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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Lyman S. Hall to Betty M. and Harold T. Mears Jr. Lot 10, 1.20 acres, Temperance District, $166,500

K & J Real Estate Investors LLC to Harris D. Watts. Lot 26, section 1, West Briar, Elon District, $180,000

Rosemary W. and Howard A. Hudson Jr. to Satya Narayan. Parcel, fronting Va. 130 and Bethel Road, Elon District, $325,000

Douglas Bland Ayers to Zachary G. Green. Parcel, Va. 675, estimated to be 0.931 acres, Elon District, $84,000

F.E. “Tripp” Isenhour to Barbara Lankford Crawley and Penny Marie Crawley. Parcel 1, portion of lot B-2. Parcel 2, lots 8, Lakeview Subdivision. Parcel 3, lot 10, section II, Madison Gardens. Parcel 4, lots 70 and 71, Warwick Survey, $116,000

David N. Herb to James C. Eno. Lot 4-B, 5.8 acres, Briarwood Estates, Courthouse District, $30,500

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Barry W. and Mary Ann Mountcastle to Kenneth A. and Rosetta C. Gilbert. 107 Peninsula Dr., Lakes District, $875,000

Eastlake-Sunset Cay LLC to Eastlake Property Holdings LLC. New parcel A, Sunset Cay, Lakes District, $862,000

Charles B. Seay and Ryan Giles Seawell to Brian Rozaiebki. 117 Charmwood Circle, Lakes District, $250,000

Linda S. Turner to Adam G. and Allyn W. Short. Lot 2, block 2, East View Subdivision, Lakes District, $235,229

Amanda Erhart, Jacalyn Mahler and Margo Hand to Roberto A. Machado Lemus. Lot 16, phase A, Mayberry Villas, Lakes District, $132,000

Gail Wallace Witt to Steadman D. and Naomi Ruth Patsel Grubb. Parcel, 1 acre, Va. 617, Blue Ridge District, $114,950

Carl D. Puckett to Jared W. Fizer and Bobby G. Dooley. Tract A, 1.001 acres, Statler Road, Blue Ridge District, $62,000

Larke W. Riordan to Sharon W. and William J. Charvis Jr. Lot 38, section 6, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $379,000

Barbara Ragland Young to John P. and Lois E. Griffith. Lot 10, phase II, Fairwinds, Jefferson District, $320,000

Gregory Scott and Lisa Ann Campbell to Diana C. Summers. Lot 12, Serene Creek Run Jefferson District, $635,000

Doulas E. and Deirdra M. Jones to Joshua J. and Tammy L. Carter. 303 Casaloma Dr., $230,000

James E. and Susan D .McSlarrow to James N. and Deborah E. Clark. 7765 Big Island Highway, $599,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Sarah E. Hagler to Sam Allen and Kristen Marie Preas. Lot 5, section 2, Royal Oaks Subdivision, $99,500

Ughondi Sabina Hamlor to Dailey W. and Mildred C. Hamlor. Lot B, Va. 602, Patrick Henry District, $43,000

Horance H. Floyd to Brandon L. and Brooke L. Stanley. Parcel A, 10.79 acres, Long Mountain District, $364,000

Wendy S. Harvey and William R. Herndon IV to Titus N. Toms. Parcel, Va. 605, 2 acres, Patrick Henry District, $128,000

Lance W. Hayes to Thomas G. Reo. Parcel, 2.043 acres, Vista District, $68,000

Kristopher W. Howard to Elliott T. and Maureen D. Lovell. Lot 127, East Quadrant, Timberlake, $200,000

Michael L. and Jane B. Hudgins to Jason W. and Michele W. Short. Lots 3A and 4A, subdivision 1, Ferguson-Jones Aces, $251,500

Steven A. Jefferson to Chad A. and Cynthia B. Maddox. Parcel B and D, Rough Creek, 11.101 acres, $65,500

Norman T. and Susan B. Leongrande to Robertson Real Estate LLC. Lot 1A Cox Subdivision, $246,750

Alexandru and Lauren E. Manolescu to Bethany Reaves. Parcel, Va. 731, 23.936 acres, $337,500

