Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

APPTEC Property Holdings LLC to Tony C. and Gail H. Campbell. Parcel, 176.793 acres, Richmond Highway, Courthouse District, $615,000

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Amanda Marie Inc. Lot 27, section 1, West Briar, Elon District, $95,500

Elaine F. Phelps to Raul Lopez Ascencio and Josefina Santiago Cruz. Lot 64, Montrose Heights, $2,700

Duncan C. and Janice S. Augustine to Michael A. and Dena G. Lee. 580 Kenmore Road, $168,000

Carrie Gina Ayers Stinnett to Cecil E. and Jean P. Thacker. Lot 4, block 1, phase V, unit 104, Royal Gardens, $113,500

B & N Land & Equipment LLC to Clifton Mays. Parcel 1, lot 1, 5 acres and parcel 2, lot 2, 6 acres, Bethel Commons, $59,400

B & N Land & Equipment LLC to Judy Torboli. Lot 3, section II, New Bethel Commons, $33,000

Daniel Cecil Birdie Jr. to Glenn A. and Christie T. Bailey. Lots 7 and 8, section 1, River James Overlook, $292,000

Appomattox County

Mark W. Marston to Lonnie Lee Faulkner. 3 parcels, 27.497 acres, Southside District, $98,000

David G. Waller Sr. and Laurie Waller to Rodney Martin and Shelley G. Ebbs. Parcel, 4.850 acres, Va. 667, Stonewall District, $100,000

Classic Country Homes Inc. to Blake A. Johnson. Lot 23, Woodchase Subdivision, Southside District, $185,500

Sharon K. Bryant to Michael S. Miller. Lot 7, 23.28 acres, Va. 613, Stonewall District, $90,000

Bedford County

Joshua D. Saul to Cody J. Feury and Brandi L. Gulley. Parcel, Morris Road, Blue Ridge District, $132,000

Tiffani Amber Harris and Dallas Dwayne Yopp to Michael D. Hogan. Lot 7, Meeks Farm, Lakes District, $185,000

Susan Rhyme and Linda Rhyme to Mitchell and Lisa Marie Elmer. Lot 1, 1.24 acres, Lakes District, $272,500

Tracy Craghead to Wendy Witt Plattus. Residue of lot 1, 2.346 acres, Lakes District, $21,000

J & L Investment Properties LLC to Tyler L. Casey. Building 4, unit 8, St. Christopher’s Landing Condominium, Lakes District, $92,000

Joanne G. and Louis H. Milotte III to Joshua T. Holland. Parcel, Va. 24, 1 acre, Lakes District, $158,000

Bernd Krause to Michael and Nicole Lipscomb. Lot 1, Ivy Grove, Jefferson District, $16,000

Robert D. Gouin to Genett and Brenda D. Moore. Lot 2, Club Terrace, Jefferson District, $311,500

Arline S. Barksdale to George K. Leahey. Unit 8, Dogwood Court, phase III, Jefferson District, $224,000

Alvin L. Forehand Jr. and Pernice C. Forehand to William P. Tomlinson and Jane B. Tomlinson. Lot D-2, 3 acres, Sharps Mountain Road, Peaks District, $405,200

Kevin B. Shotwell to Leeana Miller Tankersley. Lot 25, Highland Oaks, Jefferson District, $480,000

Irish Enterprises LLC to Cymric David Lathan and Spencer E. Latham. Lot 39, section 13, Farmington at Forest, $194,900

Campbell County

Teresa Stafford and Edward J. Carr III to Juan M. Arellano and Megan M. Froeschl. Lot 25, section II, Jefferson Gardens, $224,900

Christian S. and Shirley U. Barger to Lloyd J. Matthes and Sandra L Matthes, co-trustees. Lot 1, section 6, phase 3, Village at Greenview, $127,500

Mona P. and Scott Bennett Jr. to Larry W. Roach. Parcel, 35.55 acres, Town of Altavista, $75,000

Gary Steven Bunch and Edwin Vaden Bunch to Drew I. Wells. Lot 4, section 1, Cherry Hill Estates, $160,000

In Town Enterprises LLC to Robin R. Johnson and Lawrence W. Burley Sr. Parcel 8D3, Altavista, $160,000

Thomas Scott Wilkerson to Carroll R. and Judy E. Cook. Lots 134-138, Woodlawn Subdivision, $100,000

Roger T. Eubank to Emmett P. Cunningham. Parcel, Bedford Ave., Altavista, $129,000

Justine H. and Kevin W. Lakes Jr. to Danny Lee Davis and Jennifer S. Riggs. Lot 4B, section II, Long Mountain Estates, $170,000

