin Griffin and Barbara Ann Boatwright to Robert R. and Morgan R. Blake. 1090 Lake Forest Dr., Lakes District, $450,000

John M. Dell and Marsha E. Dell to S. Clark and Amy K. Castell. Tracts 42 and 43, section 2, Brumfield-Graves Subdivision, Lakes District, $229,000

M. Hunter Jacobs to Blackberry Springs LLC. Parcel, near Crowder Road, 57.985 acres, Lakes District, $239,000

Edward P. and Patricia B. Thomas to Alexis Mitchell. 1107 Green Mountain Road, Blue Ridge District, $152,000

J. Richard West to Rachel S. Love and Kyle P. Walter. Lot 20, section C, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $430,000

WW McDonald Land Company to Christopher M. and Melanie Kiger. Unit 228, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $288,500

WW McDonald Land Company to Christopher M. and Melanie Kiger. Unit 2204, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $50,500

Mark A. and Mary Jo Cianchetti to Robert W. and Marie L. Miller. 1051 Hales Creek Road, Lakes District, $745,000

Anthony I. and Charlotte C. Tyson to Sven Tomas and Anneli I. Leander. Lot 13, section A, Smuggler’s Neck Subdivision, Lakes District, $615,000

Jacob A. Overstreet to Stewart T. and Marci Stone. Unit S-5, Belview Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $125,000

Andrew J. and Dana M. Diefenderfer to Julie Ann H. and Norman D. Pullen Jr. 1851 Morris Road, Blue Ridge District, $400,000

Woodland Resources LLC to Jason K. Trigg. Parcel, near Pike Road, 162.73 acres, Blue Ridge District, $200,000

Robert E. Cole, Joana G. Cole, Steven D. Meyer, Lawrence J. Meyer and Rosalia G. Meyer to Jason W. Dee and Regina M. Dee. Lot 18, section 3, Hickory Cove, Lakes District, $585,000

Edward F. Sheehan and Carla J. Sheehan to AARUSH INC. 4199 Stoney Fork Road, Lakes District, $95,000

Sportsmen Hunting Club LLC to Steven M. Vause, trustee. Lot 43, Sportsman’s Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $84,000

Robert N. and Colleen Wardlow to John Carter. Lot 38, phase A, Mayberry Villas, Lakes District, $165,000

Jeffrey and Kelly M. Tolley to Barbara and Andrzej M. Wroblewski. Lot 44, block IV, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $550,000

Candace Rivers to Laura C. and Leron Howard, Unit 42, phase 4, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $214,000

Leake A. Johnson and Holli M. Johnson to Sheldon F. Wilson. Parcel B, Pisgah Church, Lakes District, $115,000

Michael David Hartberger to Melissa D. Viar and John M. Perdue. 1442 Bore Auger Road, Blue Ridge District, $159,000

Joseph S. Mitchell III to Brandon W. Jarrell. Lot R, Happy Acres Park, Lakes District, $100,000

Gregory S. and Fayre F. McNeil to David R. and Paula M. Elmore. 234 Blarney Stone Court, Lakes District, $348,000

Ross Schaben to Brandon and Caitlin Caldwell. 114 Waywood Hills Dr., Blue Ridge District, $214,950

Betsy A. Arnette and Lori L. Myers to Jack P. Yon. Tract 9, Oak Hill, Blue Ridge District, $8,000

James F. and Mary H. Mullins to Rohit and Chhavi Anand. Lot 36, section 2, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $470,000

Matthew Fischer, Brittany Adams and Wendy Wolfe to Chadwick and Jennifer Fike. 3173 Quarles Road, Peaks District, $290,000

Kevin L. and Christi A. Meservy to Nicole and John M. Green III. Lot 64, Lake Manor Estate, $625,000

Julia Cyrus to Luis A. and Kristen C. Rodriguez. 2027 Goode Station Road, $38,000

Charles F. and Deborah M. Searles to Pamela D. and Mark W. Kratochvil. Lot 22, Autumn Run West, $424,900

Kathy M. Griffin and Fred D. Griffin to Richard J. and Felicia M. Barton. Lot 26, tract B, Woodlands, $329,500

Gabriel L. and Allison L. Phillips Stewart to Linda J. McFann. Lot 7, section 17, Farmington at Forest, $275,000

Sherry M. Roberts, Michael J. Meador and Michael Altice to James Edward and Joyce Annette Abbott. 1550 Keytown Road, $142,000

Touchdown Properties LLC to Precise Properties Inc. Lot 57, Summerfield, $50,000

J. Scott and Christy R. Craig to Ruth E. Marzigliano. 2 parcels, Ashland Circle, Town of Bedford, $260,000

Dustin Allen Dewitt to Micah A. and Karla M. Johnson. Lot 15, section two, Poplar Forest, $324,000

