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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Jakob Kutty Uthup to Michael Osment. 101 Main St., $3,195

Ronald H. and Sheila D. Wilson to Tommy and Trinh T. Nguyen. Lot 15, Fox Briar, Elon District, $46,000

Kyle L. Knowles and Kelsie L. Knowles to Pdudley LLC. Lots 17 and 18, block H, The Silk Farm Subdivision, $22,000

Evan R. and Vicki Lynne Johnson to Steve T. and Jerry Lynn Martin. 405 Christian Springs Road, $210,000

Brandon D. Staples and Jessica Frye to Hunter Presley and Brook Morgan Hicks. Lot 14, Pleasant Ridge Estates, $250,000

Richard Lynn France to Claudia Pinto. Lots 26-29 and 38-41, block B, Midway Heights Subdivision, $138,000

Hunter P. and Brooke Morgan Hicks to George Brent and Ann Adams Evans Lot 11, Garland Hills Subdivision, $340,000

Kelsey H. and Michael K. Summers II to Astin Edwards. Parcel “E”, part of block C, Midway Heights, $197,900

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Paul Gyaakye and Agnes Theresah Doku. Lot 13, Wynbrooke, $200,000

Glenn A. Stitt to Otey R. Carter. Lot 9, section 4, Woodland Heights, $133,300

Appomattox County

Trevor J. Baldwin to Michael Hoffman II. Lot 7, Rocks Subdivision, Cloverhill District, $175,000

Patricia W. and Russell B. Martin Jr. to Clayton C. Bryant Jr. Two parcels near Lime Plant Road, $300,000

Wanda Fay Baldwin to Samuel Campbell IV. Lot 1B, Va. 757, 1.058 acres, Southside District, $120,000

Marilyn J. Cummings to Gordon E. Ford. Lot 3, New Hope Estates, $25,000

Jamerson Family Foundation to Virginia A. Hoenberger. Lot 8, Four Evergreen Subdivision, $120,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lawrence V. McDonough Jr. and Albert T. Randolph Sr. 461 Cove Mountain Road, $44,000

Bedford County

Jeffrey A. Tester and Setema Shea Tester and Lisa Renee Waller and Camy Leigh Mullins. Lot 12, section D-2, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $189,000

Alyse E. Pulvermuller to Steven W. and Amanda B. Quintal. Lot 17, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $300,000

Florence Sonceree Harper to James F. and Martha Kuon. 2530 Stony Fork Road, Lakes District, $235,000

Steven Wayne and Amanda Blair Quintal to Matthew A. and Kelsey A. Wertz. 1916 Lipscomb Road, Lakes District, $189,900

Michael James Mimna to Monty A. Burnette and Jo Ellen W. Burnette. Lot 8, section 4, Pine Shores Lane, Lakes District, $455,000

Rory C. Sheppard to Barbara Ann Field. Parcel, Atkinson Hollow Road, Blue Ridge District, $132,000

SPW2017 LLC to Eric J. and Christine M. Borghoff. 1125 Crow’s Nest Dr., Blue Ridge District, $682,000

Christina and Joseph W. Bartholomew III to Anne H. and Frederick E. Willis Jr. Lot 1, Country Lake Estates, Lakes District, $399,000

Nancy R. Brown to Mark W. and Kathy J. Smith. Lot 2, The Waterways, Lakes District, $312,000

Danny Rossingnol to Nadine K. Dulacki. Lot 8, section 4, Galway Bay, Lakes District, $29,900

Sherri Angela Lafon-Walker to Jeffrey Scott Thymius Jr. and Miranda K. Williams. Lot 14, section 2, Brookledge, Blue Ridge District, $222,000

Wayne Kasprzak and Linda M. Kasprzak to Steven Wayne Clifton. 1111 Jewel Trail, Lakes District, $315,000

Equity Trust Company, trustee to Mary H. and Peter C. Capwell Sr. Unit 132, phase 1, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $345,000

Eric J. and Christine M. Borghoff to Cary S. and Anita L. Weatherly. 1081 Crow’s Nest Dr., Lakes District, $565,000

Donald D. and Debra L. Sims to Richard L. and Jennifer A. West. Lot 44, section No. 2, Village East, Lakes District, $17,500

Larry Steven May and Sharon B. May to Jason Lewis Holder. Unit 11, building 1, phase 1, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $220,000