Christopher K. and Jessica J. Donovant to Sterling T. and Rachel L. Harrison. Lot 3, Callahan Estates, $314,900

James L. and Wanda D. Holt to Justin William Younger. Tract 4, Va. 602, 49.27 acres, $130,000

City of Lynchburg

Jack E. May Jr. and George O. May to Cathy L. Wyatt and Brenda S. Hunt. Lot 4, section 3, Oak Park Subdivision, $437,650

Charles M. Lowry to Paul and Stacy Tabor. 2007 Tulip St., $15,000

Constance W. Harris to John A. and Kimberly B. Saville. Lots 23-26, Edgewood Subdivision, $65,900

Melken LLC to Tashama Woodberry. Lots 9-11, block 27, plan A, Rivermont Company Subdivision, $75,000

Thomas M. Rice to Kimberly R. Younger. Lot 42, section 1, Forest Dale Subdivision, $219,000

LTD Properties LLC to 542 Leesville LLC. Lots 100-103, 106-107 and 109-112, Heritage Court Subdivision, $715,000

Keith W. Baker to Avemco Properties LLC. 1808-1810 Shaffer St., $80,000

Theda Maxine Ross to Belong Here Homes LLC. Parcel, C St., $40,000

Michelle K. and Harry P. Cabell Sr. to Marvin and Ashley St. Macary. Lot 9, section 3, Maple Hills Subdivision, $227,000

Melvin H. Campbell to Warren D. McCracken. Lot 4, block 7, Homewood Acres, $55,000

Martin Santiago Cruz and Luiza R. Martinez to Misty Lynn and Stanley Crawford Ward Jr. Lots 32-33 and part of lots 31 and 34, block 13, Golf Park Subdivision, $145,600

Paul A. Goff to Larry D. and Sheila M. Sumler. Lot 34, section 1, Turtle Creek Subdivision, $180,000

J. Eugene Kidd, trustee to Bethany C. Hartman. Lot 3, block 1, Forest Townhouses, $87,500

Minh D. Ta and Tracy T. Nguygen to Tshambe A. and Alicia A. Hubbard. Lot 6, Bethel Park Subdivision, $475,000

JACCS Inc. to Nicholas J. Sweet. Parcel, Moorman Dr., $169,900

Brian J. Lancenese and Brandy M. Lancenese to Maxim A. Perminov and Elena V. Nalley. Unit 414, lot 2, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $148,000

Scott and Christina M. Spaulding to Sheneka Lefay Reid. Part of lot 21, block 58, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $137,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Alisan LLC, 3112 Old Forest Road, addition, $230,000

WSET Inc., 2320 Langhorne Road, repair, $117,839

GENEVAS Place LLC, 722 Commerce St., new construction, $450,000

700 Main Street LLC, 700 Main St., renovation, $1,000,000

Church of the Nazarene, 1737 Wards Ferry Road, foundation only, $350,000

R.E. Hartless Jr., 2419 Wards Road, repair, $25,000

Cameron Colquitt, 910 Harrison St., renovation, $95,000

Madalina Erighin, 2239 Woodcrest Dr., renovation, $10,230

Jacob Strong, 1233 Lakeview Dr., renovation, $9,744

DRV Construction LLC, 2313 Acorn St., new construction, $185,328

Wayne Moore Jr., 2716 Farmington Place, renovation, $36,000

John Guzlowski, 4904 Mountain Laurel Dr., renovation, $35,000

Timothy McGinn, 1208 Brandon Road, addition, $17,820

Long Meadows Inc., 3048 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

Janet Jackson, 923 Johnson Road, renovation, $19,728

Terry Jones, 2480 Link Road, addition, $25,000

Robert Everson, 2021 Longwood Road, renovation, $8,000

Meg Chisler, 1107 Toledo Ave., renovation, $13,000

Richard Johnston, 204 Westover Blvd., renovation, $9,000

Chase Seavers, 1039 Ardmore Dr., renovation, $10,000

John Seminatore, 2104 Link Road, renovation, $14,000

James Marcouillier, 401 Northwynd Circle, renovation, $4,000

Willie Butler, 411 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $80,000

Kipp Bergum, 215 F St., renovation, $5,000

Thomas Meyer, 102 Oakwood Place, renovation, $50,000

Ian Smithson, 4784 John Scott Dr., new construction, $700,000

Thomas Taheny, 3818 Cambria St., repair, $35,750

WEMBOO LLC, 409 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $60,000

Carol McAlexander, 413 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $95,000

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