Robert S. Johnson and Mary A. Johnson to Amy Lu and William O. Roller Jr. Lot 3, Lake Manor Estates, $525,000

Michael W. and Marsha James Sink to Ricky R. and Cheryl G. Mann. 1811 Forbes Mill Road, $399,000

Charles B. Smith to Andrew C. Smith. Lot 11, block 3, Forest Park, $192,000

Burnbrae Properties LLC to Ross J. and Lori L. Wiltzius. Lot 4, section III, Burnbrae Subdivision, $80,000

Wigen and Lorik Sarokhanian to Donald Lee Lampley II. Lot 31, section 4, Somerset Meadows, $432,000

Campbell County

David W. Byerly to Charles W. Preston III. 197 S. Timberlake Dr., $228,500

H&S Holdings Properties LLC to David L. and Teresa O. Norcross. Lot 9, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $287,900

Rena G. and Harry J. Hooss Jr. to Amber Jade and Harry James Hooss III. Lot 74, section 6, Rainbow Forest, $235,000

Michael E. Gibbs to Launcelot A. Devault. Lot 15, Callahan Estates, $258,000

Willow Estate LLC to Long Meadows Inc. Lots 3 and 4, section I, Gable Crest Subdivision, $88,500

Phoenix1Investment LLC to CS Custom Structures Inc. Lot 13, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $69,900

Sandra P. Olinger to Brandon Taylor Beckner. 396 Tallyho Road, $165,900

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to JC Venture Strategies LLC. 358 Wahoo Court, $85,911

Jeremy Hostetler to Jessica Lee Hoelker. Lot 19, Highview Acres, $120,400

Russell Meadows LLC to Wooldridge Landscaping LLC. Lot 45, section 1, Russell Meadows, $35,000

Russell Meadows LLC to Wooldridge Landscaping LLC. Lot 41, section 1, Russell Meadows, $35,000

Barbara T. Rakes to Jordan Taylor and Jordan Henley Coleman. Lot 28, section 4, Sunnymeade Acres, $230,000

Brian A. and Vanessa B. Austin to Bryan D. and Mary E. King. Lot 1, block 2, Ivanhoe, $197,500

Keith T. Leogrande to Uplift Lynchburg LLC. Parcel 1, 1.01 acres. Parcel 2, lots 188-195, northeast of Homewood Dr. Parcel 3, lot 8, section B, Whitestone Hills Subdivision, $90,000

Teresa Ann Galyean to Linda Gay Thornsbury. 1952 Rainbow Forest Dr., $70,000

Paris C. Hudnall II and Angela L. Hudnall to Jesse S. and Meghan B. Terre-Blanche. 211 Rainbow Forest Dr., $147,000

City of Lynchburg

Brittany Sydnor to Adam Shurr. 21 West Princeton Circle, $215,000

TNT MGMT 1 LLC to Affordable Residential Solutions LLC. 226 Patrick St., $36,000

Angie R. Jones to Edward Hall. 2317 Otey St., $24,150

NRB Investments LLC to Leah Shea Helbling. 1009 Westview Dr., $179,000

Leah Helbling to Brandon M. Cox and Kerri L. Swayze-Cox. Lot 51, Knollwood Townhouses, $100,000

Kevin L. Carter to Shawn M. Hayes. 3807 Cambria St., $127,900

Amber R. and Christopher W. Grooms to Hila O. Jalil. Lot 53, section 3, Windsor Hills, $234,000

Matthew Barton and Victoria Jordan Weaver to Joshua R. and Tobi D. Laukaitis. Lot 5, section 4, Hudson Tract, South Land Acres, $180,000

Patricia P. Kelly to LCG Properties LLC. 2 Beverly St., $60,000

Andrew C. and Karie M. Dickinson to Weston L. and Elizabeth Erbentraut. Lot 69, section 1, New Towne, $195,000

Christine D. Sager to Elise G. Sager. Lot 11, section 3, Wexford Townhomes, $125,000

Candlelite Properties LLC to Frenchy Properties LLC. 14, 68, and 105 Country Place Lane, $183,000

Matthew D. Kurz to Frenchy Properties LLC. 2301 Old Forest Road, $143,000

Amanda Marie Millington to Hollis Norton Hance Trust. Lot 102, Wiggington Place Townhomes, $150,000

Micah A. and Karla M. Johnson to Brandon Paul Shulleeta and Cynthia Elizabeth Beasley. Lot 14, Somerset Park Addition, $225,000

Deborah J. Hoffbeck to Leeanna R. Early. 1517 Rivermont Ave., $165,000

Steven R. Doepke and Joyce L. Huerta to Jeffrey E. and Shannon B. Meyers. Lot 21, section II, Waterton, $665,000