Samuel and Lena Gauntt to Kelly R. Burnette. 2845 Horseshoe Bend Road, Blue Ridge District, $305,000

William E. and Sharon D. Latham to Theresa H. and Ronald L. Pritchard Sr. Lot 4, Hickory Cove Lane, Lakes District, $530,500

Leah K. Keller to Larry and Dawn Eckels. Tract 3E, Va. 801, 21.787 acres, Lakes District, $480,000

Richard Puffenbarger Jr. and Kadee A. Puffenbarger to Eric T. and Candice E. Riggs. 10229 Jeters Chapel Road, Blue Ridge District, $145,000

John J. and Martha Quetsch Kiesel to Michael P. Okuley. Lot 17, section 2, Map of Weatherwood, Peaks District, $22,900

James Paul Jones and Karen Reave Nuzzo to Jacob Andrew Overstreet. Parcel, 0.366 acres, Town of Bedford, $145,500

Jean Reilly to Forest Views LLC. Lots Nos. 2 and 3, Map of Witt Addition, Town of Bedford, $210,000

Charlene E. Fitch to Flomar2LLC. Lot 27, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, Jefferson District, $137,500

Mark D. Aldridge to Joseph M. and Jennifer M. Sandridge. 1434 Venturous Trail, $365,000

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Rashad Jennings. Lot 16, section 16, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $269,900

Highland Oak LLC to Jedi Construction LLC. Lot 3, Crossroad, Jefferson District, $30,000

Highland Oak LLC to Jedi Construction LLC. Lot 2, Crossroad, Jefferson District, $30,000

Benjamin Fisher to Arlene Adele Ramos. Lot 53, Summerfield, Jefferson District, $284,900

Allen Mountain Properties LLC to Gingerbread Manor Inc. Parcel, 0.408 acres, Town of Bedford, $42,000

Damian T. and Jacqualine Nicole Floyd to Pamela A. Heintz. Lot 45, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, Jefferson District, $150,000

Marshall Wheeler and Rebecca Wheeler to Hannah K. Davis. 6900 Lynchburg Salem Turnpike West, Peaks District, $139,900

Tanya Lynn Andrews to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 1, section 17, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $200,000

Burnbrae Properties LLC to Gregory L. and Berry H. Quickel. Lot 20, section III, Burnbrae Subdivision, Jefferson District, $89,900

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Robert Wade and Sharon Leigh Whitley. Lot 57, Lake Manor Estate, Jefferson District, $719,900

Lisa Petrusha-Hawkins to Greg S. and Christie D. Schmitt. Lot 11, section V, Kensington, Jefferson District, $366,000

Robert A. Staton Jr. and Pamela D. Staton to Traci M. Williams and David E. Williams. Lot 96, section 6, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $380,000

Campbell D. Rees Jr. and Charlotte H. Rees, trustees to Andrew William and Dana Carole Cauble. Lot 18, section 10, Blumont, Jefferson District, $219,900

Matthew C. Dufour and Hannah L. Treadway to John Matthew and Gaylyn Pantana. Lot 16, Lakepointe, Jefferson District, $869,000

Campbell County

McFishin LLC to Glenn Smith and Carole Smith. Lot 4, Robertson Village, $290,000

Thomas G. and Margaret S. Woodward to Andrew P. Muncy. Lot 9, section 1, building 3, Tavern Grove, Flat Creek District, $139,000

Darl G. and Cyntheia D. Hudson to Benjamin T. and Casey N. Trost. Tract 9, Beaver Creek, $120,000

Magnolia Farm LLC to Daniel Wayne Robinson. 5 parcels, near Va. 810, Flat Creek District, $186,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC to Paul A. and Elizabeth R. O’Hara. Parcel, 31.981 acres, Waterlick Road, $404,350

Marc G. and Cynthia J. Stone to Matthew E. and Kelsey D. Stone. Lot 4, Old Fauber Farm, $120,000

Ann B. Shepherd to Clifton A. Wade and Lauren Rosser. Lot 39, Belmont Acres, $210,000

Jacqueline H. Early to Torres Real Estate LLC. 2.4 acres, Daisy Megginson Elliott Farm, U.S. 460, $10,000

Maybrook Investments Inc. to Chadwick Dean and Heather Kierston Williams. Lot 4, fronting Va. 660, Oxford Furnace Road, $254,900