Courtney S. West to Joanne G. and Louis H. Milotte II. Lot 40B, subdivision 5, Ferguson Jones Acres, $159,900

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Holly M. Keesee to Christopher Daniel Abercrombie. Lot 9, block 11, Radcliff Subdivision, $125,000

AZ homes LLC to Tiffany Pritchatt. Lot B, Harrison Park Subdivision, $166,600

James W. Elliott to By Force LLC. Lot 185, The Mutual Home Association Subdivision, $15,700

Brittany J. Higley to Steven L. and Laura B. Clauch. Lot 11, section 2, Skyview Park Subdivision, $164,900

Geraldine Champney to Ali F. Rosenberger. Lot 10, Bonair Circle Subdivision $205,000

Anitra L. Monroe to Cross Sage LLC. Lot 2, section IX, Sheffield Subdivision, $113,000

Steven R. Driskill to Greta E. and James C. Rogers III. Lot 44, section 1, New Towne Subdivision, $176,900

Michelle M. and Robert D. Duncan III to Jordan A. Rockwell. Lot 2, block 1, Brooklawn Addition, $134,500

Nathan M. and Jenna R. Gagnon to Megan Suzanne Stoy. Lot 32, section 2, Maple Hills Subdivision, $167,000

Kay P. Gantt to Marquita A. Urguhart. Lots 2-4, block 3, Phillips Circle Subdivision, $121,000

David M. McDonald and Kimberly Gibson-McDonald to Robert Augustus Hardy and Alison Kayleen Tebbenhoff. Lot 1, Kensington Ave., $212,000

Andrea Leigh and James E. McKeever Jr. to Joshua W. Hinkle and Jessica V. Gonzalez. Lot 9, block 17, Westover Heights Subdivision, $159,900

Bryan M. and Allison B. Harnett to Catherine A. English. Lot 2, block 5, Sunset Heights Subdivision, $140,000

Leon James Haskins to Benjamin Colin Smith. Lot 2, block 3, Mayfield Subdivision, $192,000

Orville B. Hughes to Zoe Nelson. Unit #3-2, building 3, Stonegate Villas Condominium, $185,000

Justin Paul Murray and Lynne Engelina Forth to JW Daniel Consulting LLC. Lot 22, Thomas Addition Subdivision, $12,586.67

Ashoke Mitra and Royston Jester IV to Steven M. and Cristine T. Mays. Lot 53, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $425,900

Randy N. and Jeanell R. Smith to David M. McDonald and Kimberly Quynh-Khanh Gibson-McDonald. Lot 16, block 88, plan B, Lands of Rivermont Company, $225,000

Richard A. Lane and Cynthia D Lane to Luke J. Reddaway and Michelle R. Reddaway. Lot 2, Brookville Village Subdivision, $226,000

Earnest L. Thomas to L & B Family Properties LLC. Lot 6, section II, Herbert B. Falwell Estate, $95,000

Jeffrey W. Overstreet to James E. and Vicki L. Mann. Lot 69, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $67,500

Elk Valley Land Company LLC to Andrew T. and Courtney P. Mueller. Lot 34, phase III, Preserve at Oakwood Subdivision, $535,000

J. Michael and Vicki L. Thomas to Premier Investments Group LLC. Lots 1 and 2, block 12, first amended map of Craddock Addition, $105,000

Property Group Maycav LLC to Rivermont West LLC. 2923 and 2925 Rivermont Ave., $1,350,000

Jack J. Weymouth to Timothy James and Diane Rene Reddington. Lot 9, Irvington Woods Subdivision, $439,900

Reedy Creek Properties LLC to Fobi LLC. Lot 21, block 1, Roseland Park Subdivision, $82,500

Isabel C. and Preston B. Hundley Jr. to Annette M. Anderson. Lots 5-8, block 18, South Lynchburg Land Company, $35,000

Bradley T. and Sarah E. Andrus to Marshall Adam Langley. Lot 3, section 1, Villa Subdivision, $251,000