Glen Michael Lowe to David B. and Elizabeth C. Albert. 2028 Burnt Bridge Road, $244,000

Mervil Eilene Moore Kowatch to Caleb Wayne Muller and Stephen W. Muller. 2709 Clover Place, $104,900

Wayne M. and Barbara A. Austin to Omar Chioke White. 2226 Early St., $127,000

Peter and Cheryl S. Betz to Wilburn A. and Courtney B. Absher. Lot 1, block 12, Peakland, Plan A, $400,000

Lloyd Howard Johnson to Greenspace of Virginia LLC. 1414 Elm St., $25,000

Joshua L. and Christa Alexander Allred Roberts to Katherine E. Mitchell and Sean P. Miller. Lot 5, block 1, Westover Heights, $155,000

Sarah W. Bell and Kevin J. and Elaine C. Lindmark to Steven W. and Laura A. Lindmark. Lots 17-19, block A, Map of Rivermont Terrace, $285,000

Samantha L. Hedrick to Kevin Eugene and Loree Rowland Sheffield. 4904 Myrtle St., $82,000

Addcorp Investments LLC to Blane M. Markham. 2461 Rivermont Ave., $222,000

Vincent R. Lowe to Matthew Adrian and Stephanie Marie Mendez. Lots 58-61, Bryant Subdivision, $198,900

Thomas K.H. Arvanites to Bedcova LLC. Lot 4, block 3, Craddock Addition, $95,000

George Campbell Wilson Jr. to Malcolm Williams and Elizabeth Wilson. 801 Sommers St., $95,000

Greer S. Gould to Morgan D. Mosby. 621 Cabell St., $85,000

Kristi L. Beck to Douglas E. Jones, Harold D. Jones and Margaret D. Jones. Unit 206, phase 1, Wyndcrest Square, $152,500

RHG Investments LLC to Isla LLC. 2264 Lakeside Dr., $1,140,000

JAAI LLC to Gregory E. Childress and Jude P. Rodriguez. Lot 7, block 25, Westover Heights, $189,900

Jason S. and Mingxin W. Morris to Dario Properties LLC. Lot 53, block N, phase II, Cornerstone, $271,000

Mark A. Hamilton to John Whatley. Lot 91, Stuart Heights, $91,000

Darren J. and Donna D. Holland to Nathan Jarvie. 3543 Round Hill Road, $289,900

Joint Property LLC to Jamey D. Rogers. Lot 3, block 2, Craddock Addition, $104,000

Paul D. King to Katharina E. Nelson. Lot 63, Indigo Run Townhomes, $123,500

Dustin Dierks Heiner and Alycia Paige Heiner to Alec H. Silverman. Lot 60, Indigo Run Townhomes, $127,000

MMC Futures LLC to Farrington Estates LLC. 2347 Campbell Ave., $124,000

Terence O. and Susan B. Foley to Isaac Evans and Jessica Gibson. Lot 15, section 6, block D, Vista Acres Subdivision, $200,000

John S. and Paulette F. Parker to Tyson Matthew and Linsey Morrow Dummeldinger. 3504 Gregory Lane, $271,000

The Dumont LLC to RJJ Properties LLC. 216 Warwick Lane and 2665 Rivermont Ave., $1,200,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

Brent Koontz, 4585 Double Bridges Road, porch and bedroom, $50,000

Jamerson Real Estate, Rose Lane, townhomes, $520,000

Robert C. Stephens LLC, lot 7, Monroe Estates, new dwelling, $150,000

Melvin Douglas, 375 Lees Crossing Lane, shed, $8,513.86

William Kivett, 7355 Old Evergreen Road, pole barn, $35,000

John Wagurak, 596 Cornfield Lane, deck, $6,070

Steve Wells, 434 Stratton Dairy Road, finish basement, $29,800

Daniel Oxner, 5884 Old Evergreen Road, addition, $8,000

Dorothy Bryant, Skyline Roda, new dwelling, $120,000

David Johnson, 1352 Spring Grove Road, new dwelling, $190,000

James Boyce, Blackberry Lane, new dwelling, $150,000

Michael Miller, lot 7, Police Tower Road, new dwelling, $293,271

Steven T. Conner Homes LLC, Horseshoe Road, new dwelling, $250,000

Tuniesha McCoy, 2906 Red House Road, deck, $3,500

Carolyn Daniel, 430 Sunnydale Ave., garage, $17,000

Edith Saldana-Trejo, 283 Adams Mill Lane, garage with bonus room, $50,000

David Ranson, Double Bridges Road, new dwelling, $300,000

Jodie Thomas, 428 Snapps Mill Road, sunroom and deck, $28,000


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