Michael A. Cerillo to Peyton S. and Sandra P. Baker. 1215 Bear Creek Road and parcel B Button Creek, $300,000

Sharon S. and John Ernest Thomas III to Robert D. Jones Jr. Parcel, Sunburst Road, $189,500

David A. Johnson to Diane L. Tyree. Lot 7, section II, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $189,722

DRV Construction LLC to Joseph S. and Cindy L. Lunsford. Lots 19-22, block B, Oak Grove Addition, $82,500

Gina L. Henry to Leroy S. Wingo Jr. Lot 35, Deerfield Subdivision, $212,000

Greg S. and Christie D. Schmitt to Samuel Loy and Michelle Lea McCartney. Lot 6, block C, Lo-Ray Acres, $248,000

Paul Harvey and Cathy Lynn Horton to Jacob A. Davis and Mary Kate Manuel.

80 Oakland Circle, $225,000

D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. to David P. and Karen L. Givens. Lot 19, Emberly Way Subdivision, $321,700

Joan G. and Robert G. Deal Jr. to Jerry A. and Kathy H. Westfall. 236 Poplar Forest Dr., $335,000

Wanda R. Burns to Jeffrey D. and Jessica M. Crawford. Tract 5 and 6, Glover Gough, $15,000

Tonya L. Jones to Joshua R. Minnick. Lot 28, block 11, section 1B, Seminole Ridge Subdivision, $90,000

City of Lynchburg

Thomas Henry Burrowes Jr. to Zachary Richards. 2911 Duval Place, $174,000

Sarah A. Gregory to Lisa T. Morrison. 3605 Tanglewood Lane, $279,900

Eugene and Alberta Johnson to Alec Z. Thomas. Lot 15, section 1, Westerly Acres, $169,900

Ethena Rose O’Hare to Miriam F. Beard. Lot 26, heritage at Wyndhurst, $199,000

Community Resources Inc. to Ian James Vincent and Angela Grace Gonsalves Cornell. 1119-1121 Polk St. and 1005 12th St., $9,000

Blondie F. Anderson and Doris W. Berryman to Ian James Vincent and Angela Grace Gonsalves Cornell. 1117 Polk St., $3,000

Lookout Drive Trust to Vanessa Kaszubowski and Ronald and Susan Kaszubowski. Lot 1, section III, Skyview Park, $187,000

Commaboyz LLC to Gregory C. and Leslie A. Reynolds. 3610 Plymouth Place, $219,900

Diane Crickenberger and Herbert Crickenberger to Rocky A. and Hannah C. Fowler. 5633 White Oak Dr., $79,000

TNT MGMT LLC to House of Benjamin LLC. 701 Hancock St., $45,900

Stephen A. Baker and Lindsay M. Gatlin to Bryce Murphy. 1101 15th St., $5,000

Vaden L. and Karen G. Cobb to Erick D. and Laure F. Reynolds. Lot 17, section 4, Oakwood Club Estates, $245,000

Tina Gail Guilbert and Venita L. Bernius to Jesse Darling. Lot 5, Thurston Subdivision, $125,000

David S. and Pamela C. Goggins to Jared M. Cooley. Lot 20, block 1, Craddock Addition, $97,000

Stephanie Flowers to Carl and Angela Martin. Lot 19, section 4, Hudson Tract, Southland Acres, $167,000

Robert Camp to Michael A. Gillette and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees. Lot 35, section 1, Jubilee Heights, $70,000

Leroy and Cecilia McBroom to Caleb Francis Carpenter. 1123 Stratford Road, $93,000

Darrell Hyatt to Josiah O’Boyle. 1309 St. Cloud Ave., $187,400

Joseph T. Talbott to Ashley Ann Chapa. Lot 6, block 1, section 1, Long Meadows, $130,000

Samuel L. Ferguson Jr. to Jonathon B. and Alexandra G. Jones. 2805 Linkhorne Dr., $134,000

Benjamin and Emily Carter to Juan Ottoneil Gallo Cruz. Lot 23, block 2, section 2, Sandusky Hills, $197,000

Bank of the James to Santos Ebelio Reyes Euceda and Alan J. Reyes Perez. 900 Polk St., $12,000

Sherry Felts and Richard A. Yost Sr. and Richard A. Yost Jr. to Jacob I. Smith and Thomas E. Smith. Lot 52, Sterling Park Townhomes, $115,900