Robin C. Jones and Jeanette E. Arrington to Alex L. and Christi L. Goshey. Lot 5, Herberts Place Subdivision, $274,000

Louey Kachinsky and Catherine S.B. Basten to Patrick C. and Terri L. Proffitt. Lot 1, section 1, Irvington Park Subdivision, $55,000

Barbara J. Layne Revocable Trust to Premier Investments LLC. Lots 6-7, block 4, Forest Hill Subdivision, $55,000

Jay G. and Mary A. Barton to Lawrence J. and Denise M. Dempsey. Lot 7, section G, Linkhorne Forest Subdivision, $312,000

Bedford Four Inc. to Steven D. Tyree. Lot 1, block 4, Forest Hill Subdivision, $115,900

Richlyn Land L.C. to CL Overlook Development L.P. Lots 1-4, Stonemill and additional parcel, 1.209 acres, $40,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Jordan Allen, Blue Ridge District, pool, $11,000.64

Richard Cawley, Blue Ridge District, addition, $4,800

Cendy Moran, Blue Ridge District, storage building, $6,235

Stephen Roberts, Blue Ridge District, garage, $22,000

Randy Noell, Blue Ridge District, storage building, $13,000

Thomas Karnes, Blue Ridge District, addition, $2,500

Robert Auxier, Center District, garage, $3,642

Ashley Carter, Center District, addition, $4,000

Robert Dolfini, Center District, addition, 475,000

Jonathan Berry, Center District, alteration, $48,862

Clyde Bondurant, Center District, new dwelling, $200,000

Constantine Rosko, Center District, garage, $40,000

Charles Spence, Center District, addition, $60,000

Michael Steenson, Jefferson District, pool, $82,800

Brentwood Church, Jefferson District, church, $6,400,000

Linda Zerby, Jefferson District, alteration, $17,000

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $235,000

MJD Builders Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

MJD Builders Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

Foster Construction Inc., Jefferson District, townhomes, $495,000

Elizabeth Smith, Jefferson District, addition, $200,000

Mitchell Vaughan, Jefferson District, addition, $27,873

Wayne Willis, Jefferson District, farm building, $20,000

April Smith, Jefferson District, addition, $6,585

DS Zechini Construction Inc., Jefferson District, townhomes, $200,000

DS Zechini Construction Inc., Jefferson District, townhomes, $200,000

Joseph Faitak, Jefferson District, garage, $15,000

Eugene Reed, Jefferson District, alteration, $42,875

Foxcrest Developers Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $270,000

Foxcrest Developers Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $280,000

David Daussin, Jefferson District, addition, $35,000

Michael O’Toole, Lakes District, new dwelling, $420,000

Cathy Jones, Lakes District, alteration, $4,415

Brian Gray, Lakes District, new dwelling, $221,588

Bobby Beckwith, Lakes District, alteration, $16,975

Robert Arney, Lakes District, new dwelling, $225,000

James Pharnes, Lakes District, new dwelling, $189,900

James Fitzgerald, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $150,000

Kurt Meier, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $46,000

Craddock Oaks Developers Inc., Lakes District, miscellaneous/other, $20,000

Glen Littlefield, Lakes District, addition, $100,000

Billy Hall, Lakes District, addition, $4,000

Fred Youngman, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $35,000

Food Lion – Moneta, Lakes District, commercial alteration, $25,000

Ryals Jordan Inc., Lakes District, commercial alteration, $50,000

Ryals Jordan Inc., Lakes District, miscellaneous/other, $120,000

Geoffrey Riddle, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $65,000

Tracey Fitch, Lakes District, miscellaneous/other, $14,268.15

Kamal Chantal, Peaks District, new dwelling, $691,306

Harb Rank, Peaks District, addition, $26,400

DNC Parks & Resorts at Peaks of Otter, Peaks District, commercial alteration, $45,263

Rodney Whorley, Peaks District, pool, $15,000

Richard Fennell, Peaks District, miscellaneous/other, $24,000

James Booth, Peaks District, addition, $15,000

Christopher Dolan, Peaks District, miscellaneous/other, $7,720

Patricia Gilhuly, Peaks District, garage, $33,000


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