Timothy R. and Donna L. Smith to Brandon Michael O’Donnell. Lot 1, block 2, section 4, Sandusky Hills, $262,000

NBS Real Estate LLC to Benjamin D. and Abigail G. Quirin. 3917 Fort Ave., $217,000

Building Permits

Campbell County

Chapel Grove Baptist Church, 1046 Chapel Grove Road, carport, $7,000

John Phillips, 10364 Wards Road, addition to storage building, $35,000

Thomas Young, 1264 Mitchell Mill Road, new dwelling, $731,405

Crosspoint Properties LLC, 20722 Timberlake Road, signs, $20,000

Simons Run Hospitality LLC, 650 Simons Run, signs, $5,000

Clinton Campbell, 409 Lynne Acres Lane, pool, $10,000

CS Custom Structures Inc., lot 32, Beech Tree, new dwelling, $320,000

Melinda Yancey, 364 Sunburst Road, barn with living area above, $220,000

John Cassidy Jr., 52 Horizon Dr., deck, $2,000

Joseph Rutledge, 263 Chase Run, 2 jet ski docks/ramps, $4,000

Barry Cowart, 185 Slice Lane, install solar panel, $24,235

Keesee Family Properties LLC, 3935 Bedford Highway, accessory building, $554,000

Ryan Pettit, 0 Sunnymeade Road, temporary office trailer, $50,000

SLG Holdings LLC, 192 Miles Lane, commercial office building, $530,000

Ryan Pettit, 0 Sunnymeade Road, new office building, $50,000

Homer Phillips, 630 Gough Road, bathroom remodel, $9,750

Vincent Waldron, 1520 Wyatt Miles Road, deck, $18,000

H&S Holdings Properties LLC, lot 13, Wheeler Road, new dwelling, $250,000

Robert Thomas, 1887 Camp Hydaway Road, storage building, $24,000

Christopher Moore, 337 Hazel Dr., pool, $8,600

Steven Poindexter, 2400 Mohawk Road, new dwelling, $260,000

Frank Davis Jr., 1867 Brookneal Highway, deck, $1,000

Christopher Thomas, 143 Holiday Lane, garage, $25,000

Clayton Harvey, 17314 Leesville Road, storage building, $8,000

Brendan Skaggs, 282 Briar Cliff Circle, deck, $1,000

Ryan Bierowski, 601 Spicer Road, pool, $26,845

Charles Hughes, 121 Smokey Hollow Road, pool, $90,000

Ricky Johnson, 634 Lavender Lane, storage building, 410,000

Fralin Company of Central Virginia, lot 21, Carriage Parkway, new dwelling, $179,904

Robert Lawhorne, 28 Spicer Road, carport, $5,837

Brandy Fleischer, lot 50C, Stonelonesome Road, new dwelling, $287,416.88

Ambegauri Corp., 10 Pigeon Run Road, signs, $1,500

H&S Holdings Properties LLC, lot 12, Wheeler Road, new dwelling, $250,000

John Howell, 2092 Buffalo Mill Road, storage building, $29,500

Kerri Grove, 79 Shelly Court, deck, $4,000

Stephen Kiraly, 98 Dalton Lane, addition to dock, $10,000

Tyler Bullington, 1550 Wheeler Road, new dwelling, $370,000

Eve Noel, 373 Federal Hills Dr., renovation, $28,000

Emberly Way LLC, 103 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $250,000

Willow Estate LLC, lot 1, Dodson Dr., new dwelling, $175,000

Willow Estate LLC, lot 1, Dodson Dr., new dwelling, $175,000

TNT Group LLC, 1322 Wheeler Road, new dwelling, $240,000

Walter Puckette, 1124 Swinging Bridge Road, solar modules, $44,376.54

TNT Group LLC, 1274 Wheeler Road, new dwelling, $240,000

Peggy Brown, 64 Schilling Court, addition, $20,000

Daniel Burks, 5230 Bethany Road, pool, $39,500

Shi Yong Ying, lot 3 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $350,000

Allkes LLC, 51 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $250,000

Gary Gillispie, 138 Holland Court, garage, $20,000

Campbell County School Board, 155 Bee Dr., elevator, $281,000

Ryan Thivierge, 5968 Dearborn Road, pool, $30,000


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